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February 10, 2016

OBAMA'S BUDGET: To $4 Trillion and Beyond . . . "Perverted Vision": More Taxes, More Spending, More Borrowing Somehow Equals "Prosperity"? . . . 70% of Obama's Budget: Writing Checks to Individuals . . . "Taking Money From One Set of Pockets, and Depositing It in Another"

RUBIO ON RAPE EXCEPTIONS: Baby Has "Right to Live Irrespective of the Circumstances by Which They Were Conceived"

February 9, 2016

CRUZ CAMPAIGN Responds to Trump Vulgarity . . . Team Cruz: "Let's Not Forget Who Whipped Who in Iowa" . . . Red State: "New York Values"

MUSLIM "DREAMER" in Dearborn, MI: Keeps Sword in Car . . . Ready: To "Fulfill His Dream of Beheading People" . . . Weapons for Terror: Against "Large Detroit Church That Holds Up to 6,000 People"
JEB BUSH: "I Will Not Blame Barack Obama for a Single Thing"
NASA BANS the Word "Jesus" . . . Liberty Institute: "Blatant Religious Discrimination" . . . Christmas Eve, 1968: Apollo 8 Crew Orbiting Moon Take Turns Reading Genesis
FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Homosex "Marriage," Transgenders, "Just the Beginning of a Moral Onslaught on This Nation"
TOP ABORTION GROUP Condemns Doritos Ad for "Humanizing Fetuses" . . . No-Nothing NARAL: Question Group's "Grasp on Science and Reason" . . . "Humanizing Fetuses"? "Did You All Flunk Biology?"

February 8, 2016

NORTH KOREA'S New Satellite Flew Directly Over Super Bowl Site . . . South Korea Fires Warning Shots at NKorean Boat Amid Tension Over Rocket Launch . . . NKorea Launch Comes After Country's 4th Nuclear Test . . . "Systems to Deliver Nuclear Weapons"

THOMAS SOWELL: The State of Our Union . . . What Is at Stake for Americans in 2016?
WHY DID OBAMA Tell Brazen Lies at the Baltimore Mosque?
HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICIAL: I Was Ordered to Purge Records of Islamic Terror Ties . . . Obama Admin "Ordering They Be Wiped Away" . . . "Dangerous State of America's Counter-Terror Strategy" . . . "Compromise the Security of Citizens for . . . Political Correctness"
REVENANT DIRECTOR BLASTS TRUMP: Building a Wall Would "Betray the Foundation" of America . . . Diversity! "'The Power' of America 'Relies on Diversity'"

WOMEN REGISTERING for Draft "Would Be Disastrous" -- Military Expert . . . "Not a Fair Thing to Do. Young Men Are Better Equipped to Deal With That" . . . "Women and Men Are Not Physical Equals in Direct Ground Combat" . . . "Congress Should Decide the Issue"

February 5, 2016

WARNING: Violence, Repression Pushing Europe Toward "Civil War" . . . "Unprecedented Flow of Muslim Migrants . . . Fueling Civil Unrest" . . . Call for "Resistance to Islam's Growing Control Over European Life" . . . Governments Suppressing Native Populations . . . "They Have Enabled the Destruction of Their Own Countries" . . . Europeans "Taking to the Streets"
DONALD TRUMP Big Bully Act Wearing Thin?
GEORGE RIDES IN TO SAVE JEB: Cuts Ad Endorsing His Brother, Will Campaign in South Carolina . . . George: "Jeb Is a Leader Who Will Keep Our Country Safe" . . . Jeb: "I'm My Own Man"
WHAT VOTERS KNOW About Hillary Clinton: She's a Crook
CDC: Male Homosexuals 2% of Population but 67% of All New HIV Cases
GOP REPS Introduce Bill Requiring Women to Register for Draft . . . Why: "Take the Decision Out of the Hands of the Military So It Can Be Debated in Congress" . . . Alerting America: “If This Administration Wants to Send 18, 20-Year-Old Women Into Combat . . ." . . . "Wrong and Irresponsible": "To Make Wholesale Changes to the Way America Fights Its Wars Without the American People Having a Say"

February 4, 2016

OFFICIAL: Islamic State Army Resilient Despite U.S.-Led Airstrikes . . . 10,000-Plus Air Attacks Against ISIS Since August 2014
DELUSIONAL OBAMA AT MOSQUE: "Islam Has Always Been Part of America" . . . Really? Muslims at Jamestown? Massachusetts Bay Colony? . . . Deeper Into Fantasy: "Generations of Muslms Helped Build Our Nation" . . . Beyond the Twilight Zone: "Muslim Americans Keep Us Safe"
"CHRISTIAN" OBAMA: "For More Than a Thousand Years People Have Been Drawn to Islam's Message of Peace"
ISLAMOFASCISM: Sharia Creeping Into Public School Classrooms . . . Imposing Islam: On Kids in Schools Across America . . . Obama's Common Core: Islam in, Christianity Out

JEB BUSH Praises Obama Mosque Speech: "It's Important for the President to Lead" . . . "I Haven't Seen the Speech, But It's Important"
FRANKLIN GRAHAM Blasts Obama Mosque Visit . . . "The Foundations of This Nation Have Nothing to Do With Islam"

February 3, 2016

"IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE": Cruz's "Secret" to Win White House . . . Cuccinelli: "Ted Has Been Building It All the Way Into the March States" . . . Audio: "An Earthquake to the Special-Interest Lobbyists in Washington and the Leadership of Both Parties" . . . Making History: "Ted Cruz Is the First Candidate in the History of the World for Either Party to Oppose Ethanol Subsidies and Win the Iowa Caucuses"
DONALD TRUMP: "Ted Cruz Didn't Win Iowa, He Stole It" . . . Votes: Should Be "Nullified" . . . Earlier: "In Retrospect, We Should Have Had a Better Ground Game"
TERROR ENABLIA: Mosque Obama Visiting Monitored by FBI as "Breeding Ground" for Islamic Terrorists
. . . "Has to Be Willfully Blind Not to See All These Ties to Terror"
MALE GIRL SCOUT Has Trouble Selling Cookies in Drag . . . "Nobody Wants to Buy Cookies From a Boy in a Dress"
REV. GRAHAM: America Being "Systematically Stripped of Its Christian Heritage" by Politicians "Hostile to Christianity"
TOP JOURNALIST Admits Live on Air National News Agenda Set by Government . . . Report: "Company Takes Orders From the Government on What It Reports"