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March 29, 2019

PRESIDENT TRUMP THREATENS TO CLOSE BORDER if Mexico Doesn't Halt Heavy Flow of Illegal Immigrants . . . Obama DHS Secretary Johnson: "We Are Truly in a Crisis" at Border . . . Muslim Parents Protest LGBT Curricula at Elementary School . . . "Program Uses 35 Picture Books to instruct children that homosexual behavior and same-sex couples are normal" . . . "This Is Not Teaching Them British Values, this is promoting homosexuality"
DEMOCRAT-LENINIST REVOLUTION IS HERE: "Give Me Just One Generation of Youth, and I'll Transform the Whole World" . . . When Justice Is Corrupted at the Top, a Society Becomes Corrupted Downstream . . . Exposing the Left's Divide-and-Conquer Strategy
NO COLLUSION -- TRUMP TAKES Victory Lap in Michigan . . . "There Has to Be Accountability for Lies" . . . Obama Officials Tried to Entrap Trump: Sen. Rand Paul Charges . . . Comey, Brennan, Clapper "Sent Spies" After "Dossier" Failed
ANTI-SEMITE RASHIDA TLAIB SAYS BARACK OBAMA Told Her He's Proud of Her . . . Obama "Looked Straight at Me and Said, 'I'm Proud of You'" . . . Eric Holder: America Never Great
KIM FOXX FACES UP TO 20 YEARS IN JAIL if Convicted of Corruption: Former Deputy Asst. Attorney General Says to Laura Ingraham . . . Bribing Miss Kim? "Suppose she got a bribe or suppose she was promised a fundraiser . . . to drop this case" . . . Rachel Maddow's Deep Dive: MSNBC Star Sees Ratings Plummet in Wake of Mueller Report Finding No Collusion
OBAMACARE ABORTION MANDATE LOSES IN COURT: Can't Force James Dobson to Fund Abortions . . . Alliance Defending Freedom: "Religious organizations have the freedom to peacefully operate according to their beliefs without the threat of punishment by the government" . . . "If the Government Can Fine Religious Ministries out of existence . . . there's no limit to what other freedoms it can take away"

March 28, 2019

DONALD TRUMP VINDICATED: "Never Interfered" With Mueller
. . . No Obstruction -- Starr
. . . Criminal Referrals Coming Against FBI, DOJ in Russia Probe: Nunes . . . Obama AG Eric Holder: "Exactly When Did You Think America Was Great?"
JUSSIE SMOLLETT LAWYER SAYS NIGERIAN BROTHERS May Have Worn "Whiteface" During Attack . . . Chicago Sends Bill to Smollett Demanding Payment for Alleged Hate Crime Hoax Investigation . . . Smollett Nominated for NAACP Award
SOROS-FUNDED KIM FOXX NOW PANICKING AND CHANGING HER STORY: Facing FBI and DOJ Investigation Into Smollett Case . . . Cook County Kim: "Incompetent Public Official" . . . "Dummy" Prosecutor Foxx: "Has Outraged the Public With Obvious Corruption of Justice"
TIME TO INVESTIGATE WPOST'S Qatari Collusion? . . . Washington Post Propagandizing for Foreign Regimes and Terrorist Organizations?
INTEL COMMITTEE REPUBLICANS TELL SCHIFF TO RESIGN: "Your Willingness . . . to Promote a Demonstrably False Narrative Is Alarming" . . . "Fireworks Began"  . . . "No Faith in Your Ability to Discharge Your Duties in a Manner Consistent With Your Constitutional Responsibility"
"THERE HASN'T BEEN MUCH NEWS": Brian Stelter on MSNBC, CNN's Plummeting Ratings . . . "How Anybody Isn't Rising in Ratings in This Particular Week When It's Just Been Nuts" -- Joe Concha. The Hill . . . "Your Viewers Don't Trust You Anymore"

March 27, 2019

DONALD TRUMP: "Russia Has to Get Out" of Venezuela . . . "It Is a Matter of Life and Death, and We Want Life" -- Fabiana Rosales, Wife of Juan Guaido . . . Migrants Hijack Merchant Ship That Rescues Them . . . U.S. Immigration System Hit "Breaking Point" This Week
PENNSYLVANIA LAWMAKER: Prayer in Name of Jesus Is "Islamophobic" . . . Time for all Christians to Convert to Islam: Anything Else Would "Offend" . . . In Sweden, a Glimpse of America's Future . . . Kowtowing to Islam Inch by Inch
NANCY PELOSI: We Have "Moral Obligation" to "Future Generations" on Climate Change . . . But No Such Obligation Against Now Killing Them in the Womb . . . "Starkly Showing Up Her Own Hypocrisy"
ADAM SCHIFF STILL BELIEVES: "Undoubtedly There Is Collusion" . . . "Despite a Lack of Evidence" After Mueller's "675-Day Investigation" . . . Trump's New Nickname for Schiff Is "Pencil Neck"
CHICAGO POLICE POST SMOLLETT FILES ONLINE After Prosecutor Scuttles Hoax Case . . . Hate Crime Hoax: Read Chicago PD's Jussie Smollett Case . . . Brutal Assault of 85-Year-Old Captured on Video at Planned Parenthood
ANTI-TRUMP RAPPER CARDI B Admits Drugging and Robbing Men She Lured to Hotel With Promise of Sex . . . "I Drugged N-----s Up, and I Robbed Them" . . . Condemns Trump Voters: Demonizes Supporters as "Racists"

March 26, 2019

TRUMP SIGNS GOLAN HEIGHTS PROCLAMATION: "Golan Heights Are Part of the State of Israel" . . . Netanyahu: "Historic Justice" . . . Pope: "Family Based on Marriage Between One Man and One Woman" . . . Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Rosie O'Donnell's Crush on The View: "You Don't Get a Pass Because You're a Lesbian"
FALLOUT FROM MUELLER REPORT: Mueller "Dream Team" Confirms "What at Least Half of Americans Already Knew From Common Sense and Public Information" . . . Dire Urgency for Investigation Into the Investigation . . . A Media Reckoning That May Be Very, Very Costly
TRUMP 2020 -- MAJORITY OF VOTERS OPEN to Second Trump Term: HarrisX Poll . . . Jeff Zucker: No Regrets on CNN's Russia Hoax Coverage . . . "We Are Not Investigators" . . . Carlson: Zucker "Knows He's an Impostor," Not a News Man
SCIENTISTS SURPRISED THAT FORMERLY SHRINKING GLACIER Is Growing Again . . . "Last Two Years": "Glacier growing at about the same rate it was shrinking" . . . "True Ignorance": "Every day it seems we get further proof of our true ignorance of the science of climate"
SHOCK -- CHARGES AGINST JUSSIE SMOLLETT DROPPED by Controversial Chicago Prosecutor . . . State's Atty Kim Foxx: "Initially Recused Herself" . . . Former Michelle Obama Aide, Smollett Relative Reached Out to Kim Foxx . . . Chicago Police Supt "Furious," Caught Unaware
ROMAN OFFICIAL PONTIUS PILATE -- "Who Presided Over the Trial of Jesus" -- Named Among 100 Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions at Amethyst Mining Site . . . Amazing Viking Longship Discovery . . . Radar Reveals Mysterious Ship Grave

March 25, 2019

NEW BLACKOUT HITS SWATHS OF VENEZUELA Including Caracas . . . Guaidó Safety Under Threat as Dictator Maduro Pledges to Arrest Opposition "Terrorists" . . . Brazil's President: We Stand With U.S. for Normative Family, Respect for God, and Against Fake News . . . Bolivian Doctor: Loses His Position for Refusing to Commit Abortion
THESE PEOPLE STARTED PHONY RUSSIA PROBE -- and Must Answer for It . . . "At Least Five in the Obama Administration Who Helped Push the Bogus Narratives of Collusion and Obstruction . . . "Plenty of Questions to Answer": Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Rosenstein
ROLLING GENOCIDE OF AMERICA'S BLACKS: "Systematic Extermination of an Entire People Through the Destruction of Their Own Children" . . . "Since 1973, More Than 18 Million Black Children of the 60.9 Million Abortions (31%) Have Been Deliberately Killed" . . . . "We Do Not Want the Word to Go Out That We Want to Exterminate the Negro Population" -- Margaret Sanger
SPECIAL COUNSEL MUELLER FINDS NO COLLUSION: 2 Years, 19 Lawyers, 2,800 Subpoenas, 500 Search Warrants Turn Up No Coordination With Russia in 2016 Election . . . Trump Happy But Angry . . . Media React: Scold Trump After Mueller Exoneration . . . Dems React: Turn on "Partisan" William Barr Who Was "Handpicked" by Trump
COMPANY CO-FOUNDED BY NANCY PELOSI'S SON Charged With Securities Fraud . . . Video of Beto O'Rourke Berating Catholic Priest for Defending Male/Female Marriage . . . Beto "Hostile": Wanted to Know "How You Can Stand Here With a Straight Face"
HOLLYWOOD STARS IN FULL MELTDOWN MODE After Robert Mueller Clears Trump of Russia Collusion . . . Bette Middler: "TWO MORE YEARS OF CHAOS, RACE BAITING, GRIFTERS, CON ARTISTS, SHAME/FEAR. SAD" . . . "His Sexual Needs": Barbra Streisand "Profoundly Sorry" for Comments Seeming to Excuse Alleged Serial Child Molester Michael Jackson