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June 24, 2016

"OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!": Britain Votes to Leave European Union . . . "The Dawn Is Breaking on an Independent United Kingdom" . . . Calls for Similiar Votes in France, Netherlands . . . PM Cameron: I Will Resign by October . . . Obama: Rebuked . . . Trump: "They Took Their Country Back . . . Voted to Reassert Control Over Their Own Politics, Borders, and Economy"
BREXIT PREVAILS: The Rout of the Globalist Elites . . . "Discombobulated": Clueless Cameron, Obama, Kerry Never "Thought This Would Happen" . . . Thug Obama Brexit-Slapped: "Brits Just Gave Obama the Back of Their Hand" . . . Hillary Is "America's Version of the U.K. Elite": "Ready to Sell Us Out for the Deadly Imposition of Political Correctness"
TRUMP: British "Want to Be Able to Have a Country Again . . . And I Think It's Happening in the U.S." . . . U.K.: "Will Be Even Stronger" . . . U.S.: "The People Want Their Country Back, We Don't Want to Lose Our Jobs, We Don't Want to Lose Our Borders"
DEMOCRATS, LGBT ACTIVISTS' Sinister Plan to Crack Down on Christian Schools
PENTAGON INVESTIGATING Air Force's Crackdown on "God" . . . Retired 33-Year Veteran: "Forcibly Dragged" From Flag-Folding Ceremony . . . Oscar Rodriquez: "I Have Given More Than 3 Decades of Service to the Military and Made Many Sacrifices for My Country" . . . Rodriquez: "To Have the Air Force Assault Me and Drag Me Out of a Retirement Ceremony Simply Because My Speech Included the Word God Is Something I Never Expected From Our Military"
LOUISIANA MOM JAILED After Disciplining Her Children for Breaking Into Neighbor's House

June 23, 2016

DEAR CROOKED HILLARY: "Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire"
MICHELLE MALKIN: "Refugee" Horror and PC Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho . . . The Victim: 5-Year-Old Girl, Mentally Disabled . . .  Alleged Sex-Assault Perps: 3 Boys From Sudanese, Iraqi Families . . . Pathetic Mayor: "Don't Provoke Them and Don't Walk in Those Areas"
TRUMP SPEECH: "Liar" Hillary Clinton "Most Corrupt Person Ever to Seek" Presidency, Deserves "Prison" . . . Clinton Foreign Policy: "Cost America Thousands of Lives and Trillions of Dollars and Unleashed ISIS Across the World" . . . Hillary React: "Empty Promises," "No Answers" . . . Rush Limbaugh: Finally a Republican Tells the Truth About Hillary
. . . Slate: Trump "Terrifyingly Effective" . . . Youtube: Watch the Speech

OBAMA'S ATTORNEY GENERAL Refuses to Say Who Decided to Omit Islamic References in Omar Mateen 911 Transcript . . . But It Wasn't Us: White House Says FBI Decided What to Release
"KING" OF MUSTANGS REVEALED: Petty's Garage Announces 2017 "King" Edition Ford Mustang GT . . . 825 Horsepower in Premier Edition

BRITISH VOTERS Hit Polls for Historic Brexit Vote . . . "Most Important Day in the Past 20 Years" . . . Exit European Union: To Restore Parliament, Get Handle on Immigration . . . Remain in EU: "Safer and Richer" . . . France, Italy, Netherlands "Demanding Their Own Votes on European Union Membership"

June 22, 2016

"THE USA MUST ACT": Former Islamic State Sex Slave Tells Congress the Terror Group Must Be "Terminated"
THE EUROPEAN UNION Is a Dictatorship That Britain Should Leave . . . "Utterly Totalitarian": "No Opposition to the 28-Man Commission" . . . Don't Question, Just Submit: EU Commission "Simply Issues Directives and Regulations" With the Immediate Force of Law
EX-TERRORISM PROSECUTOR: Falsifying 911 Calls Shows Obama Administration "Is Becoming Sharia-Adherent" . . . Hide the Facts: "Anything That Shows the Direct Nexus Between Islamic Doctrine and Jihadist Terror Is to be Suppressed" . . . Create "Official Version": "May Be Part of the Counter-Universe" . . . Ideological Tactics: "Purge" . . . "Redacting" the Transcript

"SEE NO ISLAM": Attorney General Lynch -- Orlando Jihadi's True Motive "May Never Be Known"
BACHMANN, DOBSON Among Trump Advisers on Faith and Culture Panel . . . Trump: "I Have Such Tremendous Respect and Admiration for This Group"
RIO 2016: Terrifying Gang Shootout Snarls Traffic Near Olympic Stadium . . . "Highway of Terror": "Impossible to Travel" to "Olympic Park Without Driving Down the Dangerous Red Line Express Way"

June 21, 2016

WHITE HOUSE CALLS Radical Islamic Extremism a Republican "Talking Point" . . . Press Secretary: "A Political Talking Point, Plain and Simple" . . . Islamic Terrorist: "Allahu Akbar!"

SENATE SHOOTS DOWN Gun Control Measures Proposed in Wake of Orlando Islamic Terror . . . "My Gun and My 2nd Amdt Right Saved My Life and the Life of My Son" -- Actress Stacey Dash . . . "First-Hand Experience That I Know Carrying a Gun Can Save Your Life"

AMERICA'S REAL RACISTS: David Horowitz's Progressive Racism Exposes the Enfeebling Mind and Crippling Oppressors of the Bigoted Left
SECRET SERVICE AGENT BOOK: Raging Hillary Clinton Threw Bible at Agent's Colleague . . . Crisis of Character: "In Public, She Was Everyone's Best Friend" . . . In Private: "She Was Her Normal Self" . . . New Officer: "Good Morning, First Lady" . . . Hillary Clinton: "Go F--- Yourself"

DARKNESS AT NOON: Just 29% of Democrats Say Orlando Was an Islamic Terror Attack
THE GREAT REFUSAL: Kansas Board of Education Unanimously Rejects Obama's Transgender Mandate . . . "Our State Wants Nothing to Do With the Rabid and Crazed Policies of Allowing Boys in Girls' Restrooms"

June 20, 2016

TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN on No-Gun List, Argues for "Profiling" Muslims . . . Obama DOJ to Delete Islam From Transcripts of Orlando Terrorist's Calls to Police . . . Lynch Pushes Gun Control After Orlando

GAFFE OF THE CENTURY: "After Orlando" Terror, NYTimes Says St. Paul Ordered Christians to "Execute" Homosexuals . . . Bad Faith: "Apparent Attempt to Make Christians Guilty by Association" . . . NYT: "A History of Blunders When Addressing Christianity" . . . Romans: "For This Reason, God Gave Them Up to Degrading Passions"
HOW THE DEMOCRATS Are Disarming America in the Face of Islamic Terror . . . Obama Suppressing Facts About Violent Islamic Radicals . . . Republican Leadership Abetting Obama
VETERAN FORCIBLY REMOVED From Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God in Historic Flag-Folding Speech . . . Sr. Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez (Ret.): "Assaulted," Dragged Out of Room . . . The Speech: "God Bless Our Flag. God Bless Our Troops. God Bless America" . . . Video: "Watch the Air Force Assault a Veteran Over the Word God" . . . Lawsuit Against U.S. Air Force: "Apologize and Punish Those Responsible or Face a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit" . . . FirstLiberty.Org: "Meet Oscar Rodriguez"
STRING THEORY CO-FOUNDER: Sub-Atomic Particles Are Evidence the Universe Was Created . . . Dr. Michio Kaku: "We Are in a World Made by Rules Created by an Intelligence" . . . Theoretical Physicist, CUNY: "We Exist in a Plan . . . Shaped by a Universal Intelligence and Not by Chance" . . . "Scientist Says": "Definitive Proof That God Exists" -- Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies . . . Kaku: "Considered One of the Most Important Scientists of Our Times"
JUDGE SENDS BLACK ACTIVIST to Jail for Admitted Hoax Death Threats to Black Students, Faculty . . . Guilty Plea: Kean University Graduate Kayla-Simone McKelvey . . . Her Lie: "I Will Kill All the Blacks Tonight" . . . She Smeared: "Kean University Twitter Against Blacks Is for Everyone Who Hates Blacks People"

June 17, 2016

CZECH FOREIGN MINISTER on Muslim Integration: "Don't Tell Us Integration Has Succeeded" . . . Half of Turks in Germany Regard Islamic Law as Supreme . . . Swiss Withdraw EU Application: Only "Lunatics" Would Join Now . . . Brits Vote Next Week on "Whether to Quit the European Union"
MIKE HUCKABEE: "Radical Islam Is a Threat to All Civilization" . . . "Wants to Deny and Suppress Things That We Tend to Take for Granted, Things Like Art and Architecture, Music" . . . "Wishes to Destroy Civilization Itself" . . . "Ultimate War on Women Is Being Waged by Radical Islam"
CIA CHIEF CONTRADICTS OBAMA on ISIS Threat, Warns of Intensified Terror Campaign
SHERIFF CLARKE: Media Talk "Gun Control" to Distract From Fact That "Obama Cannot Keep Us Safe"