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September 19, 2014

United Kingdom Still United: Scotland Votes "No" to Independence
Senate Democrats Block Cruz Bill to Strip U.S. Citizenship From ISIS Terrorists
Muslim Scholar: Obama "Wrong" About " Not Islamic" Islamic State
"We Are Letting Terrorists Into the United States Right Through Our Front Door" -- President of Immigration Caseworkers Union
Lawyer for Child Murderess: "What She's Really Guilty of Is Being a Black Lesbian"
Onerous ATF Rules Threaten to Put Gun Dealers Out of Business

September 18, 2014

Australia Foils ISIS Plot to Kidnap, Behead Random Citizens
Boehner and Pelosi Unite to Pass Bill Funding Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, Syrian Revolutionaries
Untrusted Washington: No White House in "Gallup's Polling History Has Had This Much Distrust From the American People"
Hatred Masquerading as Scholarship in the Classroom -- And How Your Tax Dollars Fund It
Air Force Removes "God" From Enlistment Oath
Texas Executes Lesbian for Fatally Starving, Torturing Girlfriend's 9-Year-Old Son

September 17, 2014

ISIS Urges Attacks on New York City's Times Square
America Wastes $22 Trillion in War on Poverty
Top U.S. General: Nearly Half of Iraqi Brigades Incapable of Fighting ISIS
Sen. Fischer Blasts Obama Funding Request to "Defeat" and "Degrade" ISIL ... Alarm Bells: "We Are Not Being Honest With the American People"
Cuban Intelligence Targets Academia: The Alliance Between University Leftists and Communist Spies
Gov. Report: 1,036 Obamacare Plans Illegally Fund Abortions

September 16, 2014

Obama Sending Up to 3,000 Military Personnel to Fight Ebola in West Africa
Benghazi Documents Damaging to Hillary Clinton Removed From Investigation: Ex-State Dept. Official ... Unethical? "Ray, Those Are Our Orders"
Immigration Polls: Tide Turns in Favor of GOP
GAO: Obamacare Funding Abortion on Demand at Taxpayer Expense
Outrageous IRS Commissioner False Claim: "Whenever We Can, We Follow the Law"
Ingraham to Facebook's Zuckerberg: Time for Open Borders at Your Mansion

September 15, 2014

Egypt: Don’t Limit Action to ISIS -- Islamists Elsewhere Share Its Ideology
The War at Home: Islamic Terrorism Already in America
Kerry, in Reversal, Talks of "War" With ISIS
The Religion of Liberalism and the "Killing of Innocents"
Prayer Returns to Capitol Hill ... Revival of Worship Services Begun by Founding Fathers
Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levesl ... Scientist: "About Three Times the Size of Australia"

September 12, 2014

Kerry: ISIS Trying to Spread a "Dangerous ... Offensive ... Insulting Distortion of Islam"