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October 2, 2015

OBAMA: Never Let a Good Mass Shooting Go to Waste . . . Extremist President Open Fires on 2nd Amendment
OREGON GUNMAN Targeted Christians, Says Father of Wounded Student . . . "Are You a Christian?" . . . "Because You're a Christian, You're Going to See God in Just About One Second"

AT COLORADO COLLEGE, Ban on Words God, Jesus, and Lord
UNIVERSITY SUED for Campus Gun Ban . . . Prof: "Law-abiders more vulnerable to attack by law-breakers"
CLIMATE CHANGE SHOCK: Scientists Discover Earth's Natural Global Coolant . . . Dr. Peiser: Climate Models Do Not Mirror Reality . . . "Should Never Have Been Trusted in the First Place"

KASICH ADMIN Makes Secret Deal With Planned Parenthood to Let It Keep Doing Abortions

October 1, 2015

AP: Russia-Linked Hackers Targeted Hillary's Server, Emails . . . Click Bait: Did She or Didn't She? . . . Hackers: "Had Clinton's email address, which was not public"

BEN CARSON Shatters Records With $20M Raised for Campaign . . . The Wave: "Anti-Establishment Sentiment" . . . 353,000 Donors: "The people have gotten involved"

BOEHNER JOINS PELOSI and House Democrats to Pass Obama-Friendly Planned Parenthood Bill That Funds All of Federal Gov't . . . McCarthy: Yes, Voted With Pelosi . . . Huelskamp: GOP Leadership "once again caved"
RAND PAUL FALLING DOWN: "Pandering" to the System and Attacking Ted Cruz . . . 6 Problem Areas: Who Is Rand and What Does He Stand For?

HAVE MARCO AND RAND Switched Sides? Tea Party Stars of 2010 Now Siding With Establishment
ARTIST MURDERED in Oakland While Painting Non-Violence Mural

September 30, 2015

RUSSIA BEGINS AIR STRIKES Against Syrian Opposition, Wants U.S. Warplanes Kept Out of Airspace
PUTIN DEFENDS Russia’s Ban on Youth-Focused Homosex Propaganda . . . "We Should Leave Kids in Peace"
BEN CARSON Exposes Islamic Taqiyya -- And Gets Attacked for It
WAR ON WOMEN: Planned Parenthood Killed About 438 Unborn Baby Girls Per Day
ALL-TIME LOW: Only 7% of Americans Say They Have Great Deal of Trust in News Media
IMMIGRANT MUSLIM FATHER Strangled Daughter After She Stole Condoms

September 29, 2015

IRAN PRESIDENT: U.S. Invasions, Support for "Zionist Regime" Provide Terrorists With Excuses for Their Crimes
DEAR MR. SPEAKER, Who Is Really a "False Prophet"?
TED CRUZ: "Republican Leadership Leads the Onslaught Attacking Conservatives"
NASCAR'S Richard Petty Backs Ben Carson . . . "He's Very Humane. That's One of His Strong Points"
BILL NYE'S Unscientific Tirade on Abortion
BRAZILIAN REFEREE Pulls Out Gun at Soccer Match

September 28, 2015

CATALONIA: Pro-Independence Parties Win Elections . . . Setting Up "Showdown" With "Central Government in Madrid"

NBC/WSJ POLL: Ben Carson, Donald Trump in Virtual Tie for First Place . . . Fox News Poll: Carson Favorability Up, Hillary Down . . . Jeb Bush: "Lowest score among Republicans"

OBAMA FREES Terrorist Abdul Shalabi, Trained to Be 20th 9/11 Hijacker . . . "Which Bloodthirsty Jihadist Is Next to Be Released by the Soft-on-Islamism President of the United States?"
TOP 10 TIMES Boehner Massively Caved
BOEHNER INDICATES He'll Rely on Democrats to Fund Planned Parenthood . . . Investigate: "Horrific videos" . . . Meanwhile, Fund PP Horror: "Keep the government open"

STEVEN SPIELBERG ENLISTED to Make Hillary Clinton More "Likeable" . . . Book: "Pretend that I actually like the audience"

September 25, 2015

ISIS PLANS "Nuclear Tsunami," Embedded German Reporter Reveals . . . Muslim Terror Group Plotting "Largest Religious Cleansing in History" . . . Use Nukes to Kill "Several Hundred Million People" . . . "The West Drastically Underestimating the Power of ISIS"