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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"The System Is Rigged": Trump Responds to FBI Decision Not to Criminally Charge Hillary Rodham Clinton

By Rick Pearcey • July 5, 2016, 01:16 PM

Leah Barkoukis writes:

Despite finding that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" in her use of a private server, that top secret information was stored, sent, and received on it, and that hostile foreign actors probably gained access to her emails, FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday morning that the agency does not believe criminal charges are appropriate in this case.

Reacting to the news, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump reminded his Twitter followers that the "system is rigged," pointing out that Gen. David Petraeus was punished for far less.

In another Tweet this morning, Trump said, "FBI Director said Crooked Hillary compromised our national security. No charges. Wow!"

Update: My View, From my Facebook page . . . 

The corruption in DC is deep and wide. Anyone who thinks this corrupt system -- Obama, Hillary, the Democrats, the Republican elites, the slavlish, imperialistic, enslaving bureaucrats -- that despises the rule of law and the roots of human freedom is anything but an unmitigated disaster is in for a rude series of cataclysmic awakenings.

There is hope. There is salt and light to be applied and to guide. We are witnessing how lawlessly entrenched are the rigged politics of sleaze in places high and low. Rooting it out to protect new generations from terror without and terror within is clearly the task at hand.

This catastrophe called the federal government is in free-fall. Fortunately, there is no reason on God's good earth that America and Americans need to fall with it.

The Spirit of 1776 lives. It lives not because it is "American" or happened in 1776. It lives because it is rooted in a verifiable vision expressing eternal principles that are publicly actionable in the here and now.

The Declaration of Independence states it pretty well -- this document despised by federal elites even as political mouthpieces are only to happy to co-opt its language for their insidious designs. It is the poison stealing the labelling of the cure.

The America that lives will turn away from the idolatry of the secular elites, the comforting religion of the freedom-haters, the fanatical "faith" of the totalitarians and their extremist corrupt privilege.

The Americans who live will turn to the reason for human dignity, to the rationale for wholistic freedom, to the verifiability of a Creator who acts into history, and to publicly actionable truth that liberates any who would grasp its hand, struggle to stand, and then walk proudly and humbly anew in a once-again great and powerful and compassionate land.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Horowitz on Hannity: Muslim Brotherhood Is Running Our National Security Policy

By Rick Pearcey • June 17, 2016, 10:58 AM

Chris Pandolfo writes at CR:

Thursday on The Sean Hannity Show, Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz appeared as a guest to discuss the Obama administration's reckless refugee resettlement policy.

Horowitz discussed the Obama administration's self-described "condensing" of the refugee vetting process -- a shortening of the time it takes to vet the refugees with the end goal of accepting as many refugees as possible.

Not only is the vetting process not working properly, but there are Obama administration officials with ties to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood overseeing the process.

"We are allowing the terrorist sympathizers and supporters, the foxes to guard the hen-house," CR quotes Horowitz saying on the Hannity show. .

"Further, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president Hillary Clinton has accepted over $20 million in donations from Saudi Arabia, a regime that abuses women and kills homosexuals," Pandolfo writes. 

How does all of this impact Americans? "The ruling class has conflicts of interest in our national security policy, and they are making Americans less safe," Pandolfo concludes.