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April 24, 2015

CLINTON CASH: More Names Revealed of Foundation Donors Who Benefited From Hillary’s State Dep't . . . Millions: Big Money, U.S. Uranium, Russian Control . . . Liberal Columnist: Clintons "disorganized and greedy" . . . NYTimes: "This problem is not going away"

WISH FULFILLMENT: God Is Dead, Long Live Government
BROTHER: Dishonest Obama Abandoned Family . . . Malik: "Best man at Barack's wedding" . . . 2-Faced: Obama "says one thing and does another"
AMERICA'S GROWING POLICE STATE: Freedoms "Threated and Violated" by "Our Own Government"
REPUBLICAN SENATE Confirms AG Who Says Illegals Have Right to Work But Partially Born Babies Have No Right to Life
ELECTION 2016: Jeb Bush Facing "Serious Money Challenges"

April 23, 2015

TED CRUZ: Hillary Will Win If GOP Picks a Romney or McCain . . . At Stake: "It will, in effect, be a 3rd term for Barack Obama" . . . Be Bold: "When you don't stand for principle, Democrats celebrate"
HILLARY CLINTON: The Empress Has No Clothes
BEN CARSON ON AMERICA: "As We Abandon God, You Can See That We're Spiraling Downward"
HOME INVASION, GOV'T STYLE: Roque Prosecutor Turns Law Upside Down to Terrorize and Silence Wisconsin Conservatives . . . Police Pounding: Yelling, Battering Ram, Entire House "Shaking" . . . Wisconsin's Shame: Citizens at "mercy of a truly malevolent state"
VANDALS TAKE AIM at Business Challenging Homosexuality . . . "Ugly": "Death Threats" Escalate to "Physical Violence" . . . Police: Officer "arrived, looked around, took a few notes, chuckled"
PASTORS DESCEND ON TEXAS CAPITOL to Support Bill Protecting Them From Performing Homosex "Marriages"

April 22, 2015

WHY REPUBLICANS Can't Debate Obama: You Can't Oppose What You Support . . . Establishment Fail: "They agree with his premises while challenging his processes" . . . Lipstick & Blush: "Once you accept the premise, the differences become cosmetic"
RICK PERRY: "You Have to Secure the Border" . . . Otherwise: "All of this talk about immigration and immigration reform is a waste of time"
WHICH CAN DO More Damage: Governments or Corporations? . . . Reactionary Reflex: Don't Think, Just Berate
FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Halt Muslim Immigration . . . Social Media: "From countries that have active terrorist cells"
LESBIAN TEACHER: How I Convince Kids to Accept Homosex "Marriage" . . . Uses Her Classroom: Starting With 4-Year-Olds

April 21, 2015

JEB BUSH AND OBAMA: Confirm Pro-Abortion Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
GYROCOPTERS, HOOKERS, and Wannabes: Inside Obama's Secret Service
REP. KING: Obama "Importing Millions . . . of Undocumented Democrats" . . . Lawlessly "Trying to Stack the Electorate"
HOMOSEX HYPOCRITES: Where's the Tolerance San Francisco? . . . Secular Fanaticism: "Sexual Dogmas of Liberal Orthodoxy"
MILITARY OPS on U.S. Soil Raise Martial-Law Fears
HOW FOREIGN CASH Made Bill and Hillary "Filthy Rich"

April 20, 2015

AYATOLLAH: U.S. Fabricated Iran Nuclear Myth . . . Any Attack Will Be Met by "Fist"
BOBBY JINDAL: Obama "First President in History Who Doesn't Believe in American Exceptionalism"
AIR FORCE VET Rescues American Flag From Protesters . . . Police Take Her Into Custody
SAVING COLLEGE CAMPUSES From "Islamists and Their Sympathizers" . . . "Plotting Wolves": Exploiting Liberties to Destroy From Within . . . Cherish Freedom? Time to Stand Up to Hate Groups on Campus
PRINCETON PROF: "Reasonable" to Kill "Severely Disabled Infants" Under Obamacare . . . Peter Singer: Intentionally Ending Their Lives
PRESSURE GROWS on Marines to Lower Combat Standards for Women

April 17, 2015

DAVID LIMBAUGH: "Our Nation Unraveling Before Our Eyes" . . . Will Durant: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within"
IRAQI FORCES Fight Islamic State at Gates of Anbar Provincial Captial
POLLS: Cruz Solidifies Top Tier Position
SENATE "JUST REWROTE" CONSTITUTION to Give Obama More Power . . . Mark Levin: "Now we need a supermajority to override the president" . . . "Review" of Iran Deal Nukes Constitution: "You need 67 votes to override a presidential veto"
MUSLIMS THROW 12 Refugee Christians Overboard During Perilous Passage to Italy . . . "Flow of Refugees From Libya Has Become a Tsunami"
FLA. GOVERNOR Suing President for Trying to "Force Our State Further Into Obamacare"