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February 27, 2015

MIDDLE EAST EXPERTS: It Is a Religious War . . . Open Doors USA: "They are attacking Christians. Their goal is to eliminate Christianity"
OBAMA: Border Patrol Officers Who Do Their Job Will Face Consequences
TED CRUZ Takes Whole 2016 GOP Field to Task at CPAC: "When have you bled?" . . . Voters Should Demand Proof: "You say you believe in the principles, but show me"
RICHARD WEIKART: The Inhumanity of Physician-Assisted Suicide
SOUTHERN BAPTIST AFFILIATE May Expel Church for Performing Homosex "Wedding"
AR-15 UNDER FIRE: Obama Pushes Bullet Ban, Threatens Top-Selling Rifle . . . 2nd Amend: Gun Control by Executive Order

February 26, 2015

AUSTRIA PASSES "Law on Islam" Banning Foreign Money for Muslim Groups
OBAMA TELLS PROSECUTORS They Have No Discretion on Immigration
POLL: Only 47 Percent Say Obama Loves America
HOYER: During Homeland Security "Shut Down," 200,000 of 230,000 DHS Workers Would Still Work
MITCH MCCONNELL CAVES: Senate GOP Calls Retreat on Amnesty . . . What's Not to Like? "The president’s flagrantly unconstitutional executive order on amnesty"
U.S. CITY Spies on Christians, Says Churches Must Have "Business License"

February 25, 2015

KURDISH, CHRISTIAN FORCES Battle Islamic State as Fate of 150 Christian Hostages Unclear
8 RULES FOR RINOS: How Ruling Class Liberals Dressed Like Republicans Win and Abuse Power in Washington, D.C.
NET BRUTALITY: Obama Power Grab Triggers 1st Amendment Nightmare, Says Napolitano . . . "People don’t know the danger that is coming"
CAMPUS WORSHIP at Shrine of Multiculturalism a Cancer on Western Society
STUDY: Hispanic Foreigners May Take 75% of New American Jobs Starting in 2020
SAN FRAN ARCHBISHOP Sends Frank Reply to Politicians Attacking Him Over Catholic Identity in Catholic Schools

February 24, 2015

ISLAMIC STATE Kidnaps More Than 70 Christians in Syria . . . Women, Children Among "Crusaders" Grabbed by ISIS
BLACK 12-YEAR-OLD Goes Nuclear on Obama
GALLUP RECORDS Significant Drop in Democrats’ Sympathy for Israel
REAGAN, LIKE RUDY, Tied Democrats to Communists: Liberals Explode as Giuliani Touches a Red Nerve
FLOWER POWER: Christian Florist Rejects Attorney General’s Offer, Won’t Betray Commitment to Christ
STATE REP Who Compared Planned Parenthood With ISIS Moves to Bar Dismemberment Abortions . . . Stop the Beheading: "Planned Parenthood is worse than ISIS"

February 23, 2015

AUSTRALIAN PM Plans Tough New Citizenship Laws to Fight Terrorism
ISLAMIST GROUP Calls for Attacks on Shopping Malls in U.S., Canada, England
REPORT: Obama Gave Out Millions of Work Permits to Illegal Immigrants . . . CIS: "Outside the bounds of the laws and limits written by Congress"
GOP ESTABLISHMENT Blasted for Trying to Coronate Jeb Bush
MEDIA HOAX: 20 Muslims Holding Hands Becomes 1,000-Strong "Ring of Peace" at Oslo Synagogue
BILL NYE on Europe's Jews: If Only They Were More Neighborly