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April 29, 2006

OKLA: 10 Commandments Display Going on Trial
THE MACHINE CHURNS: A Publishing Star Is Shorn
DECEPTION WATCH: Everyone Insists Book's "Author" Wrote Every Word
CHRISTIAN BUSINESSMAN Ordered to Duplicate Homosexual's Videos
CITIZENSHIP: Defined by America, Not Illegals
WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY: Picassos for Sale . . . Curtain Not Included
MEXICO to Decriminalize Pot, Cocaine, Heroin -- Reuters

April 28, 2006

LIMBAUGH Settles Drug Case -- AP
PRESS RELEASE: Reports Not Accurate -- Rush Limbaugh Not Arrested
UNITED 93: Confronting Evil
WAGES OF PLAGIARISM: Publisher Withdraws Deceitfully Crafted Book From Stores
JOHN MCCASLIN: Stars by Example
VATICAN CALLS for Boycott of Da Vinci Film
ANDREW MCCARTHY: The So-Called Religion of Peace
MAC JOHNSON: A Day Without Illegal Aliens? It's a Start!
HYUNDAI Chairman Arrrested
DAVID KUPELIAN: Homosexuals "Harassed" . . . by a Book -- How Ohio State Is Marketing Evil
KKK PLANS RALLY at Antietam Civil War Site -- USA Today
JEFF EMANUEL: Battling the Lockstep Left on Campus
PARENTS URGED to Battle Media to Save Youth -- WTimes
ROME: Restaurant Fined for "Cruel" Lobster Display -- Reuters

April 27, 2006

ON CAMPUS: Terrific Response to Class on Intelligent Design
EXXON MOBIL: $8.4 Billion Profit, 1st Quarter
"DAY OF TRUTH" Challenges Same-Sexers' Intimidation Tactics
2ND-GRADE CULTURE WAR: Parents Protest Pro-Homosexual "Marriage" Book
SCHOOL DISTRICT Rediscovers Christmas
IRAN Acquires Missiles That Put Europe in Range
IRAQ: Vice President's Sister Killed
ARREST WARRANT Sought for Hyundai Chairman -- AP
BLAIR GOVT Under Fire: Sex, Crime, Health Crises Roil Brits
SCHOOL KIDS Snorting "Starter Heroin"
LAWMAKERS to Big Oil: Show Us the Tax Records
SENATE AUTHORIZES $2 Billion to Stop Illegal Immigration
CHARLOTTE: Christian Rally to Replace "Gay" Pride Event

April 26, 2006

RICH Homosexual Activist Spends $1.5 Million on Colorado TV Ads
SPANISH SOCIALISTS: Would Grant "Rights" to Great Apes. . . Great Ape Project: "Today only members of the species Homo sapiens are considered part of the community of equals. The chimpanzee, the gorilla, and the orangutan are our species's closest relatives. They possess sufficient mental faculties and emotional life to justify their inclusion in the community of equals." 
ANN COULTER: It's Hard Out Here for a Pump
Flight 93: Somber, Somber Night
CIA LEAKER Mary McCarthy Backed Democrats -- WTimes
UNITED 93: "Harrowing Masterpiece". . . Encore: Udo Middelmann on 9/11
OPRAH WINFREY, Minimum Wage, Maximum Folly
WHITE HOUSE Press Secretary Update: It's Snowing
IRAQ Condemns Al-Zarqawi -- AP
IRAN THREATENS Global Retaliation if U.S. Attacks -- AFP
ACCUSED Plagiarist "Collaborated"
PUBLISHER Spurns Plagiarist's "Apology"
"DAY OF SILENCE" -- Hypocritical Homosexual Agenda Targets School Kids Today
MICHELLE MALKIN: Where's White House Compassion for Victims of Illegal Immigration?
CITIZEN-BUILT U.S.-Mex. Border Fence Gains Steam -- WND
VIRGINIA COUNTY Repeals Ban on Buckshot
PAKISTANI DOCS Forget Forceps in Teen -- UPI

April 25, 2006

SNOW Forecast for White House
AMSPEC: Osama University
GEORGIA SANCTIONS Bible in Schools, 10 Commandments in Courthouses
LENNON: "Pay-Per-View Seance Was Never His Style"
UNITED 93 Opens De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival
CAL THOMAS: Traitor in the Midst
PAT BUCHANAN: Prosecute Mary McCarthy
VIETNAM: Communist Party Says Religious Freedom Has Arrived
FRIDAY DEBATE: "Tangible Proof" of Al Qaeda Deploying Nukes
LETTERS: With Spies Like Mary
THOMAS SOWELL: Law or Lynching at Duke?
CRITIC: Bush Talk on Massive Deportation Is "Straw Man"
FRIEND: CIA's McCarthy Not Source on Covert Prisons Story
DAN'S Advice for Katie
POVICH SUED for Sexual Harassment

April 24, 2006

KING of the Silent Hill
JOHN FUND: Taliban Yalie May Be History
AMSPEC: Mary McCarthyism
CHINA OFFICIAL Defends "One Child" Policy -- UPI
JAIL TIME for Mary
SCHWARZENEGGER Opposes Border Wall, Prefes High Tech Approach
MCKINNEY: "Oh Cr--!"
EXECUTION by Legal Injection May Cause Agony, Says Anti-Death Penalty Group
BIN LADEN AUDIO: U.S., Europe Waging Zionist War on Islam
NORWAY Harpoons Whaling Critics
ARMY Suicide Rate Highest Since 1999 -- Reuters
BIG BROTHER Watches Workplace Computer

April 22, 2006

DEXTER INGRAM: Homeland Security in Black and White
FILMING THE FALL: "Paradise Lost" on Screen
FATAH ACCUSES HAMAS of Courting Palestinian Civil War
IRAQ: Parliament Elects Sunni Islamist Speaker -- AP
LOOSE LIPS SINK SPOOK: CIA Fires Veteran Officer Mary McCarthy for Passing Secrets to Media
LIBRARIANS TO SEVER TIES With Boy Scouts Over "Discrimination" Against Atheists, Homosexuals?
JOE SCARBOROUGH: So What if GOP Loses Congress?

April 21, 2006

HOWARD DEAN to Churches: Give Up Religion or Stay Out of Politics
AMSPEC: Al Gore's Hot Flick
COURT: Gov't Schools Can Ban "Homosexuality Is Shameful" T-Shirt
SCIENTISTS Cooling on Global Warming
ISLAMIC PUSH: Employ "Diversity" to Limit Free Expression
DAVID LIMBAUGH: Academic Goons Use Intimidation Tactics to Impose Homosexuality on Campus
DEROY MURDOCK: United 93 -- Too Soon, or Just in Time?
ATTY. GEN. GONZALES: "According to one study, one child in every five is solicited online". . . Speech: Nat. Ctr. for Missing and Exploited Children (graphic)
EMOTIONAL WIRING Different in Men, Women
5 TEENAGE BOYS Arrested in Kansas "Columbine" Plot

April 20, 2006

ANN COULTER: Lie Down With Strippers, Wake Up With . . .
LENNON Walrus: $226,000
HU Protester Removed by White House Security
LARRY ELDER: Perky Katie Dismissed by Colleagues, But for All the Wrong Reasons
"1ST PEOPLE to Inhabit the Post-9/11 World"
OHIO STATE Disclaims Same-Sexers, Warns Christian Librarian
JOSEPH FARAH: Buckeye Book-Burners
IRAN SCOFFS at Talk of U.S. Strike -- Reuters
MEXICAN PRIEST "Chopped Up Lover" Easter Sunday -- BBC
BAYLOR BARS Students From Posing for Playboy -- Reuters

April 19, 2006

FOX's Tony Snow as White House Spokesman?
50M NAZI DOCS: Germany Agrees to Open Holocaust Archive -- Spiegel
BUSH Press Secretary Quits, Rove Ends Policy Role -- Reuters
FEAR WATCH: Is "Big Media" Ready for United 93?
RUMSFELD: Foes Fear Change
WOMEN CITE Negative Experience to Support Ban on Abortion
BBC: Mexico Slams Georgia Illegal Immigrant Law
BOOK-BANNING Same-Sex Profs Drop Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Librarian 
BAGGAGE: Fonda to Let Sheehan Protest Iraq War -- "She's better at this than I am". . . BBC: Cancels Anti-War Bus Tour
JOHN STOSSEL: Your Tax Burden Is Bigger Than Tax Day

April 18, 2006

UPDATE: Women's Studies Honcho Says Her Strong Feelings Justified Inciting Students to Destroy Prolife Display
DENNIS PRAGER: The Film, the Fight for United 93
ENGLISH ELITE to Get Lessons in Happiness: Celebrity, Money, Power Not Enough
ISRAEL BLAMES Hamas for Deadly Suicide Attack
BBC: Israel Will Not Strike Back at Palestinian Authority
GERMANY SEEKS Turk-Hating Serial Killer -- UPI
2 DUKE Lacrosse Players Arrested on Rape, Kidnapping Charges
400 CROSSES: Lit Prof Admits She Led Students to Tear Up Pro-Life Display
GA GOV Signs Illegal Immigration Bill: "It's our responsibility to ensure that our famous Georgia hospitality is not abused"
MIKE ADAMS: Homosexual Hostility at Ohio Hate University
THOMAS SOWELL: Massive Pro-Illegal-Alien Marches Reveal Ugly Truth Behind Pious Words
BLACK-OWNED Businesses See Robust Growth
"DIE HARD" DIRECTOR Admits Lying in Hollywood Wiretap Case

April 17, 2006

AP: Sean Hannity Hangs Tough
ILLEGAL ALIEN Activists Target Lou Dobbs -- WND
AMSPEC: The god That Failed Europe Will Fail America TooGERMANY'S Leading Mind: "Multiculturalism Is Dead"
JOHN LEO: WPost Agrees -- Bush Right About Iraq Quest for Uranium
HOMOSEXUALS EXPLOIT White House Easter Egg Roll to Push Their Agenda
TV SKEWS Image of Peaceful Islam, Muslim Leaders Say -- USA Today
MAN SOUGHT in Sex Offender Killings Shoots Himself
OIL Hits $70/Barrel
IRAN: If Attacked, "Harm" Will Engulf Iran, Region, Everybody
EXXON: $98M Pension Payout to 1 Ex-CEO
MIKE ADAMS: OSU Homosexual English Prof J.F. Buckley as Intellectual Terrorist 
HARVARD-TRAINED Kurt Wise to Lead Science-Theology Center at Southern Seminary

April 16, 2006

ENCORE: The Resurrection of The Son of God -- A Review

April 15, 2006

OHIO STATE U Profs Attack Librarian for Recommending Marketing of Evil
POLL: Most Americans Say Tax System Unjust -- AP
PRO-ILLEGALS Activists Speak With Forked Tongue
PAT BUCHANAN: The Revolt of the Generals
GENERALS Defend Rumsfeld -- WTimes
J. RICHARD PEARCEY: Secularism Lives, But Man Is All But Dead
BUSH on Rumsfeld: "He has my full support"
JOSEPH FARAH: Another Fishy Missing Link -- WND
41 TALIBAN Killed in Fierce Battle -- Governor

April 14, 2006

ROCK 'N' ROLL COMMUNION: Episcopal Churches Turn to U2 to Pack Pews -- AP
AL QAEDA CONCEDES Strategic Defeat in Iraq -- U.S. General
HAMAS LEADER Meets Al Qaeda Rep
FRANKLIN RAFF: Media Treachery in Iraq -- WND
THOMAS SOWELL: Immigrants Needed for Work Americans Won't Do?
DAVID LIMBAUGH: Illegal Immigration as National Suicide
PRO-ILLEGALS Protesters Face Loss of Jobs
JUDGE Overrides School: Student Can Recite Poem With Profanity
FURIOUS GOV. Fights for U.S. Flag in Schools
PSYCHOLOGIST: "Mind" Develops Outside Womb, Therefore Fetus Cannot Feel Pain

April 13, 2006

WADE ZIRKLE: Troops in Support of the War -- WPost (reg)
MTV Pokes Fun at Jesus' Crucifixion
CAL THOMAS: No More Excuses for Illegal Immigration
Polygamists Flee as Law Closes In
AL QAEDA'S No. 2 Supports "Heroic Mujahedeen" in Iraq
ZOGBY POLL: Immigration Protests Backfire -- WND
BBC: Iran Defiant Over Nuke Plans
FEDS Nab Ninja Jogger
CLIFFORD MAY: Anti-Anti Terror People on Campus, in Media
ANN COULTER: Illegal Brown Is the New Black

April 12, 2006

UT PROF Supports Mims on Dr. "Doom" Speech
MICHELLE MALKIN: First Jay Bennish, Now Steve White -- Government School Teachers Unhinged
WALTER WILLIAMS: "In Principle, the Solution to People Being in Our Country Illegally Is Simple"
REVEALED: Anne Frank Letters
BBC: Iraqi Death Squads "Not Police"
MUSLIMS Stone Playboy Office
SCIENTISTS Seek Stradivarius Secret
TURMOIL, TURNOVER Mark Katherine Harris Run for Senate
ANIMAL RIGHTS Activists Admit Blackmail Plot
TALK SHOW Host Fired After Death Threat for Mother Teresa Attack. . . Penn Jillette: Mother Teresa Helped Sick and Dying for "Sexual Kicks"

April 11, 2006

BBC: Kandinsky Notes in English
ANALYST: Mims' Account of Dr. "Doom" Pianka Lecture Is "Accurate"DR. PIANKA WEBSITE: "What Nobody Wants to Hear, But Everyone Needs to Know"
SADDAM'S Daughter Speaks
SHARON: Declared Permanently Incapacitated, Tenure Officially Over
6 AFGHAN School Children Killed in Rocket Strike -- Reuters
KEY ORGANIZER of Immigration Rallies Tied to Marxist Group
MORE THAN 1 Million Rally for Aliens -- WTimes
DANIEL PIPES: Academic Unfreedom at Slippery Rock U
LAWYERS: DNA Clears Duke Lacrosse Players
MAN GETS $218 Trillion Phone Bill, Ordered to Pay in 10 Days -- AP
HACKERS Attack Porn Sites

April 10, 2006

J. RICHARD PEARCEY: Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation Now Online
I.D. SUPPORTER William Dembski Leaves Southern Seminary -- AP
KATIE'S MOMENT: Truth as Silly Putty at CBS News
KIEFER: 3 More for "24"
MICHAEL BARONE: Slouching Toward France
FRANCE Caves on Youth Job Law
EXPECTED: Marches Across U.S. for Illegal Aliens
SCHOOLS CRITICIZED for Offering Credits for Attending Pro-Illegal Alien Protests
HOUSE DEM Committed 250 Ethics Violations, Says Group -- CNSNews
Christian Coalition Shrinks -- WPost
EURO IMAMS Promise to Preach Compatibility of Islam and Democracy
HUMAN RIGHTS and Islam Don't Mix: Iraqi Official
AFGHAN CLINIC Ablaze, Health Workers Murdered
FERRARI Crasher Faces Grand Theft

April 8, 2006

Here's Looking at No. 1: Casablanca
MICHAEL MEDVED: Basic Instinct 2
TRIAL SET in Civil Suit Against Bill Clinton -- WND
BEIJING MAN: Teaching 100,000 Workers to Smile and Bathe
UPDATE: School Drops Flag Ban
KATMANDU CURFEW: Violators to Be Shot on Sight, Communist-Backed Protesters May Rally Sunday
NYC COLUMNIST "Nightcrawler" on Videotape Allegedly Making Blackmail Demands of Beverly Hills Billionaire, Friend of Bill Clinton
JAMES TARANTO: Brother From Another Planet
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Full Border Control First, Then Amnesty for All

April 7, 2006

CHINA POLICE STATE: Database Contains Details on 96%+ of People
BATTLING PROFS: Ward Churchill Defends Right to "Profess"
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Iran's Ahmadinejad Needs to Sober Up
MONA CHAREN: Multiculturalism and Hostility to Foreigners
GOSPEL OF JUDAS: "There Is No Independent Historical Tradition Behind the Text"
DA VINCI Publishers Win Case -- ReutersJudge: Brown Didn't Steal
HOMELAND'S DOYLE Apparently Viewed Porn While at Time Magazine
MCKINNEY GUARD in Shoving Match With Reporter
LIBBY TESTIMONY: Bush Approved Leak "Through the Vice President"
REPORT: Half of Cancers Related to Lifestyle -- UPI

April 6, 2006

TRANSCRIPT: Dr. Eric Pianka at Texas Academy of Science
FBI INTERESTED in Dr. "Doom's" Interest in Ebola
LARRY ELDER: How Does Mexico Treat Its Illegals?
CAL THOMAS: DeLay Resigns, But Deeper Challenge Remains
ANN COULTER: Terrorist Tom DeLay Captured
SYRIANA Slapped With Plagiarism Lawsuit
SPRING SURGE: Pro-Anorexia "Life Style" Websites Exploit Teens 
SCHOOLS Ban National Flags
BAGHDAD: Top Terrorist Captured
ISRAEL Arrests Hamas Cabinet Minister -- AP
DUKE BLUE: Lacrosse Coach Resigns, Season Scratched, Amid Player Rape Allegations
MCKINNEY Run-in Case to Hit Federal Grand Jury
FRANCE Divided: Let Them Drink Champagne
ICE-THEORY PROF Seeks Naturalistic Jesus
NEW Da Vinci Paperback Riding High
TEXAS SHERIFFS Tell Congress About Border War
SAN FRANCISCO Sued for "Startling Attack" on Catholic Church

April 5, 2006

MICHELLE MALKIN: McKinney and the Party of Police-Haters
MIKE ADAMS: UNC, Relativism, Diversity, and Child Porn
IRAN Seeks Seat on New UN Human Rights Body -- CNSNews
TEXAS Academy of Science Defends Decision to Honor Pianka
REP. MCKINNEY Charges "Racial Profiling," Won't Discuss "Specifics of the Incident"
HOMELAND SECURITY'S Doyle Arrested on Child-Sex Charges
PORN VICTIM: U.S. Too Slow on Pedophiles -- AP
EMINENT DOMAIN: Ga. Florist Wins Round in Court -- AJC (reg)
MILOSEVIC "Died a Natural Death" -- Dutch Prosecutors

April 4, 2006

PC INQUISITION Comes to Baylor University -- Frontpage
DR. DOOM on Defense: "I don't bear any ill will towards anybody" -- Eric Pianka
MONEY TRAIL: "Generous" ACLU Demands $1,000,000 From Dover
DON FEDER: Media's Battle Against "War on Christians"
SADDAM Charged for Gassing KurdsBBC: Saddam Faces Genocide Charges
TEXAS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Honored Dr. "Doom" Pianka After He Embraced Global Ebola Holocaust
COURIC to CBS News Almost Done
FIRMS Seek Ethics
HOMEGROWN Bladder Transplants
DECISION: DeLay to Resign From Congress
AIR COCAINE: Marshals Admit Smuggling
REP. MCKINNEY to Be Charged Over Capitol Hill Scuffle -- UPI
GAUNTLET WATCH: Ga. Blogger Eyes McKinney's House Seat
DR. PIANKA'S Death Wish
ARAB-American Rappers
MCKINNEY Radioactive
BEWARE: Legal Drug Maybe Deadly
"DIE HARD" Director Charged in Spreading Hollywood Wiretap Scandal -- AFP
The Hairdresser Did It

April 3, 2006

AN EARLIER Dr. Doom: Plan to Poison "Overpopulated" S.E. Asia
ANGUS MENUGE: V Is for Volk -- Unmasking the Fascism of Vendetta . . . Exclusive
JILL CARROLL: "My captors forced me to participate in a propaganda video"
"INEVITABLE" -- Brits Assess Strike Against Iran Nuke Program
REPUBLICANS Increasingly Critical of Bush -- AP
BBC: U.S. and U.K. Try to Break Iraq Delay
STUDY: Teen Diet of Sex in Media Leads to Intercourse -- Bloomberg
SUZANNE FIELDS: Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism
JOHN LEO: Transnational Elites v. Immigration Reform
U.S. POLL: 81% Want Tougher Curbs on Illegal Immigration
400 YEARS: Rembrandt Slept Here
DR. DOOM: "We're No Better Than Bacteria" (photo courtesy ForrestM.MimsIII)SCIENTISTS CHEER Holocaust Wish of Evolutionary Ecologist -- WND

April 1, 2006

UTEX ECOLOGIST Embraces Global Holocaust, Death of 90% of Humanity via Ebola Virus to Fix Overpopulation . . . Website: Dr. Eric Pianka -- The Lizard Man. . . Student Blog: "He's basically advocating for the death of all but 10% of the current population! And at the risk of sounding just as radical, I think he's right". . . Texas Aca. of Science: Pianka Honored as "2006 Distinguished Scientist" (pdf)
SOCCER REFS: Taking Bribes OK, But Be Fair
WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY: French Despair
FOREIGN Flags Backlash
MCKINNEY Accuses Capitol Hill Guard of Racism
FLAG-WAVING Banned at Colorado School -- APINVASION WATCH: Calif. Students Flew U.S. Flag Upside-Down, Below Mexican Flag -- WND
STUDY: Long-Term Mobile Phone Use Raises Risk of Brain Tumor -- Reuters
PATRICK BUCHANAN: Eurosocialism Is Dead
COCAINE Smuggled in Virgin Mary Tombstones -- AP
COLDPLAY: No. 1 World Album in 2005 -- UPI
9 OF 10 WOMEN: 1-Night-Stands "Immoral"
CATHOLIC NEWSPAPER Fires Photographer Over Scalia Photo