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May 29, 2015

DRY CREEKS, PUDDLES, Potholes Under Federal Control
THE BLACK LIVES That Don't Matter
HILLARY TIPPED Murdered Ambassador's Movements in Emails . . . "Will Be Meeting With MFA in One Hour"
PHOENIX BIKERS Sponsor "Draw Muhammad" Contest on Friday . . . Outside Mosque at Islamic Community Center of Phoenix . . . Mosque Where Garland Terrorists Allegedly Attended
NORTH CAROLINA GOV. Vetoes Bill on Religious Objection to Homosex "Marriage"
STUDY PREDICTS Decades of Global Cooling Ahead . . . Scientists at University of South Hampton, UK

May 28, 2015

NATO CHIEF: Russian Nuclear Threats "Destabilizing and Dangerous"
RUBIO: "Next Step" in Homosex Agenda Is to Define "Mainstream Christianity" as "Hate Speech"
MARINE COURT-MARTIALED for Refusing to Remove Bible Verse . . . "Criminally Prosecuted": Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling . . . For These Words: "No weapon formed against me shall prosper"
MY STORY: Polyamory Isn't Good for Children
PRO-LIFE CENTER Plans to Open 10 Feet From Abortion Clinic
KILLER ROBOTS Will Leave Human Beings "Utterly Defenseless," Warns Professor

May 27, 2015

SWISS AUTHORITIES Investigating World Cup Votes Following Arrests of 7 FIFA Officials in U.S. Corruption Case
HILLARY the Arms Dealer
SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT SENATOR Calls for "Political Revolution" . . . Sanders 2016: "Transform our country economically, politically, socially, and environmentally"
AN OBAMA Crime Wave Spreads Across America . . . "Anti-Police Policies and Race-Baiting Rhetoric"
REPORT: Air Force Chooses Missile to Carry Computer-Killing Weapon
3 AMBUSHERS DRAG POLICE OFFICER Into Woods to Kill Him, But Then K-9 Attacks . . . Men "Going to Slit" Officer's Throat . . . K-9 "Lucas" Bites at Least 1 Attacker

May 26, 2015

BEIJING PAPER: U.S.-China War "Inevitable" Unless Washington Drops Demands Over South China Sea
OBAMA'S IRAQ WAR: How Obama Turned Iraq Into an Al Qaeda Haven
CHARLIE DANIELS: "Lock and Load America, Trouble Is on the Way" . . . Radical Muslims in America "willing to die . . . taking as many Americans with them as they can" . . . Obama "refuses to acknowledge the enemy"
RED CARD: The Disgraceful Drive to Kick Israel Out of FIFA . . . Angry: Palestine Football Association
PRO-LIFERS EXILED to "Religious Ghetto" at County Fair
FLORIDA CROWD Assaults Police Officer Trying to Make Arrest

May 25, 2015

IRANIAN GENERAL Says U.S. Did "Nothing" to Save Ramadi
MEMORIAL DAY for Warriors on the Home Front
61% OF LIKELY VOTERS Do Not Trust the Political News They're Getting
MUSLIM GANG-RAPING: Men Doing This "Have No Remorse . . . Would Tell Me That What They Were Doing Was OK in Their Culture"
BOSTON UNIVERSITY PROF at Center of Racist Tweet Flap Was Charged With Felony ID Theft in 2008
BRAZIL SOCCER STAR: First Marriage, Then Sex . . . "I Have Chosen to Wait" . . . Instagram Baptism Photo

May 22, 2015

BIN LADEN PAPERS: "Homosexual Marriages and Infant Butchery" Are Reasons to Kill "Drunkard," "Selfish" Americans
IN ISIS FIGHT, Team Obama Puts Spinning Ahead of Winning
TEST EVERYTHING: What the Faked Homosex "Marriage" Study Says About Academia and the Media . . . Want Real Critical Thinking? "The humane position, and the biblical position, is that individuals are under no obligation to affirm as true something they have not adequately examined"
MASS MURDERING ABORTIONIST Considers Himself a "Martyr": Gosnell Filmmakers . . . House of Inhumanity: Severed Spines, the Poor Drugged Dead, Human Remains "stuffed into every available crevice"