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July 25, 2014

Obama Plan Would Let Young Hondurans Enter U.S. as Refugees ... Immigration Studies Center: "Clearly a Bad Idea"
"Reviled" IRS Faces New Grilling Over Targeting Churches ... Atheists, Pulpit Freedom Sunday, and "Rogue Political Churches"
They're Not Refugees
Radical Greens Reveal True Objective: Not a Clean Environment, But Death of Economic Freedom
Doctor "Saved Lives" by Shooting Hospital Gunman
Study Estimates 9,200 Fewer Abortions in Texas This Year Thanks to Pro-Life Law

July 24, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim Arrives in Italy, 1 Day After Conservatives Blast Obama for Ignoring Her Plight
For Hypocrite Left, "Children" Are Battering Ram to Force Amnesty
Sherrif Joe Rips Obama for Being "in Bed With Mexico" in Border Crisis
Lawsuit: Newspaper Fires Editor for Criticizing Homosex "Bible" ... Anti-Christians at Newton Daily News, Shaw Media?
Sarah Palin Endorses Joe Carr Against Lamar Alexander for U.S. Senate
IRS Agrees to Monitor Sermons in Settlement With Atheists

July 23, 2014

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Golfs, Fundraises During Crises Because He's "in Over His Head"
Rep. Wolf Accuses ISIS of Genocide, Targeting Christians in Iraq ‘'for Extinction"
Obama Targeting Christians, Imposing Extremist "Gay Rights" to Establish "Secularist Monopoly," Liquidate Christianity From Public Life ... "Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting an Establishment of Religion or Prohibitng the Free Exercise Thereof"
Border Patrol: "This Is the Dream of Every Terrorist in the World"
On Camera: Planned Parenthood Again Caught Promoting X-Rated Advice to Underage Girls ... Woman: "Youre Tied to a Bed or Tied to a Tree" -- Video
1st Murder at Target Store Since Law-Abiding Citizens Asked to Shop Unarmed

July 22, 2014

His Majesty, Barack I, Rewrites "Law of the Land" Again
Shariamerica: U.S. Mosque Leaders Try to Cut Off Man's Hand
Black Christians and the Myth of Prosperity Preaching
Black Activist: We Have a "Humanitarian Crisis" in Cities "All Over This Country"
Sarah Palin Drives Stake Through Heart of "True Blood" Producers
Global Warming? U.S. Temps Up 0.1 Degrees Above 20th Century Average, 2014 Coolest Since 1993

July 21, 2014

510 Palestinians, 20 Israelis Dead, as Thousands Flee Their Homes ... Security: Israeli Defense Forces May Have to Reconquer All or Part of Gaza ... Hamas Terrorists: Send in Suicide Donkey to Hit Israeli Troops
Incoherent Excuses for Hating Israel
Texas Gov. Perry Prepares to Deploy National Guard to Portion of Border
Brutal Obama Policy Behind "Deliberately Designed" Border Crisis
Pro-Life Group Attacked in Ohio Says Physical Assaults Increasing ... "Created Equal": Ending the "Greatest Human Rights Injustice of Our Time"
Planned Parenthood: "Yes, We Absolutely Do Celebrate" Higher Abortion Totals

July 18, 2014

Israel Intensifies Ground Assault in Gaza
Obama Picks Non-Pilot to Head Air Force in Pacific ... Female
Ted Cruz in Charge of the Conservative Movement