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July 22, 2016

IVANKA TRUMP Proposes Democrat Policies for Her Dad at Convention . . . ABC News Political Director: "Is there anything Ivanka Trump has said tonight that wouldn't be cheered at a DNC? Except, you know, 'Donald Trump'" . . . CNN's Chris Moody: "Who Said It, Ivanka Trump or Hillary Clinton?" . . . Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: "If true, it would put her father's agenda closer to that of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, than others in his party"
THIS KOREAN-AMERICAN WOMAN Really Doesn't Want Hillary Clinton to Be President
"I AM YOUR VOICE": Trump Claims GOP Nomination, Vows to Put "America First"  . . . "Peace and Prosperity, Law and Order"
. . . Newt: Trump Family Asked Me to Help Quell Cruz Outrage
PAYPAL COFOUNDER PETER THIEL: "Fake Culture Wars Only Distract Us From Our Economic Decline" . . . Homosexual: "I am proud"
ROGER AILES RESIGNS From Fox News Amid Sexual Harassment Lawsuit . . . Resignation Letter: "I am proud" . . . Gretchen Carlson on Twitter: "Thx 2all the #brave women who decided 2also come forward about #RogerAiles"
VAN GOGH'S EAR: Mystery Solved

July 21, 2016

ISLAMIC TERROR "RELIEF" CHARITY ADMITS Illegal Funds Transfer to Iraq . . . Terrorist: Islamic American Relief Agency "Identified by the Federal Government as a Global Terrorist Organization" . . . We're Guilty: "Admitted in Federal Court . . . It Illegally Funneled $1.4 Million to Iraq in Violation of U.S. Sanctions"

TED CRUZ STAYS TRUE: "I Want to See the Principles That Our Party Believes Prevail in November" . . . Disgraceful Trump: "Trump Campaign Offered No Apologies for the Disgraceful Way It Smeared Cruz in the Primary Contests" . . . Cruz's Answer: "Cruz Told Voters Something That Should Not Be Controversial: Vote Your Conscience" . . . The Speech: The Text

TED CRUZ ON WHY "WE'RE FIGHTING": "To Defend Our Freedom and to Be Faithful to the Constitution" . . . "Please, Don't Stay Home in November" . . . "Crowd Loved It, Interrupting Him Repeatedly With Cheers and Applause" . . . Then Boos When It Became Clear No Trump Endorsement . . . Gingrich Admonishes the Crowd: "Ted Cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the Constitution. In this election, there is only one candidate who will uphold the Constitution" . . . "To Paraphrase Ted Cruz, If you want to protect the Constitution of the United States, the only possible candidate this fall Is the Trump-Pence Republican ticket" . . .Video: Watch the Full Speech

FIREFIGHTERS FORCED to Remove Police Flag -- "Safety Risk Due to Extremists" . . . "What a Load of Grade-A Fertilizer, Folks"
2016 REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM Hailed as Most Pro-Life, Pro-Family Ever . . . Ben Carson, M.D.: Transgender Belief System "Height of Absurdity," Killing Pre-Born Humans on-Demand "Evil" . . . U.S. General: Obama Trans Decree Harming the Military

AILES' JUDGE IN SEX-BIAS CASE Ponders Request to Move Case to New York . . . Mediaite Founder: "Multiple Incidents" of Ailes Harassment on Kelly . . . Glenn Beck Compares Roger Ailes to Bill Cosby Over Sex Harassment Claims

July 20, 2016

TRUMP Officially Claims GOP Nomination . . . Ben Carson: Hillary's Ties to Alinsky Who Praises "Original Radical" Lucifer in Sharp Contrast to Historic U.S. Polity Founded Upon Creator
. . . Donald Trump, Jr.: "Political Star May Have Been Born"

MINORITY JURIES Keep Acquitting Cops That Black Lives Matter Accuses of Racism
BLACK FATHER WHOSE SON Was Gunned Down by Illegal Alien: "You'd Think Obama Cared and Black Lives Mattered -- No"
SLAVERY: Racially Incorrect Facts -- Truths That Obama and BLM Revile . . . 1st Slave Owner in America: Anthony Johnson -- "a Black Man" . . . CSU Professor: "Thousands of Black Slave Owners During the Antebellum Period" . . . Mulattoes: "Virtually All of the Black Slave Masters Were Mulattoes Who Not Only Enslaved Their Darker Brethren, but Refused to Marry or Even Attend Church With Freed Men of Darker Hue" . . . Arab Muslims: "For at Least the Preceding 800-900 Years, Arab Muslims Had Been Trafficking in African Slaves"
"YOU NEED TO LEAVE": Taco Bell Employee Stuns Sheriff's Deputies With Refusal of Service
CROSSFIT GAMES to Award Glock Pistols to Winning Athletes . . . "Trading Gold Medals for Glock Metal"

July 19, 2016

TERROR STRIKES AGAIN: Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Attack on German Train . . . "Afghan Asylum Seeker": Used Ax and Knife, 5 Wounded . . . "Allahu Akbar": "Member of the Islamic State" . . . Witnesses: Train "Covered With Blood and Looked 'Like a Slaughterhouse'" . . . Police: "Shot and Killed" Terrorist
NEWT'S RIGHT: Cull and Deport Sharia Muslims
SHERIFF CLARKE TO CNN: "Anti-Police Rhetoric Is Based on a Lie," Obama "Has Been Lying" . . . GOP Convention: "Blue Lives Matter" -- Video . . . CNN: Calls Out Anchor Don Lemon -- Video . . . U.K. Daily Mail: "Blues Lives Matter . . . Standing Ovation"

ONCE AGAIN, Obama Tries to Deflect Blame for Police Shootings
RUSH LIMBAUGH OK With Losing Radio Show If It Means Hillary Loss . . . "Never Hillary": "Instant Disaster to Do Anything that Gets That Woman in the White House" . . . On Trump: "I Know Donald Trump," "Doesn't Threaten My Core Principles at All"
LAWSUIT SEEKS TO EXPOSE, Unravel Plea Deal for Billionaire Sex Offender Friend of Bill Clinton . . . "Palm Beach Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Could Face New Criminal Charges" . . . Clinton "Took 26 Trips Around the World" on Epstein's 727 . . . Dismissed "Secret Service Detail for Five of the Trips"

July 18, 2016

OBAMA INVITED Inciters of Cop-Killers to the White House
HEAD OF POLICE UNION: Obama Has "Blood on His Hands" After Baton Rouge Cop Killings . . . For Affirming the "False Narrative and "Nonsense" Black Lives Matter and Media "Are Pressing Out to the Public" -- "Validated" by Obama's "Very Divisive Statements" . . . "Police Have Targets on Their Backs . . . Murdered Officers: Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald, Brad Garafalo . . . Black Pastors Leader: Obama Has "Fostered a Lawless Society"

STOPPING ISLAMIC TERROR: An Armed Citizenry Can Frustrate and Deter Vehicle Attacks
PENCE TO 60 MINUTES: Our Styles Different, Our Vision Exactly the Same
FEDERAL JUDGE Halts Alabama Law Banning Brutal Dismemberment Abortions . . . "Procedure Involves Tearing the Unborn Child Apart in the Womb"
TWINS BORN Holding Hands Share Remarkable Bond

July 15, 2016

BASTILLE DAY TERROR STRIKES NICE: At Least 80 Dead, Dozens Injured as Truck Crashes Into Celebrating Crowd . . . "Bodies Flying Like Bowling Pins" . . . "ID of French-Tunisian in Truck" . . . "Allahu Akbar" Before Driver "Shot Dead by Police": Reports
. . . Islamic State Supporters on Social Media Praise Allah, "God Is Great" . . . Jihadi Magazine: Calls for Terror Trucks in 2010
. . . Obama: Condemns "What Appears to Be a Terrorist Attack" . . . Trump: "U.S. Weakly Led," I Would Impose "Extreme Vetting" After Terror Attacks

MARK LEVIN: "I'm a Huge Mike Pence Fan" . . . Trump VP? "If It Is Pence, That's the Best Choice of the Bunch"