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April 22, 2014

War on Christians in Syria, Egypt, Nigeria -- and How U.S. Policy "Making Matters Worse"
Obama Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation Ever Imposed on American People
Republicans AWOL on Bundy Ranch Showdown
38 Republicans in Lawsuit Challenging Legality of Obamacare
Oklahoma Militia Joining Fight Against Feds
Child Sex Abuse: More Hollywood Power Players Accused and Sued

April 21, 2014

Obama Admin: Require Companies to Give Workers’ Numbers, Home Addresses to Unions
Cruz to Bush on Obamacore: "I Emphatically Do Not Agree With Common Core"
"Cruel" Federal Gov't: Bundy Family Posts Photo of Dead Cow Euthanized By BLM
Hey Harry, You're the Terrorist!
"Gay" Rape Lawsuit: Hollywood Pedophile Allegations Could Impact Fundraising for Hillary Clinton ... Daily Mail: "We Control Hollywood and We Will Eliminate You"
Illinois Rejects Ban Against Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality ... Ex-"Gay": Victory of Truth Over "Lies and Misinformation"

April 18, 2014

"Patriot Party" Gathering at Bundy's Nevada Ranch, Reid Blasts Them "Domestic Terrorists"
eid, Big Donors Cash in: Democrats Awash in Dozens of "Green" Energy Deals on Public Lands
Volkswagen Uber Alles: Labor Fascism in Chattanooga
Jim DeMint: "Big Government Benefits the Rich"
Lying With Statistics: Obama's Census Power Grab Pays Off -- as Predicted
Report: More Than 100,000 Gang Members in Texas, Work With Mexican Cartels to Smuggle Drugs, Guns, Money, People

April 17, 2014

America’s Peacetime Retreat From Europe Now Leaves U.S. Powerless in Ukraine
IRS Scandal Blows Wide Open: Emails Reveal Lois Lerner Conspired With DOJ to Criminally Prosecute “Political” Groups
Franklin Graham: "At Every Turn, the Gay & Lesbian Agenda Is Being Pushed by This Administration"
Emails Show Lerner Worked With DOJ to Target Conservative Groups
Incremental Fascism: Harry Reid & Democrats Selling Out the Southwest
42 "Acts of Love" by Illegals ... and Counting ... Jeb Bush Flashback: Illegal Immigration Often "an Act of Love"

April 16, 2014

16th Amendment: IRS Has No Legal Authority to Tax Your Wages or Salary
Tea Party Powerhouse Sue Obama Admin Over "Secret" IRS Plans for Tea Party Groups
White House Census Changes Mask Impact of Obamacare on Americans
Common Core's Dirtiest Trick: Dividing Parents and Children
Nevada GOP Abandons Pro-life and Pro-Marriage Platform, Party Embracing "Inclusion, Not Exclusion"
Poll: Wendy Davis Losing Big Among Texas Women

April 15, 2014

"On the Brink": Ukraine Moves to Drive Out Pro-Russian Forces in the East
Ben Carson: White House Wanted Apology for "Offending" Obama
Cliven Bundy: Rancher's Stand Against Usurping Feds Part of "Making America Great One More Time"
Showdown at Bundy Ranch Proves "American People Are Fed Up"