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April 29, 2016

TARGET BOYCOTT SOARS Above 1 Million Signers, Stock Sinks by $1.5 Billion . . . Good-Bye Money, Customers: "That's a Million Families Who Are Going to Spread the Word About Target, So They May Not Get Those Customers Back" . . . So Long, "Family Friendly" Target: LGBT Extremism Noted as Hurting Target Brand
CRUZ SUPPORTER Rips Pro-Trump Commentator: "Do You Have Any Integrity at All?" . . . Kayleigh McEnany: Cruz Tried to "Take the People's Will Out of the Equation" in Colorado . . . "Throw Out the Popular Vote" . . . Steve Deace: "You Darn Well Know 65,000 People Voted in Colorado at this Thing Called a Caucus, Called an Election . . .  There Has Been No Voterless Election . . . Stop Lying" . . . CNN's Brooke Baldwin: "No One Comes My Show and Calls Anyone a Liar . . . The Deal in Colorad Is, Yes, You Are Correct. People Vote" . . . Deace: "Then If I'm Correct, She Lies, Brooke" . . . YouTube: See the CNN Video

THE TRANSGENDER THREAT to Boys and Men . . . False Accusers: Untrue Allegations of "Rape, Assault, and Harassment" . . . Attack on Privacy: "Trampling Freedom of Association"
RUSH: Boehner's "Lucifer" Remark the "Best Endorsement" for Cruz
CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Rioters Storm the Streets to Protest Trump
ALABAMA CHIEF JUSTICE Fights Back Against Campaign to Oust Him for Upholding Marriage . . . Moore: "Nothing in the United States Constitution Grants the Federal Government the Authority to Redefine the Institution of Marriage" . . . Liberty Counsel: Attacka Lack Any Ethical Basis, Are "Politically Motivated"

April 28, 2016

NEARLY 1 MILLION Boycott Target Over Transgender Bathrooms . . . UNC-Asheville Predator Scandal: Reporters Go Undercover as Sexual Predators . . . Target Enabling Attacks on Women: "With Target Publicly Boasting That Men Can Enter Women's Bathrooms, Where Do You Think Predators Are Going to Go?"
CHINA AND RUSSIA'S Hypersonic Rise to Nuclear Superiority Over America . . . Meanwhile, Obama: "Imagine There Are No Nukies" . . . Moscow, Beijing: Developing Technologies to Deliver Nuclear Warheads Before Our Missile Defense Can Stop Them . . . Real-World Impact: "Day Is Coming When America Can Be Blackmailed With the Bomb"
CRUZ REVEALS CARLY FIORINA as His Vice-Presidential Running Mate . . . Rules of Freedom: "Ted Cruz Is a Constitutional Conservative" -- Fiorina
. . . "Honestly," Greta: Announcement a "Waste of Time" -- Trump
CURT SCHILLING: "Some of the Biggest Racists in Sports Commentating" Work at ESPN
KILLING AMERICA: Rutgers Goes Sharia-Compliant . . . Student Newspaper Destroys Every Copy of Latest Edition Featuring Cartoon of Muhammad
DUTCH GOVERNMENT Funds Study to Consider Child Euthanasia . . . "Mercy Killing" for Kids 1-12 Years Old Sought by Doctors Group . . . "Already Legal" to Kill Newborns Up to 1-Year-Olds

April 27, 2016

OBAMA: We're Living in "Most Peaceful" Era in Human History . . . Islamic Terror: More Than 28,230 Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11 . . . 57,762,169 Killed: By Abortion in U.S. Since 1973

BIOLOGY MAKES A WOMAN, Not Clothing or Bathrooms . . . Liberal Extremists: Use "Science," "Biology" in Effort to Disprove Existence of God . . . Reject Science: But Reject Biology When Facts of Life Interfere With "Transgender" Feelings . . . "Leftist Haters": "Inclusives" Attack Woman Defending Women . . . Still a Man, Still a Woman: No Matter How Much Money Paid to Doctor to Mutilate Your Body

AN ECONOMY IN CHAINS: The Shockingly High Price of Federal Regulations
TRUMP DECLARES HIMSELF "Presumptive Nominee" After Northeast Sweep . . . Cruz: Race Not Over . . . New Day: "This Campaign Moves to More Favorable Terrain"

MORE THAN 750,000 PLEDGE to Boycott Target for Giving Men Access to Women's Bathrooms . . . Unsafe Spaces: Concern About "Wives and Daughters Being Harmed by Predators or Voyeurs" . . . Man Strips: In Front of Girls in Locker Room, Says Transgender Law Allows It
STUNNING VIDEO: Bright Flash of Light When Life Begins . . . "First Time It Has Also Been Shown to Happen in Humans"

April 26, 2016

CLAPPER: Islamic State, Al-Qaida Could Strike U.S. Before Election . . . "Could Certainly Influence How People Vote" . . . "Particularly If They Do Something in This Country"
TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS' HATE Falls on Texas Photographer . . . "Made a Poster Against Men Being in Women's Bathrooms" . . . She Has Been Threatened, Her Business Attacked . . . See the Poster, Has Gone Viral . . . Joyce Moore Photography

TRUMP: $25,000 Donation to Terry "Let Criminals Vote" McAuliffe of Virginia . . . Gov. McAuliffe: Liberal Democrat Fulfills Mission of Delivering Battleground State Virginia for Hillary Clinton . . . Massive: Voter Drive for Convicted Felons in Virginia
. . . Trump and McAuliffe: "As Late as September 2014, Trump Was Still Rubbing Shoulders With the Man"

KRAUTHAMMER KRAZY: Slams Americans Who Favor "Sanity of the Two Sexes Using Their Own Bathrooms and Locker Rooms" . . . "Fraud of Transgenderism Demands We Don't Believe Our Eyes" . . . "Moral Chaos Keeps the Masses Distracted and More Easily Controlled"
SATANISTS MOCK BABIES in Face-Off Against Pro-Life Prayer Warriors . . . Action "Intended to Expose Fetal Idolatry" -- Satanic Temple . . . "Personalization of Mindless, Senseless Human Embryos Elevates the Fetus to the Status of a Demigod" -- Satanic Temple . . . Watch: Youtube
MELISSA CLICK: I Was Fired Because I'm White . . . "Racial Politics," Says Former UMissouri Prof . . . Viral Video Shows Click Trying to Seize Camera, Calling for "Some Muscle" During Protest

April 25, 2016

"ADOLF HITLER! ALLAHU AKBAR!": Muslim Migrants Chanting in Germany -- Video . . . Obama: Hails Merkel's "Courage" on Migrants . . . Merkel Approval Rating: "At the Lowest" -- Bloomberg . . . Muslim Brotherhood: Founder Admired Adolf Hitler, Desired "Collaboration" With Nazi Party

TRUMP THE WOLF Removes the Sheepskin . . . Look: "He's Really One of Them, and He's Not Even Trying to Hide It Anymore" . . . Fangs: Higher Taxes, More Debt, More Baby-Killing . . . Creepy People: "Cross-Dressing Dudes Sharing Bathrooms With Our Daughters"
CRUZ AND KASICH Ally to Overcome Trump . . . Team Cruz to Focus on Winning Indiana . . . Kasich Campaign Eyes Oregon, New Mexico
ATTACKING AMERICA: Barbarians Inside the Gates . . . Obama Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and the Cultural Evisceration of the U.S. Navy . . . "Enthusiastically Spearheaded Our President's Plan to Weaken . . . the Bonds of Brotherhood"

MORE THAN 400,000 Pledges to Boycott Target Over Bathroom Safety . . . "Target's Policy Is Exactly How Sexual Predators Get Access to Their Victims" . . . "A Danger to Wives and Daughters" . . . People "Freaking Out": "I Will No Longer Do Business With Any Company That Endangers Girls by Allowing Men to Use the Women's Fitting Room or Bathroom"
VENEZUELA SOCIALISM: "Nice Idea" Fosters Dirty Air, Unsafe Water, Electricity Shortages . . . "Central Planners": Foiled by Economic Realities . . . Bloomberg: Inflation Expected to Rise Almost 500% . . . Venezuelans: Hit by Violent Crime, Gasoline Shortages, Lack of Medicines