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July 3, 2015

ISLAMIC STATE EXECUTES Over 3,000 Men, Women, and Children in 1st Year of Muslim Caliphate
10 WARNING SIGNS Terrorists May Attack Your Community
TOP SHERIFF: America Now Ruled by "Oligarchy" . . . Destructive "Change": Constitution Being "Obliterated" . . . Civil War? Under Obama, "Great Divide Forming Once Again"
LLOYD MARCUS: What Those Bigoted Homosexualists Really, Really Hate
POLAR BEARS Are Starving: Let Them Eat Environmentalists. Or Gender Studies PhDs.
OUTRAGE as Virginia School Board Votes to Teach Seventh-Graders About "Gender Identity" . . . "Parents, Do You Feel You've Been Involved in the Process?" . . . "Assembled Parents Responded With Loud Shouts of 'No!'"

July 2, 2015

IDAHO RESIDENTS Fight to Close Refugee Center Importing Syrian Muslims, Possible Terrorists
PULLING DOWN the Slaver Flags of Islam and Africa . . . A Few Other Things to Ban Besides the Confederate Flag
CNN POLL: 57% Say Confederate Flag Not Racist
NBC Fires Trump, Keeps Sharpton . . . Sharpton: "You ain't nothing, you a punk faggot" . . . Trump: Illegals "Bringing" Drugs, Crime, Are Rapists, and "Some, I assume, are good people" . . . Trump Poll Numbers: "Surging"
POLYGAMOUS MONTANA TRIO Applies for Wedding License
LIBRARY Slams Book on Christian Meetings . . . Policy: "Shall not be allowed use for the sake of proselytizing"

July 1, 2015

AS DEADLINE PASSES, U.S. Backs Away From "Anytime, Anywhere" Access to Iran’s Military Sites
NEGATIVE RESPONSE to Homosex "Marriage" Surges . . . Clerks Quit, Judges Drop Licensing, One Senator Says Just Ignore Ruling
NYTIMES PROHIBITS Muhammed Cartoons, but Publishes Condom Pope
TRUMP SUES UNIVISION for $500 Million for Breaking Contract
JOURNALISTIC TREACHERY: New Report's Chilling Findings on the Extent of Soviet Spies in the American Press
PROFESSOR: White People Are Conditioned to Commit Mass Murder Like in Charleston

June 30, 2015

JEB BUSH: Confederate Flag "Racist"
TRUMP RIPS NBC: "Weak and Foolish" for Severing Ties
PENTAGON URGED TO BOOT CHAPLAINS Who Don't Support Homosex "Marriage" . . . Activist Blasts "Intolerant Filth That Insists on Lingering in the Ranks"
THOMAS SOWELL: Real-World Impact of Supreme Court Disasters . . . Devolution: Dismantling the Foundations of Freedom . . . Inhumane: "We the People" as Subjects, Not Citizens . . . Extremist: Gov't as "Public Masters," Not "Public Servants"
WALTER WILLIAMS: Why the Need for an Armed Citizenry Is Not Obsolete
CATHOLIC VICE PRINCIPAL Hid Her Homosexuality 28 Years to Promote LGBTQ Issues

June 29, 2015

REPORT: Terrorist Attempts in U.S. Reach Highest Level Since 9/11
SCALIA'S FULL DISSENT on Homosex "Marriage" Ruling . . . "This Court's Threat to American Democracy"
BLACK PASTORS GROUP: Use Civil Disobedience Against Homosex "Marriage" Ruling . . . Action: "When we sat at the counters in restaurants" . . . Against Injustice: "Do something to get arrested and to call attention to the injustice"
OBAMACARE IS HERE TO PREY: And Your Individual Liberty Is Its Primary Food Source . . . "A Failure by Every Standard Set Forth by Its Apologists" . . . "What They Wanted Was Power Over Our Daily Lives"
TEXAS Attorney General: Marriage Ruling "Lawless" . . . Court Ignored Constitution: To "manufacture a right that simply does not exist" . . . Paxton: Reach of Court's Opinion Stops at Door of 1st Amendment
JUDGE ORDERS BRADY CENTER to Pay Ammo Dealer's Legal Fees After Dismissing Lawsuit