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May 31, 2016

EX-MISS TURKEY Found Guilty of Publicly Insulting President Erdogan . . . 14-Month Suspended Sentence for Satirical Poem on Social Site Instagram . . . Twitter, Facebook Join European Union to Clamp Down on "Hate Speech"
SWISS VILLAGE Will Pay Fine Rather Than Take in Refugees . . . 11 Measle Cases in Arizona Traced to Inmate at Immigrant Detention Center
SOCIALISM IS for Uninformed, Fact-Challenged Believers . . . Real-World Results Expose Socialism as "Big Disappointment, If Not a Disaster"
MEMORIALS UNDER ASSAULT: The Depraved War on America's Heroes . . . "Attacks Rest Upon a 'Misinformed Reading' . . . of the 1st Amendment"
FATHER REMOVES SONS From Gov't School Over Girl in Boys' Bathroom . . . Kids' "Confusion, Humiliation, Embarrassment"
. . . Called School to Ask Why Parents "Not Consulted or Informed" About New Policy . . . School Letter: "This Is a New and Rapidly Developing Area of Law" . . . Southwest Elementary School, Howell, Michigan

HUSBAND KILLS MAN Trying to Rape Wife, Says Law Enforcement Source

May 30, 2016

IT'S MEMORIAL DAY: What Must It Have Been Like? In Belleau Woods, Against the SS, Dug-in Japanese, in the Philippines, a Rice Paddy in Vietnam, the Communist Chinese, Fallujah and IEDs, Bastogne, Aboard the Indianapolis and Then in a Sea of Sharks -- and on and on . . . "These Are the Real Stars," "Not the Politicians," "Not the Garbage They Show on TV Gossip Shows" . . . "God Bless America and All Who Have Saved Us Over the Decades"
NPR: Katie Couric's "Manipulation" of Gun Owners' Audio During Interview "Would Not Pass Muster" Here . . . Her Perky Propaganda: Under the Gun Deceptively Edited . . . And the Manipulator Said: "I'm Very Proud of the Film" . . . Pretend Journalists Quiet: "ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Have Ignored the Story"
OBAMA'S JUSTICE DEPT. Tries to Prevent Deposition of Clinton in Email-Related Suit
CHICAGO'S MEMORIAL WEEKEND: 40 Shot, 4 Dead by Sunday Morning . . . City's Gun Controls Among "Most Stringent . . . of Any City in the Nation" . . . "Violence Tax," "Assault Weapon" Ban, Limits on Numbers and Locations of Gun Shops . . . But More Gun Control Correlating With More Gun Violence
LOUISIANA LAWMAKER: Declaration of Independence Is Racist . . . Democrat Barbara Norton: "Only Caucasians Were Free" . . . Martin Luther King, Jr.: "Magnificent Words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence"

MEXICAN SOCCER STAR Rescued After Kidnapping . . . Alan Pulido Grabbed in Mexican State Bordering Texas

May 27, 2016

CNN REPORTS: Islamic State Terrorists Blending in With Europe-Bound Migrants . . . Smuggler: "Only Money Matters"
NC GOVERNOR Gains 15-Point Swing After Opposing Obama's Unsafe "Transgender" Agenda . . . Republican Gov. Pat McCrory Surges in Reelection Campaign . . . Polls Showing "Overwhelming Support for McCrory's Position"
"TAKE A STAND": High School Students Boldly Resist Atheists, Recite Lord's Prayer at Graduation . . . Defying "Loathsome Bullies": So-Called "Free-Thinkers" From Wisconsin . . . And the Outlaws Said: "Our Father, Which Art in Heaven"

"MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL CLARITY" Defeats House Energy Bill Compromised by "Transgender" Extremism . . . If Passed, Law Would Unleash "Bureaucrats to Discriminate Against Businesses That Don't Adhere to the Newly Minted National Religion of Transgenderism" . . . "Thankfully, 130 Republicans Bucked Party Leadership and Voted Down the Bill"
WASHINGTONIAN EDITOR: People Shouldn’t Say "Start a Family" -- Because It's Offensive . . . Commenter to Editor: "Please," Mr. O'Sullivan, "Do Not Start a Family" . . . And Again: "The Word Offensive Is Offensive to Me"

May 26, 2016

DESPERATE VENEZUELANS Raid Milk Truck, Set It on Fire -- Video . . . "Mob of Starved Venezuelan Residents" . . . "Incidents Like This . . .  Occurring on a Daily Basis in the Socialist Nation"

BIGGEST RACIAL LIE: That America Is a Racist, "White Supremacist" Country . . . Obama the Accuser: "Racism Is Still Part of Our DNA That's Passed on" . . . Facts vs. Obama: "Black Africans Were Enslaved by Other Black Africans" . . . Blacks vs. Obama: "American Blacks Today Have More Freedom, Rights, and Privileges Than Blacks in Any Black Nation in the World" . . . America vs. Obama: Nation's "True Legacy Is Not Slavery, But Freedom"
11 STATES SUE WHITE HOUSE Over Obama's Unsafe "Bathroom Law" . . . "State of Texas Is the Lead Plaintiff" . . . Arizona AG: "Obama Has No Business Setting Locker Room and Restroom Policies for Our Schools" . . . WVa AG: "School Policies Should Be Determined by Individual States, Educators, and Parents -- Not Dictated by a Presidential Decree"
GOP HOUSE Codifies Obama's Transgender Dictate in Dark of Night . . . Republicans: "Just Supported Arguably the Most Radical Democrat Agenda Item" . . . Enabling Obama's Extremism: "Pursuit of Cultural Marxism" . . . Utter GOP Failure: "Enshrining Obama's Specific Edict Into law and Then Passing Vanity Language Reaffirming the General Importance of Religious Liberty Is Like Doing CPR on a Dead Body"
SEN. SESSIONS: Clinton's Emails a "Systemic Plan to Avoid Security"
"TRANSGENDER" TEACHER Wins $60,000 for Being Called "She" . . . "Leo" Sorell: 5th-Grade Female Teacher Upset at Being Called "Miss Sorell" . . . Scene of "Crime": Gresham-Barlow School District, Oregon

May 25, 2016

AFGHAN TALIBAN Appoint New Leader After U.S. Airstrike Kills Previous One . . . Mullah Akhtar Mansour Killed by Drone Last Week
PROTESTS TURN VIOLENT Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico
EPA IS THE DISASTER: Just Declared War on Millions of Car Owners . . . The Bush Factor: "Misbegotten 2007 Energy Bill Signed by President Bush" . . . Feeding "Big Corn": "Ever-Increasing Amounts of Ethanol to Be Included in Gasoline" . . . Wreaking Havoc: "With Car Engines . . . Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers, Powerboats"
ALABAMA GOP Rallies to Support Chief Justice Roy Moore . . . Judge Under Attack for Upholding State's Ban on Homosex "Marriage" . . . "Transvestite Drag Queen . . . Complained About Moore"
FORMER MCDONALD'S CEO: Robots Are Cheaper Than People at $15 Per Hour
"WAKE UP AND BE MEN": Praying Coach Receives Rosa Parks Courage Award

May 24, 2016

HUMAN REMAINS From EgyptAir Flight Point to On-Board Explosion
OBAMA APPOINTS Transgender Activist to Faith Advisory Council . . . 82-Year-Old "Barbara" Satin . . . Big List of Bathroom Attacks, Men Endangering Girls, Women

GIRLS MUST GET OVER Their "Discomfort" at Seeing Male Genitals in Locker Rooms: Charlotte Observer . . . Newspaper Supporting Obama's Unsafe Bathrooms Dictate . . . FlushTarget Ad: Real-World Results of Transgen Extremism -- Youtube

IN ONE STATE, More Children Homeschool Than Attend Private Schools . . . Why That Shouldn't Shock You
SHERIFF CLARKE: "Picking Apart the Constitution to Fit" Leftist Agenda Leads to Tyranny . . . "The Constitution Does Not Come a la Carte. It Is All-Inclusive"