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GUN WALKOUTS IN SCHOOLS Don't Let Students Think for Themselves

. . . Usual PC Propaganda: "Speeches called for background checks on private transfers of guns and banning of 'assault weapons' such as the AR-15"

. . . Zero Diversity: "No debate, no alternative perspective offered"

. . . Marching in Lockstep: "Schools fell into the lockstep of political correctness to endorse one viewpoint on gun control and signaled to students what they should think"

. . . Parents vs. School Manipulators: "Parents, who have differing views on many issues, don't send their children to school to be pressured and manipulated in this way" 

WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN FARMERS Fear for Their Lives as Government Prepares to Seize Their Land

. . . Australia Offering "Fast Track" Visas for Farmers Who Are Victims of Horrific Violence

. . . "Whole Nation Is Descending Into Chaos with Capetown literally running out of water"

VIOLENCE PARALYZES MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICT: Administrators Do Little as Students Brawl . . . Amid Concerns Over Racial Hatreds

. . . Somalis vs. Blacks: "Over 20 students joined the chaos"

. . . "Cafeteria Into Lockdown": Southwest High School, Minneapolis

THE SLOW LEARNERS OF BROWARD COUNTY: "No One in the School Except the Shooter Was Armed"

. . . An Effective Measure: "Allow selected school personnel to be armed, trained and certified to carry concealed weapons as 'guardians' to intervene quickly in the precious first few minutes of an attempted shooting"

. . . But Broward Rejects: "School Board, Teachers' Union and the sheriff -- no doubt after more panel discussions -- vowed not to implement the measure"

. . . Real-World Result: "Students of Broward County will remain just as vulnerable to another slaughter as they were on Valentine's Day"

. . . Opiate of the People: "Everyone in the county will feel good about themselves. The parents and students made their outrage heard, there will be more jobs for retired sheriff's deputies, and everyone will feel safer -- until the shooting starts"

NATION OF ISLAM: Black Racism Doesn't Get a Pass

. . . KKKissing Cousins: "The first black president, numerous black members of congress and key intersectional leaders, the folks most likely to lecture us on racism, were caught hanging out with an anti-Semitic racist"

. . . Media Hatesplainers: "Now the media is full of hatesplaining hot takes justifying alliances with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam"

. . . "Satanic Jews": "It's impossible to pretend that a hate group that shrieks about 'satanic Jews' and warns that 'the white man is the devil' isn't racist"

. . . Cousin Barack: "Will reluctantly disavow" Racist Farrakhan "only under great political pressure. But when you turn your back, they'll be there smiling with him"


. . . DREAMers: "Waving the flag of the country they'd do anything to avoid being sent back to"

. . . Spread the Hate: "The Mexican flags flew and the hate-Trump chants pounded from the left"

. . . MSP -- Mainstream Propaganda: "Don't expect the rest of the media to notice any of this. Or the chants of 'Si se puede!' or the Che banners and t-shirts, the foul language, or the scads of ethnic Mexican clothing to demonstrate the absence of assimilation"

SITTING DUCKS NO MORE: The Facts About Guns at School

. . . Concealed Carry: "25 states to varying degrees, allow concealed handgun permit holders, including staff and teachers, to carry guns on K-12 school grounds"

. . . More Guns, Safe Schools: "There hasn't been a mass public shooting at any school that allows teachers and staff to carry"

. . . Phony "Fact Checkers" Shooting Blanks: "Playing a dangerous game because when readers catch on to such consistently blatant distortions, fact checkers risk losing all credibility"

THE MEDIA'S SOCIALISM DELUSION: "It's Time to Give Socialism a Try" -- Elizabeth Bruenig, WPost

. . . Delusion Busted: "Where There's Socialism, There's Only Misery"

. . . Venezuela: The "most oil-rich nation on Earth, is now starving, with its once bustling middle-class reduced to killing pets for food, stealing and even prostitution to make ends meet"

. . . Zimbabwe: "Today besieged by hyperinflation, soaring unemployment, near-nonexistent rule of law, and plunging incomes"

. . . North Korea: "Starvation is a feature, not a bug, in this system"

. . . "Socialism Is a Horrible System, one that has led to the deaths of millions and has never enriched anyone, except corrupt leaders"


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Something's Wrong: Ohio Student Suspended for Staying in Class During National Walkout Day
March 16, 2018 • 5:49 PM

Trump Sanctions Russian Nationals for Meddling in 2016 Presidential Election
March 15, 2018 • 12:53 PM

Hillary Failing: Democrats Lose Patience After Clinton Comments Trashing White Married Women
March 14, 2018 • 3:02 PM

C-SPAN Filming as Nancy Pearcey Is Live Streamed Today at Heritage Foundation
March 13, 2018 • 9:55 AM

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WITH "NEW MANDATE," Putin Emboldened to Expand Russia Adventurism Abroad

. . . Red Planet: Putin Wants to Beat U.S. to Mars

. . . U.K.: Launches Probe Into 14 Other Suspected Russian Assassinations

. . . "Despicable": Police Memo Said Telford Girls "Consented" to Sex Abuse With Groomers

. . . Germany: Teen Murdered by Asylum Seeker After She Refused to Convert to Islam

TRUMP JOKES ABOUT SHAKE-UPS With Kelly, Pence: "Who's Next?"

. . . Pelosi: Republicans Can't Win on the Issues . . . So they come after me"

. . . Student With "Trump" Flag Assaulted by Mob During National School Walkout

. . . High School Students Tear Down American Flag, Brawl While Protesting for School Safety

FORMER AGNOSTIC, PROFESSOR: "Secular Liberal" State Is Coming for Your Children

. . . Pearcey @ Heritage Fdn: Secular Liberalism "Undermines Human Dignity and Human Rights" . . . Bio

. . . Body Alienation to Homosex "Marriage": Rapid Legalization Merely the Application of Low, Alienating Attack on the Human Body

. . . Transgender "Self-Estrangement"

. . . Hillary Clinton: On Women's Day, Honors Biological Man Who Claims He's "Woman"

. . . "Woman" Dan Roem: "Put a huge crack in the glass ceiling"

COFFEE'S EFFECT ON HEALTH Bigger Than Thought: Study

. . . Turns Out Coffee Acts on Your Brain Like Cannabis -- But in Reverse

U.K. TO BUILD $67M CHEMICAL WEAPONS CENTER After Accusing Moscow of Nerve Agent Attack on Ex-Russian Spy

. . . Defense Secretary: "We know the chemical threat doesn't just come from Russia but from others"

. . . Pakistan: Constructing Border Wall to Keep Out Terrorists and Criminals

. . . Anjum: "Fence it. Then manage it . . . It's the simplest solution in the history of the world"


. . . "Threatens All of Our Security": Joint Statement From Leaders of U.S., Germany, France

. . . White House "Opposes" Plan to Give Amnesty to DACA Illegal Aliens in Exchange for Minor Wall Funding

. . . OBAMA DOJ Forced FBI to Delete 500,000 Fugitives From Background Check Database

SHAQ ON SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: Semiautomatic Weapons Ban Won't Work

. . . Put More Cops in the Schools

. . . Planning 2020 Run for Sheriff in Georgia

. . . Youth Gun Group Membership, Donations Surge 1,200% Since Fla. School Shooting Despite Media, Politicians

. . . "18- to 20-Year-Olds Joining or Supporting" 2nd Amendment Foundation

SUPPORT FOR UNIVERSITIES ERODING: 86% of Campus Presidents Cite Negative Effects of "Liberal Political Bias on Campus" -- Poll

. . . Campus Intolerance: Some One-Third Agree That "Perception of Colleges as Places That Are Intolerant of Conservative Views Is Accurate"

. . . Alienation From America: 51% Agree 2016 Election "Exposed That Academe Is Disconnected From Much of American Society"


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