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August 15, 2017

BLINK: North Korea's Kim Backs Down on Guam Missile Threat . . . Afghanistan: Taliban "Open Letter" to Trump Urges U.S. to Leave Country . . . England: Rapist Muslims Given Lighter Sentence, Official Charges . . . Venezuela: Americans Need to Take Country's Unravelling "Very Seriously" -- CIA Director
PRESIDENT TRUMP "SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING" a Pardon for Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio . . . Arpaio: "Will accept because I didn't do anything wrong" . . . Sheriff David Clarke: "Proud" of Trump's Charlottesville Response -- Video . . . Mother Of Charlottesville Victim Thanks Trump: For Condemning Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists . . . CNN Coverage Distorts Into Attack on Trump . . . Trump on Charlottesville: "Fake News Media Will Never Be Satisfied"
GOOD GUYS WIN: Bad News for Those Who tried to Shutdown My Conducting Appearance With Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra . . . Prager: "The intolerant ones lost -- and lost big" . . . Website -- The Santa Moncia Symphony Orchestra: "Dennis Prager, Guest Conducter," Wed., Aug. 16, 2017, at 8 PM

ALABAMA U.S. SENATE GOP Primary Preview -- What to Watch For . . . Roy Moore Current Leader: "Depending on the poll. Moore is often shown to be the candidate to beat" . . . James Dobson Announces Support for Roy Moore
NYTIMES WANTS US TO BELIEVE Communists Have Better Sex . . . And Yet: "There is a reason that few men or women were trying to break into the old Soviet Union"
LESBIAN BEHND CARTOON PUSHING LGBT TO PRESCHOOL: Disney Excited to "Publicize" My Homosex Lifestyle . . . African Cleric: "Gay" Priests Killed our Bishop Because He Opposed Homosexuality . . . Planned Parenthood Abortionist: Performed Illegal Abortion on 13-Year-Old Girl

August 14, 2017

NORTH KOREANS EXPECT WAR WITH AMERICA From the Time They Are Children . . . "From the Kindergarten Classroom, to the halls of power" . . . NYTimes Warns Climate Change May Be "Greater Threat to Guam" Than N. Korea . . . France Reports: 60% Increase in Radicalization in Two Years . . . Muslim Woman: Awarded $85,000 After Police Removed Her Hijab . . . Convert to Islam Runs for Congress: But Stays Quiet About Islamic Commitment . . . Regina Mustafa: "I Just Don't See How It's Pertinent" . . . Links to Terror: Mustafa Backed by CAIR, Front Group for Muslim Brotherhood -- Brotherhood "banned as a terrorist organization by several Arab countries"
ASSASSINATION WARNING From Ex-CIA and FBI Counterterrorism Expert . . . "The Government Is Going to Kill" President Donald Trump
SESSIONS SHUTS DOWN NBC'S ATTEMPT to Associate Trump With Neo-Nazis . . . Fake Photo Goes Viral: Tries to Connect Trump to White Nationalist . . . Pence: "We Will Not Tolerate Hatred and Violence" of White Supremacists . . . Maxine Waters: "It Is Now the White Supremacists' House" . . . Chelsea Handler: Calls for Military Coup to Overthrow Trump
RIOT IN CHARLOTTESVILLE: And, Of Course, the Left Blames Trump for the Violence . . . One Easy Way: Democrats Can Stop Neo-Nazis . . . Revealed, Again: "The Depths of Corruption of the Left-Wing Media"
NAVY: Only Woman in SEAL Training Pipeline Drops Out . . . Google "Punished Me" for Repeating What Science Says About Male/Female Differences: Fired Engineer
SEA GULL STROLLS Into London Store, Fights With Mirror

August 11, 2017

TRUMP -- THIS IS NOT A DARE: The U.S. Will Respond If North Korea Goes After Guam . . . North Korea: U.S. Will Suffer "Shameful Defeat"
. . . England: "Easy Meat" -- Mass-Rape of White Girls by Muslim Gang
. . . Denmark: New Program to Combat Terrorism -- "Hug a Jihadi"

TRUMP FIRES NEW WARNING SHOT AT MCCONNELL, Leaves Door Open on Whether He Should Step Down . . . Increases Pressure to Pass Agenda
. . . Trump v. McConnell: Republicans Choose Sides . . . Anti-Trump Nutjob Arrested: For Murder of GOP Committeeman Neighbor
DUCK DYNASTY FOUNDER Picks Roy Moore for U.S. Senate . . . Phil Robertson: "Roy Moore will stand up for truth and what's right, no matter who opposes him, and that is sorely needed in Washington, D.C." . . . Chuck Norris, Too: Moore Is "tough, tested and has a spine of steel. The Washington establishment knows they won't be able to count on him, but Alabama voters can"
SWIMMING IN THE SWAMP: Trump Bails Out Mitch McConnell in Alabama . . . Luther Strange Endorsement: "Super-PAC supporting him is funded by Karl Rove's American (Swamp) Crossroads" . . . The Trump Betrayal: "With two other candidates ready to champion the agenda Trump claimed to support -- and ready to steamroll the GOP swamp to do so -- how could Trump betray his base and endorse against them?"
SANCTUARY CITIES BETRAY AMERICA, Americans, and Immigrants . . . "Sanctuary Cities": "Should actually be referred to as 'Magnet Cities'" . . . "Magnet Cities": "They attract illegal aliens and the transnational criminals and fugitives and international terrorists to live in ethnic immigrant communities" . . . Dangerous Cities: Endanger the "lives of those very same immigrants 'Sanctuary mayors' claim they want to protect"
GOOGLE CANCELS GENDER, DIVERSITY MEETING Over Safety Concerns of Employees . . . CEO: "Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and worried they may be 'outed' publicly for asking a question in the Town Hall" . . . Employee Fired After Criticizing Google's "Diversity" Policy: Video . . . Schools Warned Against Mixing Genders in Showers . . . Legal Team Explains: No State or Federal Law Requires Such "Transgender" Accommodations . . . "Warning That That Move Violates the constitutionally protected rights of both parents and students"

August 10, 2017

ALLY READY FOR ACTION? Japan Says It Can Shoot Down Any NKorean Missiles Heading for Guam . . . North Korea Strengthening Ties With Iran: "Tehran and Pyongyang Have a Common Enemy" -- Kim Yong-nam . . . Mattis: NKorea Shouldn't Consider Actions That Would Cause "Destruction of its People" . . . U.S. Media "the Crazy Ones": Steyn Blasts Press for Focusing on Trump's NKorea Word Choice . . . Brian Williams, MSNBC: It's "Our Job" to "Scare People to Death" -- Video
. . . Paris: Police Know Exactly Who Rammed BMW Into Soldiers . . . Terror in France: "More than 230 people have been killed in terror attacks in France since the start of 2015"
OBAMA, CLINTON, AND FERTILIZING a Nuclear North Korea: Fantasies and Appeasement Put America in Nuclear Jeopardy . . . "Barack Obama's Eight Long Years of gutting America's missile-defense capabilities" . . . Bill Clinton "Cleared the Way for the DPRK to go nuclear"
LEVIN RIPS TRUMP on Alabama Senate Race: "President Stabbed Us in the Back" . . . Coulter: Trump's Luther Strange Endorsement "Completely Idiotic" . . . Mo Brooks to Trump: "Reconsider Endorsement" of Luther Strange
. . . Former Gov. Endorses Roy Moore: "Roy Moore will make the right, tough decisions, no matter the political consequences. And President Trump badly needs this type of support in the U.S. Senate now"
VENEZUELA'S CHAOS IS THE LOGICAL END of Democrats' Vision for America . . . Why RINO's Must Go
COLLEGE STUDENT SENTENCED TO 100 DAYS IN SLAMMER After Registering Dead Voters for Democrats . . . 6 Gov't Employees Arrested: Allegedly Selling False IDs to Illegal Aliens for Voter Fraud . . . Rasmussen: Most Still See Voter Fraud as Serious Problem
STERICYCLE DISPOSAL COMPANY Stops Doing Business With "Many Planned Parenthood" Clinics . . . Homosexual Behind Disney Cartoon Imposing LGBT on Preschoolers: "We're Political"

August 9, 2017

ASIA ON EDGE: Japan Remembers Nagasaki Bombing as Fears Heighten Over U.S.-NKorea Nuclear Tensions . . . North Korea Threatens: To Target "Areas Around Guam" With Ballistic Missiles -- "to Neutralize It" . . . President Trump: North Korea "Will Be Met with Fire and Fury" . . . MSNBC's Farkas: Trump's "Fire and Fury" Statement "Sounds Like a North Korean Leader" . . . Farkas & Obama: "Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Under President Obama"
WHY THE LEFT DEFENDS ISLAMISTS: They Share a Common Enemy -- The West . . . Atheist Richard Dawkins the "Latest Victim" of This Alliance . . . "They Hate America, they hate Europe, and they would like to destroy Israel" . . . "It Is That Animus that Commits the Haters to targeting the Judeo-Christian ethos, upon which the West was built"
. . . "The Left Is the Secular Wing of Totalitarianism; radical Islam is its religious wing"
TRUMP TOUTS ACHIEVEMENTS, Decries "Fake News Suppression Polls" . . . Stephen Miller Calls Press "Extreme Media" . . . NYTimes Hides Wage Gains in Donald Trump's Merit Immigration Reform . . . Caught Switching Out Documents to Fix Botched Climate Change Article
MAKING RACISM COOL IN SCHOOL: AP & Honors Classes Will Be Decided by Skin Color, Not Intelligence . . . Judged by the Color of Their Skin: "40% White, 35% Hispanic, 12% African American, 10% mixed" . . . "Disturbing Letter" to Parents: Elitist Racism Advanced in Virginia High School
DISNEY CARTOON FEATURES LESBIAN "MOMS," Promotes Fake Homosex "Marriage" to Preschoolers . . . Pro-Family "One Million Moms" Revolts: "Families will not be able to allow Disney Channel in their homes, if the network veers away from family-friendly entertainment"
THE PROFESSOR SAYS: Dogs and Cats Harm Climate, Advises Hamsters Instead . . . Leslie Eastman Counters -- Climate Alarmists Wrong: "So enjoy your pets, because UCLA researchers are barking up the wrong tree" . . . Japanese Cats Play Keyboard

August 8, 2017

CHINA REACTS: Beijing Unleashes Destroyer in Explosive Drills as North Korea Tensions Rise . . . "Gut Punch": Fed-Up World Delivered Blow to Kim, North Korea -- Nikki Haley . . . Venezuela: Army Hunts Rebels Behind Raid on Military Base . . . Maduro: Accuses U.S. Elements After "Terrorist Attack"
. . . McMaster: Rules Out Panama-Style Intervention in Venezuela
"WHERE IS TRUMP?" Sheriff Arpaio Asks: "Witch Hunt Against Me" . . . Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Is "Most Deplorable Person I Have Met in My Life" . . . Waters Won't Rule Out Forming All-Black Party . . . Dow Notches 9th Straight Record Close . . . Small Business Optimism at Highest Level in 10 Years