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April 26, 2018

TALIBAN REJECTS PEACE OFFER: Terrorists Focused on "Crushing, Killing and Capturing American Invaders" . . . Sullivan: "Announcement affirms the Taliban's responsibility for the insecurity that destroys the lives of thousands of Afghans each year" . . . German Official Tells Jews: Your Fears over Influx of Muslim, Arab Refugees Legitimate . . . Dangerous to Be Jewish in Public: "Everyone has to assess the risks for himself. The danger is there" -- Dr. Felix Klein
CULTURAL HERETICS: Kanye West Knocks the Left Off Its Axis, Triggering Panic . . . Hip Hop Icon: Dares to Challenge Liberals . . . Repudiates Barack: "Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed"
SHOWDOWN LOOMS AS MIGRANT CARAVANS Swell at U.S.-Mexico Border . . . $46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Alien Exceeds Average American Income . . . Trump Blasts Comey: "Liar" and "Leaker" . . . "Guilty of Crimes" . . . POTUS: Comey "didn't write those memos accurately. He wrote a lot of phony stuff" . . . Giuliani to Mueller: Trump "Extremely Opposed" to Interview

CHANCE THE RAPPER: "Black People Don't Have to Be Democrats" . . . Endorsed Hillary in 2016 . . . Celebs Attack Kanye West over Pro-Trump Tweets . . . Kanye: "You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him" . . . Rosie O'Donnell: "F------ Moron" . . . WATCH The Five: Kanye's Praise of Trump "Turning Hollywood & Liberal Music World Upside Down" . . . Gutfeld: "There is a mob out there that wants to silence you if your leave your box" . . . Watters: Kanye's "Celebrating People" Like Candace Owens for "Being Independent Thinkers"

ANARCHY AT TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY: Students Stalked, Threatened With Violence . . . Administration Sides With Perpetrators . . . "Toxic State of Affairs against which all people, and especially parents, of good will must be willing to take a stand"
ALFIE EVANS NOT "DYING" OR "BRAIN-DEAD," He's Been Misdiagnosed: Polish Doctor . . . Dr. Izabela PaƂgan: "That Child Is Imprisoned There" . . . Sick System: "It's a violation of human rights, of the rights to live, the rights of parents. It's unthinkable"

April 25, 2018

TRUMP: Complete Denuclearization Means North Korea Gets "Rid of Their Nukes" . . . POTUS: "This should have been worked out a long time ago" . . . China: Harvey Weinstein and "American-Style Democracy" Biggest Human Rights Threats in U.S. . . . Media "Suppressed" . . . Alfie Doctors: May Face CONSPIRACY TO MURDER Charges

FROM SPEECH TO PARENTAL RIGHTS, the U.K. Continues to Assault Human Freedom . . . Agony Across the Waters: "The United Kingdom is in the process of becoming a nightmarish glimpse of what could happen in the United States if we aren't careful and vigilant"
KIRA DAVIS ON BABY ALFIE: This Is the Real Reason Britain Won't Release Alfie Evans to Italy . . . So-Called Christians Hijacking Alfie Evans' Last Days Are Evil Incarnate -- Susie Boniface . . . "Crimes Against Humanity": Doctors and Judge Starving Alfie Evans Should Be Brought to Justice . . . "Every Person Who Has Been Complicit in Preventing Alfie's Parents From Taking Their Son -- Their Own Freaking Son! -- Should Be Put on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity"
TED CRUZ "CERTAINLY" ASSUMES He'll Support Donald Trump in 2020 . . . Meanwhile: Cruz to "continue working to lead that battle and defend our freedoms and defend the Constitution" . . . Democrats: Free Money, Guaranteed Jobs, Reparations . . . Dershowitz: Probe Mueller for Civil Liberties Violations . . . Comey: Special Prosecutor "Would Have Been Unfair to Hillary"
TEACHER ACCUSED OF BULLYING Middle School Student About Trump, Fox News . . . Dad Schools Teacher: She Admits on Tape -- Video
. . . Spanish Teacher: Sarah Ford, Blackhawk Middle School, Fort Wayne . . . Arizona Elementary Teacher Leading Strike: "Teaching Is Political" . . . Music Teacher Noah Karvelis: "Gun control, white supremacy, and anti-capitalism"
ALFIE EVANS NOW BEING FED, Court to Hear Parents' Appeal to Take Child to Italy . . . Video: Tom Evans Confirms Alfie Stable, "Receiving Oxygen, Nutrition, and Hydration" . . . Medical Ethics Alliance: Blasts British Hospital Over Alfie Evans . . . "Medical Tyranny Must Stop" . . . "The Parents Are Being Tortured as they watch the hospital take actions expected to lead to his death"

April 24, 2018

TORONTO POLICE CHIEF: No Link to Terrorism so Far in Van Attack That Killed 10, Injured 15 . . . Iran: Woman Showing Hair Under Headscarf Assaulted by Morality Police . . . Watch: Female "Physically and Verbally Attacked" . . . Mexico: Students Killed, Dissolved in Acid, Officials Say . . . Students Taken in Guadalajara Area, Location "apparently being watched by members of the Jalisco New Generation cartel"
"REAL INDIAN" RUNNING AGAINST Sen. Elizabeth Warren Sues After City Tells Him to Stop Calling Her "Fake Indian" . . . "Only a Real Indian Can Beat the Fake Indian" . . . Rahm Emanuel Warns Democrats to Tamp Down Trump Impeachment Talk . . . Earth Day Pelosi Laments: "Rising Temperatures, Surging Seas and Record Floods, Fires and Storms"
OPPRESSING KYLE KASHUV: Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Questioned by School Security After Visit to Gun Range . . . "Gestapo Tactics": "Who do these glorified mall cops think they are?" . . . School's "Wild Overreaction" NOT "Understandable" . . . "Contemptible": "Had nothing to do with keeping the school safe and everything to do with trying to intimidate someone for 'wrong thinking'" . . . "Welcome to Amerika, Circa 2018, where intimidating a traumatized kid because he defends the Constitution is OK"
"MAY ALLAH Destroy Your Houses and Burn You All" . . . The Terrifying Lives of Christians Under Islam
PROGUNDATING: "Don't Date a Hogg, Date a Real American!" . . . Entrepreneur Starts Pro-Gun Dating Service . . . ProGunDating.com: "Premier Dating Service for Singles Who Support the 2nd Amendment" . . . Laura Clark Launches: "Single gun-owners are loving the fact that they now have place where they can meet others who stand with the Second Amendment" . . . "Already More Than 10,000 Second Amendment Supporters"

ALFIE EVANS HAS SURVIVED 13 HOURS Without Ventilation, Doctors "Gobsmacked" . . . Mother: "Alfie has been allowed oxygen and water!! How amazing is he. No matter what happens he has already proved these doctors wrong. How beautiful does he look"

April 23, 2018

AS U.S. JERUSALEM EMBASSY MOVE DRAWS NEAR, Abbas Vows He Won't Allow It . . . Relocate Next Month: 19 Years After Deadline Set in 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act . . . Pakistan: Man Arrested for Burning Christian Woman to Death . . . She Refused His Marriage Offer . . . Britain: "Refugee" Spared Prison After Strangling, Sexually Assaulting Woman . . . Decision by "Diversity and Community Relations Judge" . . . Mexico: Murder Rate Soars With 7,667 Killed in 3 Months
NORTH KOREA Nuclear Freeze Trap? . . . History Lessons for Upcoming De-Nuclearization Negotiations . . . Trump: "We are a long way from conclusion on North Korea, maybe things will work out, and maybe they won't -- only time will tell"
DIGENOVA ON MEMOS: "Comey Should Go to Prison" . . . Romney Fails to Get Utah GOP Nomination, Will Face Primary . . . Pro-Trump Candidate Takes on Mark Sanford in South Carolina Primary . . . Kanye West Defends Black Trump Supporter After Roseanne Ex's Vile Attack . . . Candace Owens: "When @PerezHilton @TomArnold and @ShaunKing, 3 white men, rush to viciously attack the freedom of two black people who refuse to be pawns to a leftist ideology -- it should ring as a wake up call to the world about who the real racists are"
AMERICANS MIGRATING IN DROVES to Low-Tax States . . . The Big Losers: New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio . . . Millions Hitting the Road: "The 25 high-tax states saw a net loss of 4.9 million people to states with lower tax burdens"
SUSPECTED WAFFLE HOUSE SHOOTER Said Taylor Swift Stalking Him . . . Sheriff: "Mental Health Issues" . . . Professor Who Tweeted Anti-Barbara Bush Comment Applauded at Arts Festival . . . #BoycottYeti Movement Erupts After Cooler Maker Ditches NRA Foundation
CHEMICAL SUFFOCATION? How Alder Hey Doctors Want Alfie Evans to Die . . . "Not to treat Alfie with trach and ventilator is legalized killing" -- Dr. Paul A. Byrne, Professor of Pediatrics

April 20, 2018

HISTORIC TELEPHONE HOTLINE Links South, North Korean Leaders Ahead of Rare Summit . . . "Reminiscent of the Moscow-Washington Hotline During the Cold War" . . . Sweden: Schools Increase Security, Hire Guards After Rising Violence Towards Teachers . . . Migrant Pimps in Sweden: Allegedly Used "Voodoo" to Force Women Into Prostitution . . . Finland Terror Trial: Attacker at "War Against Women," Stabbed Them to "Strengthen the Islamic Kingdom"
. . . U.K.: Pedophile Grooming Gang Treated Victims as Young as 13 "Like Trophies" . . . Gang Members: Hussain, Rafyal, Ali, Rizwan

FIGHTING BACK: Counter-Revolution in the Sanctuary State? . . . Resistance to California's Unconstitutional Laws Shielding Illegals Is Growing . . . Trump: People "don't want sanctuary cities. There's a little bit of a revolution going on in California"
TRUMP BRINGING ON GIULIANI a "Very Wise Decision" -- Dershowitz . . . Giuliani: Hopes to "Negotiate an End" to Mueller Investigation . . . "Don't Think It's Going to Take more than a week or two" . . . Democrat Party Sues Russia, Trump Campaign: For Allegedly Disrupting 2016 Election . . . Parkland Student Calls Obama Essay "Asinine"
ERIC HOLDER for Prison, Not President . . . Former Obama Attorney General: "Arguably responsible for the homicide of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, murdered by guns Holder and Obama funneled to Mexican drug lords" . . . Gun-Running and Holder: "The only Cabinet official held in contempt of Congress for withholding documents in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal" . . . Deep State Holder: "Is the poster child for the Deep State corruption that festered under Obama and the politicization of both the DOJ and FBI"
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL DISTRICT Says Parents Can't Pull Kids From New LGBT Sex Ed . . . Approved Materials Teach Kids About Using Fruit as "Sex Toys" . . . Schools in 43 States Blasted for Porn Curriculum . . . Linda Harvey: "Many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of 'health education'"
COWBOY ON JET SKI Lassos Bison Struggling to Swim in Bay . . . Bus leaves Cleveland for New York, Ends Up in Toledo . . . Zombie Racoons

April 19, 2018

SUSPECTED 9/11 RECRUITER FOR AL QAEDA Captured in Syria -- Report . . . Australia -- "Allahu Akbar!": Man Stabbed in Neck by Muslim Houseguest Goes Public . . . "ISIS-inspired" Exchange Student Attacks Host in His Sleep Day After She Arrives . . . Sweden: Shootings "So Common They Don't Make Headlines," Cities Rocked by Bombs, Grenade Blasts . . . Rome -- Baby Alfie: Dad Claims Hospital in Rome Ready to Take His Son "TODAY" . . . Refusal to Let Alfie Evans Come to Vatican Hospital "Beyond All Human Logic" -- Italian Bishop . . . Germany: Theater Production -- Wear a Swastika, Get in Free