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Houston Baptist University, 7502 Fondren Rd., Houston, TX 77074

The Francis Schaeffer Center for Worldview and Culture promotes foundational research and out-of-the-box creative thinking based on historic Christianity as a total way of life informed by verifiable truth concerning God, humanity, and the cosmos.

FSC will help equip HBU students, faculty, staff, campus organizations, and outside partners to apply the liberating principles of a biblical worldview in the classroom, across the campus, and around the world.

* New Courses
Nancy Pearcey Teaching New Courses in the Academic Year 2013-14: See the announcement “Worldview Apologetics at the Francis Schaeffer Center, Houston Baptist University with Prof. Nancy Pearcey.”

From the announcement:

The Francis Schaeffer Center offers a full year (two semesters) of intensive study in worldview apologetics to ground students in the knowledge and skills needed to think critically about secular worldviews and apply a liberating Christian perspective in their studies, their professions, and across the whole of life . . . . (more)

For additional information, please call HBU admissions at 1-800-969-3210.

* Press Releases
-– Francis Schaeffer Center is announced on The Pearcey Report. Read the announcement.
-- Francis Schaeffer Center is announced at Houston Baptist University. Read the announcement.

-- Nancy R. Pearcey, Director. Nancy Pearcey is professor and scholar in residence at HBU. She is the author of seminal works such as Total Truth, The Soul of ScienceSaving Leonardo, and How Now Shall We Live? (co-authors Harold Fickett, Charles Colson), and also serves as editor at large of The Pearcey Report. Prof. Pearcey was heralded in The Economist as "America's pre-eminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual." For more, please see her bio at The Pearcey Report.

Contact: npearcey.schaeffercenter@hbu.edu (or pearcey@thepearceyreport.com)

-- J. Richard Pearcey, Associate Director. J. Richard Pearcey is scholar for worldview studies at HBU, and editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report. An editor of best-selling books and published in numerous media outlets, he is formerly managing editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper Human Events and associate editor of the “Evans-Novak Political Report.” A fuller bio is available here at The Pearcey Report.

Contact: jrpearcey.schaeffercenter@hbu.edu (or pearcey@thepearceyreport.com)

If you are interested in learning how to support the Francis Schaeffer Center for Worldview and Culture, please contact the Pearceys or Charles Bacarisse (Vice President for Advancement at Houston Baptist University at 281-649-3428; email cbacarisse@hbu.edu), or visit this HBU website.  

For general inquiries about the Francis Schaeffer Center, please email info.schaeffercenter@hbu.edu.

To learn more about Houston Baptist University, please visit the HBU website. The university switchboard can be reached at 281-649-3000. The university directory is available here.

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