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Welcome to The Pearcey Report, a website of news, comment, information, and worldview. 

I am Rick Pearcey, the editor and publisher.  My brilliant and beautiful bride Nancy Pearcey is editor-at-large and official violinist of the realm.  You can find out more than you probably want to know about me, but not enough about her, by clicking on the "About" navigation button above.  That page contains a few "Selected Articles" at the bottom that may interest you.

The Pearcey Report is officially launched as of Oct. 21, 2005 (see press release), and we want to welcome every individual who happens upon these pages.  Our idea of a good time includes the arts, controversies in science, palpitations in politics, plus a timely and strategic look at the news, events, people, and trends of this moment in history.  So there is a serious component to what we do in these pages. 

And yet, nothing written here shall be deemed more important than how each one of us live and work day in and day out -- How we raise our kids, the choices we make, the culture we create, the assumptions we think through, the behavior we affirm or let slide.  A disconnect in areas such as these has been known to turn fairly normal people into seedbeds of opportunism for PR sharpshooters, image magicians, money-grubbers, and influence-mongers of all stripes of religion and irreligion (and ever the twain shall meet).  We would just as soon see a world without that junk littering the landscape. 

Once again: Welcome.  We hope you enjoy your stay.  We certainly appreciate your visit. 


Rick Pearcey


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