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November 28, 2014

Turkish President: The West Likes Seeing Muslim "Children Die"
Obama Proclaims a Nearly "Godless" Thanksgiving ... Abraham Lincoln: "We Are Prone to Forget the Source" of Blessings Upon America
End the Media Blackout on "Gay" Rapists
"I," "Me," "My" -- Obama Uses First Person Singular 91 Times in Speech on Immigration
IRS Gave Obama White House Thousands of Confidential Taxpayer Documents
Ambulance Transports 27th Woman From St. Louis Planned Parenthood Abortion Center ... Witness: "No Lights or Sirens" ... "Racial Targeting": Minority Neighborhood

November 27, 2014

Ferguson's Natalie Dubose Victim of "Social Justice"
George Washington: Thank God for Our Constitution
Ann Coulter: Leftists Willing to Fight to the Last Drop of Black Blood
Illegal Immigrants Will Be Eligible for Social Security, Medicare
Anarchists Target Thanksgiving Day Parade
MLK Jr.'s Son: Father "Would Be Greatly Dissappointed" by Violence in Ferguson

November 26, 2014

Obama to Illegal Immigration Hecklers: "I Just Took an Action to Change the Law"
Ferguson Rage: Lynch Mob Politics Embraced by Obama Hit the Streets of America
Obama: Americans Have No Right to Favor Americans
Former FBI Official: Obama’s Ferguson Statements "Have Only Served to Divide"
Black Mob Violence Now a Sickeness: "Not Just a Problem"
Black Atlanta Fire Chief Suspended for Publishing "Anti-Gay" Book

November 25, 2014

Ferguson in Flames: Chaos Erupts After Grand Jury Decision ... Cop Cleared in Brown Shooting ... Officer Shot After Announcement ... State Senator: "Race War" ... Obama Appeals for Calm
Moral Relativism, Not Moral Truth, Reigns in Ferguson
Obama Buddy, "Human Right Campaign" Founder Charged with Sexually Abusing Boy
"Repugnant": Fox News, Huckabee Outraged That President Who Backs Post-Birth Abortion Cites Scripture
Atheist Group Loses Lawuit to Ban Colorado Day of Prayer
Homeschooling Family Sues After Attack by Authorities ... Tasered for "Messy" House

November 24, 2014

Cruz: Senate Should Withhold Nominee Approvals Until End of "Lawless Amnesty"
Behold the Tyrant: Obama Ushers in "Age of the Dictator in America"
U.K.: It Was “Racist” to Prosecute Muslim Rape Gangs
Bachmann, King in Texas Border Town Devastated by Illegal Immigration: Looks Like "World War II After a Bombing"
Giuliani: 93% of Blacks Are Killed by Blacks
Marine Dad Banned From School Over Islam Lessons Fights Back ... Daughter Forced to Affirm "Allah Is the Same God That Is Worshiped in Christianity and Judaism"