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WHITE HOUSE Correspondents' Dinner Celebrates Death of Journalism

GOFUNDME WILL RAISE $$$ for Muderers, Not Christian Bakeries

WISH FULFILLMENT: God Is Dead, Long Live Government

AMERICA'S GROWING POLICE STATE: Freedoms "Threated and Violated" by "Our Own Government"

HILLARY CLINTON: The Empress Has No Clothes

HOME INVASION, GOV'T STYLE: Roque Prosecutor Turns Law Upside Down to Terrorize and Silence Wisconsin Conservatives

. . . Police Pounding: Yelling, Battering Ram, Entire House "Shaking"

. . . Wisconsin's Shame: Citizens at "mercy of a truly malevolent state"

WHY REPUBLICANS Can't Debate Obama: You Can't Oppose What You Support

. . . Establishment Fail: "They agree with his premises while challenging his processes"

. . . Lipstick & Blush: "Once you accept the premise, the differences become cosmetic"

WHICH CAN DO More Damage: Governments or Corporations?

. . . Reactionary Reflex: Don't Think, Just Berate


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First Hillary Clinton's Finances, Next Jeb Bush's
April 27, 2015 • 8:57 AM

Nancy Pearcey on Detroit Radio Today
April 24, 2015 • 11:00 AM

Hillary: "Religious Beliefs" Must Change for Sake of Abortion Rights
April 24, 2015 • 8:05 AM

Rep. King Announces Bill to "Restrain the Judges on Marriage"
April 23, 2015 • 9:24 AM

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U.S. TROOPS IN EUROPE Request Bigger Guns Amid Tensions With Russia Over Ukraine

HILLARY CLINTON SETS RECORD: Longest Dodge of National Press by Presidential Candidate in Modern History

WHITEHEAD: "We Are in a Police State Right Now"

. . . "80,000 SWAT Tean Raids" Each Year

. . . 180,000 Facebook Pages Hacked per Day

. . . President Can Send Military to Arrest "Extremists," Place in Detention Camp, No lawyer, No Family


. . . Authorities Demolish Crosses and Churches

. . . "Detention and imprisonment of pastors and church members"

CLINTON CASH: More Names Revealed of Foundation Donors Who Benefited From Hillary’s State Dep't

. . . Millions: Big Money, U.S. Uranium, Russian Control

. . . Liberal Columnist: Clintons "disorganized and greedy"

. . . NYTimes: "This problem is not going away"

BROTHER: Dishonest Obama Abandoned Family

. . . Malik: "Best man at Barack's wedding"

. . . 2-Faced: Obama "says one thing and does another"

REPUBLICAN SENATE Confirms AG Who Says Illegals Have Right to Work But Partially Born Babies Have No Right to Life

ELECTION 2016: Jeb Bush Facing "Serious Money Challenges"


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