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July 28, 2015

"ATOP A RUMBLING VOLCANO OF REJECTION": Why Donald Trump Strikes Fear in Heart of the Democrat-GOP Ruling Class, by Angelo M. Codevilla
DAVID LIMBAUGH: "Full-Blown Schism" -- Phony GOP Conservatism Has Worn Out Its Welcome . . . Rejecting the "Washington Cartel" . . . GOP Leadership "Facilitating" Obama . . . For the Constitution & Freedom, Against "Outright Betrayal" & "Perpetual Caving"

NH POLL: Trump Doubles Lead Over Jeb, Biggest of GOP Race
HUCKABEE: Why Wouldn't I Bring Up the Holocaust When "We're on the Verge of Repeating It"
ALL YOU NEED IS "CHOICE": Music, Toothpaste, and Killed Baby Body Parts for Sale . . . The Cult: Don't Think, Just Abort . . . The Horror: Worship the Inhumane god of Choice
PALIN: "Which Symbol Killed 90,000 Black Babies Last Year?" . . . Facebook Post: Confederate Flag vs. Planned Parenthood Logo . . . Ben Carson: "Eliminate Black People" the "Whole Purpose" of PP . . . Abortion: "The No. 1 killer of blacks in America today"
THE CRIME OF PRAYER: Mississippi School District Fined for Opening Assembly With Prayer

July 27, 2015

#BLACKLIVESMATTER, But Not at Planned Parenthood . . . PP Hero Margaret Sanger: Don't Want Word Out "we want to exterminate the Negro population" . . . PP Award-Winner Hillary Clinton: "Admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision"
TRUMP: How Can Hillary Run After Her "Criminal" Actions? . . . Polls: Trump Way Out in Front . . . Cruz: Surges Underneath

THE TRUTH ABOUT WESTERN "COLONIALISM": How Misuse of Term Legitimizes the Jihadist Myth of Western Guilt
BRIT HUME: Hillary Clinton Has "Proven Herself" to Be "Liar" . . . "Many Times": Fox News Sunday
TAXPAYER CALCULATOR: How Much Is Planned Parenthood Costing You? . . . Rand Paul: PP Has "zero respect" for "human life" . . . Blood $$$: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars for Harvester of Aborted Baby Body Parts

TEXAS SUPREME COURT Rebukes Lesbian Mayor: Repeal Homosex "Rights" Ordinance or Put It to Vote . . . Ruling: "Legislative power reserved to the people of Houston is not being honored" . . . Texas Values: "Dictator style actions" of Mayor Annise Parker Stopped

July 24, 2015

"AN AWFUL NIGHT": At Least 3 Dead, 9 Wounded After Gunman Opens Fire in Lafayette, La., Movie Theater . . . Gun-Free Zone: Grand Theater "Code of Conduct" . . . BuzzFeed Editor: "Don't pray. Push for gun control"

TRUMP BATTLES MEDIA AT BORDER: News Outlets in Laredo to Attack Trump, Not to Learn About Texas Border
TODAY'S MENGELE and a "New Dark Age" . . . "Butchered Children Had No Say in the Decision to Be Torn to Pieces" . . . "The More Developed the Baby, the Greater the Pain"

CLINTON CRIME? Inspectors General Call for Criminal Probe of Hillary Email Use
GENDER-BENDER FASCISM: Inside Edition Still Hasn't Owned Up to Mr. Zoey Tur's Threats . . . Shapiro's "Sin": Called Biological Male Tur "Sir" . . . Mr. Zoey: "Cut that out now or you'll go home in an ambulance" . . . Bullies: "Pounce on the Jewish guest"
MEGACHURCH PROTECTS ITSELF With Cameras, Guns, Guards . . . Pastor: "We now live in an America where you must be vigilant"

July 23, 2015

SECRET SIDE DEALS? Kerry, Other Top Obama Officials to Be Grilled by Lawmakers Over Iran Nuke Agreement . . . Sen. Cotton: Parts of "dangerous agreement being kept secret" . . . Susan Rice: "Documents are not public"

HYPOCRISY & INCOMPETENCE: Why the GOP Fails -- Trump Surge a Direct Result of Two-Faced Establishment
OBAMA: "We’ve Ended Two Wars" . . . State Dept.: Iraq Has "Lost Effective Control" Over Large Areas to Islamic State
THOUSANDS RALLY in Times Square Against Iran Nuke Deal . . . CNN: "Nothing on the Rally" . . . WPost: "Not a Word" . . . NYTimes: Front Page Covers Sparsely Attended Minimum-Wage Protest
UNDERCOVER VIDEOMAKER: "Even Worse" Planned Parenthood Videos Coming
CHRISTIAN CLERK: Homosex "Marriages" Violate My Civil and Constitutional Rights . . . Lawsuit: "Seeking compensation for lost wages, earnings and benefits as well as punitive damages"

July 22, 2015

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Donald Trump Heading to Texas Border
NEWS ANCHOR Unleashes Viral Rant on Obama . . . Tomi Lahren: "Our commander in chief is more concerned with Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by these Marines" . . . Youtube: "21st time our military men and women have been attacked here at home"
DEPORT THE ABDULAZEEZ FAMILY: It's Time to Put Our People First . . . Start Here: "Zero tolerance for terrorism" . . . Policy: "Put those who hate us last"
THOMAS SOWELL: Gun Control Zealots Couldn't Care Less About the Facts . . . Blind Believism: "Not the slightest interest in testing empirically their beliefs or assumptions" . . . 1960s Fanatics: "How do they know? Because other like-minded people say so"
MOTHER: Son’s Murder by Illegal Alien Was "Our Family’s 9/11 Attack by a Foreign Invader" . . . Joshua Wilkerson: Tied, Beaten, Killed by Hermilo Moralez . . . 167,000 Criminal Aliens: "Currently Loose" in U.S.

SEN. GRASSLEY Introduces Bill to Block Funding for Sanctuary Cities

July 21, 2015

WPOST-ABC POLL: Trump Blasts Past GOP Rivals . . . "Commanding Lead": Even After McCain Comments . . . Results: Trump (24), Walker (13), Bush (12)