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August 25, 2016

PARIS SCHOOLS NO PLACE FOR JEWS: In the City of Lights, Jewish Students Find Public Schools No-Go Zones of Anti-Semitic Hatred . . . Islamic Extremism: "Increase in anti-Semitic incidents overall . . . majority of violent [attacks] committed by people with a Muslim background"
U.S. FLINCHES AS 4 IRANIAN SPEED BOATS "Harass" American Warship . . . "High-Speed Intercept": Of USS Nitze, Guided-Missile Destroyer . . . Navy Blinks: "Nitze was ultimately forced to change its course"
TRUMP JUST OFFICIALLY ADOPTED the Jeb Bush/Gang of 8 Position on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens . . . Bush: "They should come out from the shadows, they should pay a fine, they should pay taxes, they should work" . . . Trump: "They'll pay back-taxes . . . no amnesty, but we'll work with them"; "really great, great people come up to me" and say that to "throw them and their family out, it's so tough, Mr. Trump"
AMERICA EITHER ONE NATION OR A FAILED NATION: Diversity Without Unity Is History's Pathway to Chaos
JIMMY KIMMEL WITH CLINTON AS GUEST Receives Low Ratings, Beaten by "Teen Mom"
WORLD'S LARGEST AIRCRAFT Damaged on 2nd Test Flight

August 24, 2016

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN KABUL ASSAILED: At Least 7 Killed, 30 Wounded . . . AP Photographer Tweet: "Help we are stuck inside AUAF and shooting flollowed by Explo this maybe my last tweets" . . . Student: "We are stuck inside my class with other students. I heard explosions and gunfire is going on close by"
SHOW HER THE MONEY: Wanna Buy 1st Woman U.S. President? New Emails Reveal the "Going Rate for Hillary" . . . "Not a Cheap Date": "$25,000 to $50,000" for That Return Phone Call . . . Escort Huma Abedin: Clinton's "Body Woman" Guided "Influential donors, most of them oil-rich Muslims, through the maze of the Clinton Foundation"
LATEST GOV'T SCHOOL ASSAULT ON AMERICA: Kids' Reciting "I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America" No Longer Required, Can Be Waived . . . Part of a Destructive Agenda: "Another stop in the progressive political movement to destroy the education system" . . . Whose "Brilliant" Idea? The Stupid Party -- Republicans . . . More Attacks on the Way: "What's next, removing the flags? This is only the beginning" . . . The Choice: "If We Don't Make a Stand Now"

TRUMP: We're Going to Follow Immigration Law, But "There Certainly Can Be a Softening" . . . The Wall: "It's going to be built" . . . "Boom, Out": On Halting Illegal Immigration From Islamic Sharia Law Countries
"THIS EVIL ATTACK": Clock Ticking on "Oppressive" California Bill Forcing LGBT Dogma on Christian Colleges . . . To the Ramparts: "We urge all Californians to continue calling their legislators to reject SB 1146!" . . . Homosexualist Aggression: Anti-1st Amendment Imposition Pushed by Homosexual State Sen. Ricardo Lara, Democrat

DUKE, A DOG, Wins 3rd Term as Mayor . . . "He's Done Great Things for the Community" . . . Defeated Owner of Local Store in 2014

August 23, 2016

THE EXECUTIONERS: A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event . . . Us and Them: "Obama began the process of transforming America. Hillary will finish it -- and us too"
TRUMP CALLS FOR "SPECIAL PROSECUTOR," "Expedited Investigation" Into Clinton Foundation "Pay to Play Operation . . . Accepted as Much as $60 million" . . . Pay: "Pay the Clinton Foundation huge sums of money and throw in some big speaking fees for Bill Clinton" . . . To Play: "And you got to play with the State Department" . . . "Favorable" Outcome: "Either Hillary Clinton or one of her closest aides took action favorable to the donor" . . . Corrupt, Disgraceful: "Her actions corrupted and disgraced . . . one of only four [departments of gov't] established by the United States Constitution"
MEMO TO TRANSFANATICS: "No Scientific Evidence That People With Gender Dysphoria Are 'Born in the Wrong Body'" . . . FRC's Peter Sprigg: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know . . . Pediatrician's Press Release: "Criminal" Efforts to Normalize Gender Disphoria . . . "Dangerous and Unethical" . . . Get the Full Study: Challenges "Unscientific Gender Ideology," Exposes Lack of "Evidence Base," Reveals How Transgen Protocol Contradicts "Long-Standing Ethical Principle of 'First Do No Harm'"
TRANSGENDER EMPLOYEE CAN BE FIRED for Violating Dress Code at Funeral Home -- U.S. District Judge . . . Fed's "Discrimination" Attack Down in Flames: "Neither transgender status nor gender identity are protected classes under Title VII" . . . Owner Embraces God's Law, Not Man's Theory: Affirms Sex as "immutable God-given gift," Not a "changeable social construct" . . . Alliance Defending Freedom: "Big victory for religious freedom"
AL GORE AND CLIMATE ACTIVISTS Jump on Louisiana Floods to Push Their Agenda . . . NYTimes: "Flooding in the South looks a lot like climate change" . . . Green Party: "Further evidence of the global crisis" . . . "Calls for the Rapid Elimination of the Fossil Fuel Economy" . . . "The Problem": "The science is not there" . . . Studies: "Two recently released studies showing that 'attributing heavy precipitation events in the United States to human-caused climate change is a fool's errand'"
ROBBER TARGETS 91-Year-Old Man, Gets Shot in Neck . . . "At That Point the Victim Opened Fire" -- Detroit News

August 22, 2016

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ENTERING U.S. From the South, Infiltrating Across Border With Mexico, Southern Command Warns . . . Smuggling Network: "With the help of alien smugglers in South America . . . crossing U.S. borders with ease" . . . Terror Threat Is Real: "Threat of Islamist terror infiltration is no longer theoretical"
BIG MONEY, BIG RIOTS, BIG TERROR: Bring Extremist Funders of Black Lives Matter Violence to Justice . . . From Ford Foundation to Billionaire Soros: "Financing race riots is not charity. It's domestic terrorism" . . . Black Racism & Islamic Terror: "Powerful men and women funneling money into the racist network of Black Nationalist groups should be treated just like Al Qaeda funders" . . . Web of Deceit Rivals Mob or Cartel: Radicalized Left Pretends "it is above money or against money, but its networks rival those of any drug cartel or mob outfit and are often constructed to thwart any investigation of its finances . . . "Dirty Cash": "Grim farce of left-wing billionaires funding race riots in poor neighborhoods is as ugly as it is unacceptable"
COLIN POWELL THROWS HILLARY CLINTON Under the Bus Over Email Scandal . . . "Her people have been trying to pin it on me"
GIULIANI: Clinton Foundation Warrants Indictment as "Racketeering Enterprise"
WE WILL BURY TRUMP: Anti-Trump Media Frenzy Shows U.S. Journalism Collapsing Before Our Eyes . . . "Shameful Display of Naked Partisanship"
UNIVERSITY OF IOWA SCRAPS PLANS for Politically Correct "Bias Response Team" . . . Can of Worms: "'Scolding bodies' can create as many problems as they are intended to solve" . . . Scolding, Punitive: "Criticized for policing language and violating academic freedom" . . . U IOWA a Top Abuser: "Berkeley of Midwest" Called Out as "one of the top 10 'worst abusers of student and faculty free speech rights'"

August 19, 2016

OBAMA ADMIN ADMITS $400 Million to Iran Was Contingent on Release of Prisoners . . . But: Not "Ransom" . . . Sasse: "If it quacks like a duck" . . . Terror $$$: "It's time for the Obama White House to drop the charade and admit it paid a ransom to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism"
SOROS TAIL WAGS MEDIA DOG: The Bizarre Media Blackout of Hacked George Soros Documents . . . Secret Activities: Machinations of Extremist Billionaire Exposed by DC Leaks . . . Mediaganda: "Couldn't find a single story on the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News or other major news sites"
SHOCK POLL: Trump's Black Support Grows Nearly 6X in Week . . . Trump: "We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes" . . . Milwaukee Riots: "The main victims of these riots are law-abiding African-American citizens living in these neighborhoods" . . . LATimes/USC Dornslife Poll: "Sharp uptick in African-American support for Republican nominee Donald J. Trump"
ONE WAR, TWO FRONTS: Defeating Islamic Terrorism Overseas and Civilization Jihad at Home . . . The War Abroad: Secularized "Christian" West Guided by Political Correctness vs. Radical Islamists Bent on Subjugating the Europe, Israel, and the U.S. . . . The War at Home: "Islamists have learned from the Marxist-Leninist playbook that emphasized rear-guard actions within the target country" . . . Enemies Within: "Initiatives from overt Islamist groups and from Islamist sympathizers in privileged positions in the U.S. -- in the universities, the media and government -- have proven very successful" . . . What Is Needed: "Leader with an unusual combination of both courage to face the facts and an unwavering patriotic conviction to decisively and effectively defeat the clear and present danger on two fronts -- both overseas and within"
FLOODED LOUISIANA Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Call for Help . . . "They're Flooded, Help!" Centers, Staff, and Clients Impacted by Natural Disaster
FLORIDA MAN ARRESTED for Shooting Alligator That Threatened His Horses, Attacked His Stepson . . . Gator Grabbed Stepson's Leg

August 18, 2016

LONDON'S MUSLIM MAYOR Introduces the Thought Police . . . Partners in Thought Crime: Demonstrates How Western Totalitarians Serve the Islamic Supremacist Agenda . . . So-Called "Islamophobia": "The thought crime of the totalitarian future"
. . . Spokesman: "The Metropolitan police service is committed to working with our partners, including the mayor, to tackle all types of hate crime including offences committed online"
DEMOCRAT AND CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERT: Trump's "Extreme Vetting" of Muslims Is Legal and Constitutional . . . Turley: "A president's authority at the borders is really at its apex"
SECULARIST SYNDROME: Air Force Officer Faces Investigation Over Bible on His Desk . . . Unnamed Scaredy-Cat Airman: "I am intimidated by this display, and I am a practicing Christian" . . . Scaredy-Cat "Christian" Airman Judges, Condemns: "This open Bible is discrimination at the highest level”
FEMINIST WEBSITE: A Rapist Bill Clinton Not Necessarily "Evil" . . . Wonkette: "Bill Clinton could very well have raped Juanita Broaddrick"
. . . but "that doesn't make him an evil man"

TARGET DOWN: Cut Its Profits Forecast, as Customers Staying Away . . . Men in Women's Bathrooms: CEO Claims Policy Allowing "Transgen" Males in Women's Bathrooms Hasn't Had "Material" Impact