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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Decapitated Media: Brian Williams and NBC -- No Valor, No Pride, and No Shame

By Rick Pearcey • February 10, 2015, 12:18 PM

G. Murphy Dovovan writes at American Thinker:

Brian Williams has been the face of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and now he seems to be the face of shamelessness, too. Williams has regaled his gullible Media colleagues for a decade or more about a brush with death in Iraq that never happened. . . .

Note How Williams Was Exposed: "NBC and Williams were exposed by ordinary soldiers in a GI newspaper. . . . Williams was not outed by the White House. A President that consistently apologizes for terror culture is unlikely to criticize an ally like NBC. Williams was not outed by other media regulars like network crew members and colleagues at PBS, ABC, or CBS. Williams was not exposed by the brass at the Department of Defense either, the institution with the true record of aircraft movements and combat incidents.

"Williams was outed by the very grunts he pretends to support. In short, the most popular network anchor in America was exposed by his antithesis -- real soldiers telling the truth. . . ."

Note Who Defends Williams: "No surprise then that the first media standard bearer to come to the defense of Brian Williams was 'Gunga' Dan Rather. What’s to defend? A lie. . . .

"Rather and Williams at the top of their networks are a symptom of more fundamental media problems: the conflation of news and entertainment, sub rosa anti-military sentiment, and political pandering. Clearly, Williams and so many of his colleagues are more Kardashian than journalist, professional celebrities. . . ."

Journalism Decapitated: Journalism is literally losing its head. On a global scale, Islamists decapitate the very media cowards who apologize for Muslim behavior. At the same time, too many reporters at home are willing to commit professional perjury, frequently in the name of Islam. Withal, the message is clear. Neither side can trust journalists these days. . . ."

What to Do About Stolen Valor: If Ash Carter and Martin Dempsey at DOD want to do something serious about stolen valor, they might start by revoking the military press credentials of NBC and Brian Williams. Media jock sniffers don’t deserve a free ride on any military conveyance or protection in war zones at taxpayer expense. If sanctions can be imposed on Russia, Iran, and Cuba; surely, sanctions against a dishonest journalist and a network that defends frauds is not too much to ask. American warriors and veterans deserve to be covered by men like Ernie Pyle, not by liars and milksops like Dan Rather at CBS and Brian Williams at NBC."

Final Word from Christopher Hitchens: "I became a journalist because I didn’t want to rely on newspapers for information."

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