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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Ugly Turn" in Healthcare Debate?

By Rick Pearcey • March 23, 2010, 03:10 PM

Fox News reported this afternoon on the "Ugly Turn" in the healthcare debate -- things like "You Lie!" in the House.

But what's really ugly? "You lie!," which is true, or Obama and the Democrats' destroying the Constitution, destroying the Declaration? The bribes, the kick-backs, the sleaze, the lies, smiles and the affronts against "nature and nature's God" -- are they not ugly?

The current regime -- in root and branch, in policy and philosophy -- is "ugly." The current regime, in coats and ties, shredding liberty, is "ugly." The current regime, spitting on freedom and despoiling the Capitol grounds as it parades in pride and tyranny, is "ugly."

In contrast, patriots who resist, in truth and love, are beautiful. Those who call a snake by its name before the snake devours the children are beautiful. Those who expose the wolves in sheeps' clothing, and who expose politicians pretending to serve the public but who force snake oil down throats, are beautiful.

Beauty serves truth and liberty, in community with God and man. Beauty will send the current ugly regime packing, starting now, then in November, and thereafter until the job is done. Beauty will restore Declaration liberty under God.

And when our kids ask what we did during the revolution, we can reply: "We fought for truth and beauty over against lies and ugliness. We fought and we prevailed. We overcame evil with good. And now the fight, the freedom, and the restored republic are yours. Preserve her with your sacred honor. Cast the ugliness into the bottomless sea."

Tea cups may rattle, some may break. Better to fix those, than not kill the snake.