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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama Stands With Tyrants

By Rick Pearcey • July 2, 2009, 12:29 PM

"Honduras is part of a pattern," asserts this editorial in the Washington Times.

On issue after issue (abortion, homosexuality, healthcare, GM, energy, taxes, spending, Iran, Israel, Honduras), the present occupant of the White House operates on the basis of what he wants when he wants it (aka, "living Constitution"), restrained in principle only by the present configuration of political power that may or may not resist him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is not Constitutional government. And it exists nowhere in the words or spirit of the Declaration of Independence, which we celebrate in two days, with yearning in our hearts.

Mr. Obama has opened wide the door to tyranny in America -- and beyond. By way of contrast, however, in the spirit of humane and dignified resistance, a free-thinking, self-governing people supports the restoration of Constitutional government in Honduras and the United States.

That is bad news for apparent Chavez and Castro wannabe, Manuel Zelaya, the rogue president of Honduras, given his walking papers.

And it is bad news for Mr. Obama, the rogue president of the United States, who might be better suited to life amid the glories and government health planning genius of Castro's Cuba or Chavez's paradise in fair and equal Venezuela. Both of those guys have Ph.D.s in knowing how to redistribute the wealth. 

By the way, interested parties might check in here for the next flight to Caracas out of Reagan National Airport.