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December 8, 2017

RUSSIA SAYS NORTH KOREA READY for Nuclear Talks With U.S. . . . "Day of Rage": Israeli Forces on High Alert After U.S. Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital . . . Palestinians Arrested: Attack on Israeli Children . . . Argentina: Former President Cristina Fernandez Faces High Treason Charges . . . For "Covering Up" Iran Role in 1994 Terror Bombing of Jews, Killing 85 in Buenos Aires
TRUMP, MATTIS TURN MILITARY LOOSE ON ISIS, Leaving Terror Caliphate in Tatters . . . Manufacturing Employment Up 189,000 Since Trump Election . . . Federal Gov't Employment Down 3,000 . . . Hollywood Reacts to Al Franken Resignation Announcement: "Dark Day for America" . . . Universities Strive for "Christmas"-Free Campuses . . . 1st Lady Reveals Favorite Christmas Carol: O Holy Night
ALABAMA SENATE BOMBSHELL: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged Portion of Yearbook "Evidence" -- Breitbart . . . ABC News: "Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription" . . . Underplays: Calls Forgery "Notes" . . . "You Made some notes underneath" -- "YES" . . . The Art of the "Structured Con": "What we are witnessing is structured as a con"

ALABAMA SENATE: "Borderline Racist" Democrat Ad Angers Black Voters . . . Ad: "Think if a Black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?" . . . Incensed: "Oversimplification of the black mind" . . . Twitter: Doug Jones "campaign has engaged Black voters despicably" . . . Anti-Trump McMullin Group Hits Roy Moore: $500,000 Ad Buy . . . WPost: Ads Offer No Alternative to Moore

DID HILLARY CLINTON SELLOUT U.S.? Americans Want Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton-Russia-Uranium Scheme -- Poll . . . Weakening Our Country: Clinton-Approved Deal "Gave Russia Direct Control Over One-Fifth of the U.S.' Uranium" . . . Millions From Russia for Clintons: Russians Gave "Clinton Foundation more than $140 million in donations"
DOJ LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION Into Planned Parenthood . . . Blood & Profit: "Harvesting and Distributing" Body Parts of Aborted Babies

December 7, 2017

NORTH KOREA: Coming War an "Established Fact" Due to U.S. "Confrontational Warmongering" . . . Spokesman: "The remaining question now is: When will the war break out?" . . . China State Media: What to Do if Subjected to Nuclear Attack . . . U.S. Jets: Could Help Intercept North Korean ICBMs -- Report . . . Al Qaeda: Condemns Trump's Jerusalem Move, Calls for Action . . . Venezuela: Sued by China Conglomerate Over Unpaid Bills, Beijing "Impatience" With Socialist Ally
POLITICO: Trump Impeachment Vote Fails Overwhelmingly . . . Franken Resigns From Senate Amid Claims of Sexual Misconduct, Photo of "His Hands Over Her Breasts" . . . Mueller Should Step Down After FBI Agent's Anti-Trump Texts: Wall Street Journal Editorial Board . . . Prominent Liberal Cheers as Rupert Murdoch's Home Burns in California Wildfire
ERICK ERICKSON: Jerusalem Is Why Trump in White House . . . Trump's "Sin": He's "committing the most grievance 'sin' any politician in Washington can commit. He is walking the walk instead of just talking the talk" . . . Americans in 2016: "Took a radical chance by voting for Donald Trump and, where he can, they are seeing him keep promises other politicians made and never kept" . . . Trump in 2020: "Reaction of Washington’s elite . . . will probably help re-elect the president in 2020"
UGH: Australia Parliament "Redefines" Marriage . . . Tough Luck for You, Christianity: "No Protections Whatsoever for Christians" . . . Lesbian Journalist: "Institution of Marriage Should Not Exist" . . . "The Revolt of Intelligence Against 'Marriage Equality'"

GOOD WOMAN WITH A GUN Shoots Man Allegedly Assaulting Officer . . . Concealed Carry Reciprocity Approved in U.S. House . . . Ban on Bulletproof Glass in Philly Neighborhood Shops Sparks Outrage . . . "There Will Be Lots of Dead Bodies"

THIS ABORTION CENTER KILLS Perfectly Healthy Babies Who Could Survive Outside the Womb . . . $6,200: To Off Baby at 26 Weeks . . . Washington Surgi-Clinic: Posh D.C. Neighborhood . . . "Performing These Abortions on Healthy Women carrying healthy babies with no questions asked"

December 6, 2017

TRUMP TO RECOGNIZE JERUSALEM AS ISRAEL CAPITAL, Forge Ahead With Moving U.S. Embassy . . . Islamic Terror Group: Calls for "Day of Rage" . . . Feinstein: Urges Trump Not to Change Jerusalem Policy, 6 Months After Voting for Him to Do So . . . U.K.: Islamist Plot to Murder PM Teresa May Foiled . . . Sweden: No-Go Zone Like "War Zone" -- Chief Prosecutor
DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF SLEAZE: How FBI Official With Political Agenda Corrupted Both Mueller, Comey Investigations . . . Peter Strzok -- "Evidence Be Damned": "Appears that one man with a strident political agenda accomplished his twin goals of clearing Clinton and accusing Trump"   . . . "AND THEN He Was Caught" . . . Anyone in Mueller's Office Not an Anti-Trump Fanatic? . . . Obstruction of Justice Coming From Inside the FBI
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT KILLER OF KATE STEINLE Indicted by Federal Grand Jury . . . Unsafe Sanctuary: "Only reason he was wandering the streets is because of San Francisco's sanctuary city status" . . . If Killer Illegal Alien "convicted on either of the federal charges, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison"
MICHAEL FARRIS: Artistic Freedom Over the Crushing of Dissent at Stake in Masterpiece Cakeshop Case . . . Clarence Thomas Facepalm: Oral Arguments for Masterpiece Cakeshop

FAKE NEWS SURVEY: 63% of Trump Supporters Say News Media an "Enemy of the People" . . . 52% OF PUBLIC DISTRUST: Either "None at All" or "Not Very Much" Trust in News Media . . . Read: "Your Fake News!" Survey
CHRISTIANS ARE LIKE ISIS, Says Homosex "Wedding"-Cake-Case Protester . . . Except For: Religion "they pervert" and "for the most part are not violent -- yet" . . . "I Am Not Here to Say that Christians can't be Christians" . . . But In Public, Shut Up

December 5, 2017

JAPAN WANTS MISSILES With Enough Range to Strike North Korea, Sources Say . . . Israel: Debate Rages Over Moving U.S. Embassy From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem . . . Malawi: Vampire Scare Triggers "Vigilante Violence"
. . . Holland: Dutch Lab Gives Birth to "Martian" Worms . . . U.K.: Hero Dogs Who Sniffed Out Bombs in Afghanistan War Saved From Lethal Injection
STEVE BANNON TO RALLY WITH JUDGE ROY MOORE Tuesday Night in Alabama . . . Fairhope Flamethrower: Kick Off Final Week of Campaign . . . Momentum: "Now Trump is all in behind Moore publicly" . . . Rock the Establishment: "A Moore win is likely to set off a chain reaction across the country, with anti-establishment candidates surging everywhere"
PELOSI SLAMMED BY GOP for Calling Tax Bill "Armageddon" . . . It's Near: "The End Of The World" . . . Clint Watts: Trump "Enemy of the State" . . . Trump: Shrinks Federal Monuments . . . "You Know Best How to Take Care of Your Land"
THE HOMOFASCISTS: Christian Baker Faces Death Threats for Refusing to Make Cake for Fake "Marriage" . . . Pinkshirts: "There were days when the family did not want to come to the shop because they feared for their lives" . . . Inhumane: "Should business owners be forced to violate their conscience"?
. . . Ominous Gov't: "If the government can force you to bake a cake against your free will -- what else can they force you to do?"
TEXAS OFFICER SHOT AND KILLED While Serving Warrant . . . Kenneth Copeland: 58 Years Old, 19-Year Veteran
. . . "Today We Grieve for the Family of the fallen San Marcos police officer, and we vow swift justice for the killer" -- Gov. Greg Abbott
ABORTION ACTIVIST PUNCHES PRO-LIFE TEEN Outside Planned Parenthood, Gives Concussion . . . "Being Punched Was Nothing compared to what those babies are feeling when they are aborted," Said 15-Year-Old Purity Thomas . . . "Honestly, I Would Take a million punches if it saved one child"

December 4, 2017

NORTH KOREAN NUKE TESTS Sickening Residents, "We Began Calling It 'Ghost Disease'"
. . . Yemen: "Street War" Rocks Capital, Rebel Alliance Crumbles . . . Germany: Warns of "Highly Radicalized" ISIS Wives, Children . . . Italy: Doctor Silvana De Mari Not Guilty of "Defamation" After Saying Homosexuality a Pathology . . . Freud: Homosexuality a "Perversion" . . . Quebec: Pass Motion to "Stop Greeting Customers in English"
WEINSTEIN WISDOM: How Matt Lauer and the Left Respect Women . . . '60s Rape Culture: Bill Ayers and Gang Rape . . . The Ayers Technique: "He claimed that I wouldn’t sleep with his married roommate because he was black -- that I was a bigot"
TRUMP EXPLAINS HIS ROY MOORE SUPPORT in Next Week's Special Election . . . POTUS: "We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!" . . . New Poll: Moore +6 . . . Majority of Alabama Republicans Not Convinced Anti-Moore Allegations Are True . . . McConnell Changes Tune: "I'm going to let the people of Alabama make the call" . . . Soros Army: In Alabama to Register Convicted Felons to Vote Against Moore
"SHELL GAMES": New Documents Reveal FBI's Clinton Cover-Up . . . "FBI Appears to Be Fully Complicit in a cover-up that attempted to influence a presidential election for a favored candidate -- Hillary Clinton" . . . "And the Truth Was Trampled on a Phoenix Tarmac"
"VERY OPTIMISTIC": Republicans Push for Final Version of Tax Cut Bill to Meet Year-End Goal . . . Dollar Jumps
. . . "Unbeatable" in 2020: "Unless" Democrats "have somebody that we don't know about, right now, we're unbeatable" -- Trump . . . Harvard Law Professor Emeritus: Sees No Basis for Obstruction of Justice Case Against Trump
. . . SLAPPING "Sanctuary": Politicians Would Face Prison, Fines for Harboring Illegal Immigrants Under Bill to Be Unveiled
COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS: Vegas Picks No. 4 Alabama to Win National Title . . . Oklahoma Favored Over Georgia . . . NFL Scrambles as Fans Stay Away: "Disengagement across the country"