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June 20, 2018

U.S. WITHDRAWS FROM PART OF UNITED NATIONS: Not Willing to Lend "Credibility" to "Misnamed" Human Rights Council . . . John Bolton: Leaving the Human Rights Council Was "Decades in the Making" . . . Nikki Haley: "Cesspool of Political Bias" . . . Italy: New Poll Shows Populist La Lega Most Popular Party for 1st Time . . . Nearly 70% of Italians: Support Salvini Banning of Migrant Transport Ship From Italian Ports . . . Germany: Gambian Asylum Seeker Arrested After Sexually Abusing and Robbing 90-Year-Old Woman
TRUMP UNFAZED BY INTENSE MEDIA HOOPLA on Immigration . . . POTUS Stands Firm: Sees Immigration Policy as Midterm Winner . . . "Politically Correct or Not, we have a country that needs security, that needs safety, that has to be protected" . . . Democrat Pollster: "Trump Hatred" May Not Carry Democrats in Midterms . . . Hillary Clinton Promotes Fundraising for Illegal Border Crossers . . . Feinstein Bill Will Lead to Child Trafficking, GOP Senator Says . . . "Children Will Be Abducted & Sold to drug cartels & slave-traders as a free ticket into US"
WHEN ILLEGAL ALIENS FATALLY SEPARATE American Parents and Children: Hispanic, Black, and White Children Brutally Torn Away From Their American Families . . . The Killed, The Separated: Marten Kudlis, Grace Aguilar, Kayla Cuevas, Nisa Mickens, Alena Clay, Tyeisha Lacy, Ellie Bryant, Grayson Hacking, Peter Hacking, Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado, Abigail Robinson, Anna Dieter-Eckerd, Owen Hidalgo-Calderon, Selena Hidalgo-Calderon, Kayla Gomez-Orozco, Rose Marie Cannon, Katherine Cannon, Russell Cannon, Tessa Tranchant . . . "Either We Separate Illegal Migrants From This Country -- Or they will go on brutally tearing families apart" . . . "If We Allow Them to Use Children as Human Shields, then American children will pay the price" . . . KILLER MEDIA: "Media's lies aren't just tearing apart the country, they're killing children"
DOCTORED DOCUMENTS? FBI May Have Altered Witness Reports From Hillary, Russia Probes, Key Lawmaker Charges . . . FBI Anti-Trump Peter Strzok Escorted Out of Building -- But Remains on Job . . . Gowdy Scorches Comey for "Water-Downed" Hillary Probe . . . "Appointing Himself" Judge and Jury . . . Pro-Clinton, Anti-Trump FBI Agents Unmasked by House GOPer
13 FACTS THE PHONY MEDIA Don't Want You to Know About "Family Border Separation" . . . Fake News: "Designed to Mislead the American People" . . . Nolte: President Trump's "legal, humane, and moral handling of adults and children who enter our country illegally"
POPE FRANCIS: Abortion Same as Nazi Eugenics . . . Abortion Fascism: "In the last century the whole world was scandalized about what the Nazis did to purify the race. Today we do the same, but now with white gloves" . . . "'DIVERSIFIED' FAMILIES": Not Real Families . . . "Only One" Kind of Family: One Man, One Woman . . . "Love Each Other and Unite in Marriage"

June 19, 2018

ALMOST 1,000 PEOPLE INJURED, KILLED in Terrorist Attacks by Refugees: Report . . . Germany: Facing "Highest Number of Terror Plots" . . . Sweden: 3 Dead After Drive-by Shooting in Multicultural Malmö . . . Syrian Migrant: Faces Court in Berlin for Assault on Jewish Men . . . French Govt Spokesman: Europe and U.S. "Don't Share Certain Values" . . . Trump Warns: U.S. on Germany's Disastrous Immigration Path
SLEAZY SEX GAMES AND DIRTY POLITICS in the Southern Baptist Convention . . . Robert Oscar Lopez: "Southern Baptists are in a state of severe crisis. I was on the floor to see it all unfold"
TRUMP FIRES BACK: Children "Being Used by Some of the Worst Criminals on Earth as a means to enter our country. Has anyone been looking at the Crime taking place south of the border. It is historic, with some countries the most dangerous places in the world. Not going to happen in the U.S." . . . POTUS: Democrats "Don't Care About Crime and Want Illegal Iimmigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13" . . . No Protest Over 20,000 U.S. Kids a Year Separated From Parents in Jail . . . Sarah Sanders to Laura Bush: Trump Trying to Fix Law Your Husband Signed . . . Border Facts: 55,113 "FAMILY UNITS" This Year So Far, 435% INCREASE in May Compared to Last Year . . . Trump-Era Poll: Satisfaction With Direction of U.S. at Highest Point Since 2005
"SEPARATING FAMILIES" AT BORDER HYSTERIA Overlooks Key Facts . . . "A Matter of Hours": Many "Separations" Don't Last Long . . . Asylum Without Separation: "There is a legal process for seeking asylum that won't involve facing such a choice" . . . Family Fraud: "Just because a group claims to be a family, doesn't mean it's true" . . . 315% Increase: In "number of cases with minors fraudulently posing as 'family units' to gain entry"
WAR ON SCIENCE: Suburban D.C. School System Changes "Biological Sex" to "Sex Assigned at Birth" . . . Extremist Board: "IDEOLOGY OVER BIOLOGY" . . . Adopts Fake Learning: Pushing "False" Content, "Ideologically Driven Content" . . . "Majority of Parents Opposed" . . . STUDENTS IMPRISONED in "Half-Truths and Lies. Biological sex is not a mistake, it's not a stigma, it's not a choice"
FACEBOOK ADMITS CENSORSHIP ERROR: After Suspending Pro-Family Expert for Criticizing LGBT Indoctrination Video . . . FB: "We Got This Wrong" . . . Professor Spoke Out: Robert A.J. Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary . . . A Free Mind: Criticized Canada Video "Celebrating Sexual Perversity, Not 'Sexual Diversity'"

June 18, 2018

NORTH, SOUTH KOREA Agree to Joint Teams for Asian Games . . . "Latest Sign of a Thaw Between the Old Rivals" . . . Russia: Taxi Cab Plows Into Crowd in Moscow . . . Witness: Hit "Group of Mexicans" . . . France: Quran Found in Vehicle Purposely Rammed Into French Police . . . Somalis Continue to Terrorize Park -- in Maine
TRUMP SUPPORTER DISRUPTS DE NIRO MUSICAL . . . Displaying "Keep America Great" Flag . . . Poll: 52% of Florida Voters Age 50-Plus Approve of Trump . . . Family Separation: Illegal Alien From Mexico Charged With Killing 14-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike . . . Illegals Using Minors to Enter U.S.: Increased 315% Since Last Year . . . Former CIA Director: Compares Trump Border Policy to Nazi Germany . . . Comedian Tweets: Profanity-Laden Criticism of First Lady Melania Trump

"WHITE MYTHOLOGIES" on a Campus Near You . . . More Leftist Racial Hate in Academia . . . At Harvard: Stunning Evidence of Racism . . . Harvard's Racism: "A male Asian-American with a 25 percent chance of admission would have a 35 percent chance if he was white, 75 percent if he were Hispanic and 95 percent if he were black" . . . "BLATANT, EGREGIOUS RACISM in the Name of DIVERSITY"
COMEY PROTECTED HIS EGO at the Expense of the FBI and the Nation . . . "Erstwhile Hero of the Trump Resistance" . . . Former FBI Director "both Mismanaged and Misappropriated His Power in ways that may have irreparably undermined the reputation of the most powerful enforcement agency in the United States"
"POLITICAL BIAS" IN OBAMA'S Public Exhoneration of Hillary Suspected by Some at FBI: Inspector General . . . D'Souza: Obama a "Plantation Recruiter" . . . FBI Agent Pivoted Quickly: From Clinton Email Case to "Stop" Trump . . . IG: "We did not have confidence that Strzok's decision was free from bias"
CALIF. SCHOOL BOARD Votes to Name Elementary School After Illegal Immigrant Journalist . . . Illegally Living in U.S. Since 2011 . . . Hollywood's Anti-Trump Rhetoric "Energizing" His Base: Director Rob Reiner

June 15, 2018

BEIJING RELUCTANT TO SAY NORTH KOREA SANCTIONS Should Remain Until Complete Denuclearization . . . Trump v. China: Announces 25% Tariff on Chinese Goods, Technology . . . Pakistan: Taliban Leader Killed by U.S. Drone Strike: Report . . . Russia: Hosts National Day Reception in Jerusalem for 1st Time . . . Canada: Top court Rules Against Christian Law School . . . Homosex "Rights" Superior to Human Right to Religious Freedom . . . Mexico: "At Least 114 Politicians" Assassinated in 10 Months
TRUMP ON FIRE: After IG Report, Signals War Against "Very Dishonest Intelligence" Agencies . . . Comey "Ringleader" to "Den of Thieves"
. . . POTUS: "Actually proud because I beat the Clinton dynasty, I beat Bush dynasty, and now I guess hopefully I'm in the process of beating very dishonest intelligence" . . . IG REPORT: "You Promised" Trump Would Never Get Elected . . . Pence Is Stupid" . . . Trump Voters "All Poor to Middle Class, Uneducated, Lazy POS . . . I Can't Stop Crying" . . . Ryan/Goodlatte Immigration Deal: Amnesty for Foreign Population Near 3X the Size of DACA Program . . . Trump Says Won't Sign "Moderate" House Immigration Bill . . . Forcibly Removing Paul Ryan From Speakership Under Consideration by Republican House Members: Steve King
TACTIC NO. 87: Anti-Border Extremists Discover "Family Values" as "New Cause Celebre" to Break Law, Assault Legitimate Borders . . . Suddenly, Family Is Sacred! "These leftists who've never liked family values in the past, are all in for family values" . . . Therefore, Comrades -- for This Week: "Separating families (or what people without documents claim to be families) is now the worst thing possible. Families belong together!"  . . . Cry the Laws Away: As If on Cue, Media "Loading Up on the Sob Stories" . . . FAMILY SEPARATION "Entirely Preventable . . . If you don't break immigration law. How hard is that to understand? Like your kids? Don't break the law with them" . . . "Any Bank Robber Can Grasp That Much"
TWO SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES SHOT at Courthouse: Report . . . Stand-Up Comic Raped and Murdered Walking Back From Gig . . . Judge Blocks Chicago Suburb's "Assault Weapons" Ban . . . "Significant Victory because it allows law-abiding Deerfield residents to keep commonly owned firearms and magazines in their homes for self-defense while the case proceeds"
JUDGE DEMONIZES PEACEFUL PRO-LIFERS as "Anarchists," "Danger to Society" . . . Jails Them 45 Days . . . "We've Got People Sitting in Jail for exercising their constitutional rights" -- Attorney . . . Abortion Ultra Cecile Richards: Pills That Kill Preborn Babies Are "Safer Than Tylenol"

June 14, 2018

NKOREA MUST DENUCLEARIZE Before "Relief From Sanctions": Mike Pompeo . . . Military Exercises Contingent on "Productive Good-Faith Negotiations" With NKorea: Pompeo . . . Pelosi: "To Negotiate With Donald Trump, It Pays to Have a Nuclear Bomb in Your Pocket" . . . Watch Pelosi . . . Germany Rocked: Muslim Refugee Arrested in Murder of 14-Year-Old Jewish Girl . . . "Marks of Strangulation and Multiple Rapes" . . . Calls for Merkel to Resign After Iraqi Suspect Fled Country
FROM 9/11 TO SPYGATE: The National Security Deep State . . . The Men Who Failed on 9/11 Used Their New Powers to Suppress the Truth About Islamic Terror
OBAMA "HANDED" NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, Trump "Actually Going to Earn It": Kellyanne Conway . . . Norway Lawmakers: President Trump Has "taken a huge and important step in the direction of the disarmament, peace and reconciliation between North and South Korea" . . . Giuliani Prepared to Argue That Special Counsel Appointment Is Unconstitutional . . . Never Trump Establishment Loses Again as MAGA Keeps Rising at Ballot Box . . . FBI AGENT STRZOK: "We'll Stop" Trump Presidency
NEVER TRUMP FANATICS GO INSANE Over Trump-Kim Summit . . . Keys to Trump's Success in North Korea . . . Trump Devoted: To "Winning for America" . . . Unafraid: "Not Intimidated by Anybody" . . . Strategic: Understands "How Power Works"
DICK'S SPORTING GOODS CEO GRILLED for Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda . . . "Sales Are So Anemic" . . . Dick's Reputation "Damaged": "By lending its voice and its resources to those who want to abolish the Second Amendment" . . . Concealed Carry for Teachers in North Texas School District . . . Defender Program: "Extensive Training," "Annual Training," Concealed Carriers "Anonymous" on Campus
PENTAGON BRASS Refuse to Honor LGBT "Pride Month" . . . LGBT Employees "Free to Hold an Event Earlier This Week" . . . "No High-Ranking Officials Participated" . . . Trump White House Criticized "for failing to salute the rainbow flag as former President Obama did" . . . School of Hate: Teacher Booted for Refusing to Call Biological Girls by Boys' Names

June 13, 2018

NORTH KOREAN MEDIA: Kim Stressed Urgency of "Halting Irritating and Hostile Military Actions" . . . KCNA: Kim Jong-Un Accepts Donald Trump's Invitation to Visit U.S. . . . France-Italy: Macron Lashes Out at Italy Over "Sickening" Efforts to Curb Mass Immigration . . . Canada-Terror: Northern Border Terror Threat "Primarily From Homegrown Violent Extremists in Canada" -- DHS . . . World Cup 2026: U.S.A.-Mexico-Canada Awarded Rights to Host World Cup