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November 21, 2014

Obama Grants Amnesty to Millions of Illegals ... Scripture: "Thou Shalt Not Oppress a Stranger" ... Heads to Vegas to Sign Order, GOP Vows Retaliation ... Sue Him! State AGs Say Obama "Sees Himself as Above the Law"
"Despotic": Lawless Obamnesty Has Arrived
Sarah Palin on Exec Amnesty: Obama Giving Americans "Middle Finger"
America Under Fire: Barack Hussein Obama Shutting Down the Constitution
Rick Warren Defends Marriage at Vatican Conference: "We Cannot Cave on This Issue"
Major Democrat Donor Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Teenage Boy ... Raised $1,036,895 for Obama, Multiple Meetings With President

November 20, 2014

List: 22 Times Obama Said President Can't Create Own Immgration Law ... Poll: Nearly Half of America Against Executive Action ... "Open Rebellion": Chaos If Republicans Don’t Withhold Funding
Political Metastasis: A Stage-4 Cancer of Lawlessness
"Constitutional Crisis," Says Ted Cruz ... Obama "Can't Do This," Says Rand Paul
Ben Bradlee and the Death of American Journalism
Sheriffs: Obama Amnesty Is "Destruction of Our Democracy," "Gaping Hole" for Terrorists
Schlafly: Obama Could Launch Another Civil War

November 19, 2014

White House Asked If Obama Thinks He's "Emperor" -- Video
Obama vs. Us: "We Will Change America"
Guns, Meat Cleavers, Axes: Jerusalem Temple Attack Shows Sickness at the Heart of Islam ... Palestinians "Flinging Candy," "Dancing in the Streets"
It's Freezing in All 50 States ... Obama Launches Global Warming "Toolkit"
Family Claims "Under God" in Pledge Is Discriminatory
Miss Honduras Found Dead

November 18, 2014

Three Americans Among Dead in Palestinian Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue
Obamacare "Stupidity" Architect Raked in Millions in Taxpayers' Dollars
Watch Obama Praise Work of "Jon Gruber" ... Obama 2006: "I've Stolen Ideas From Literally" -- Youtube ... Obama Last Sunday: "Some Adviser Who Never Worked on Our Staff"
How CNBC Tried to Silence My Questions About Obamacare
Duck Dynasty’s Phil: America Founded "Not on Religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ"
Student Banned From Criticizing Homosex "Marriage" in Class at Jesuit College ... Lecturer Cheryl Abate: "No Need to Discuss It" ... Contact Information at Marquette

November 17, 2014

Barack Obama 2006: Influx of Illegal Immigrants Hurts "Blue-Collar Americans" ... "Puts Strain on an Already Overburdened Safety Net ... "Blacks Share the Same Anxieties"
Iran: The 9-Step Plan to "Eliminate" Israel
Obama: "We Are Going to Contribute $3 Billion to the Green Climate Fund"
Gruber Lets Obama's Socialist Cat Out of the Bag ... But Don't Tell Anyone: Not Since Gosnell Murder Trial Has "Mainstream Press Labored So Diligently to Ignore a Story"
Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth
Candidate Who Lost Job Because He Supports Marriage Just Elected to Congress

November 14, 2014

Michellle Maklin: One Nation Under Godlessness
Axis of Terror: ISIS, Al Qaeda Affiliate Reportedly Unite to Fight U.S.-Backed Rebels