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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Public Enemy: Why Give Obama Any Credibility?

By Rick Pearcey • March 31, 2010, 12:13 PM

As Obamacare "reform" demonstrates, the Obama government is on the wrong side of the facts, reason, the Declaration, and the Constitution.

This suggests a few basic questions:

* Why give this White House and its enablers the benefit of the doubt?

* Why give it and its enablers any credibility whatsoever?

* Why assume that it and its enablers are dealing with the American people in a way that is honest and straightforward on a whole host of issues -- from the Tea Party to abortion to taxes to national defense?

These questions go to the heart of living free for any people who would keep government in its place as a public servant instead of out of place a public enemy.

By its own behavior, by its own incendiary rhetoric, by its own policies, by its own philosophy of control, by its own hatred of things Constitutional and Declarational -- the Obama administration dares the American people to rise up, resist, improvise, and overcome.

The history of the world is replete with evidence for why "We the People" people should not place our faith in "It the Government." Especially in government that sets itself up as deity, as an idol to which we are now forced, by arbitrary "law" -- just like the U.S. Constitution does not say -- to bring our tithes and offerings and taxes and sweat and children.

This idol, we are told, loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

It promises milk and honey.

All you have to do is fall down and worship.

All you have to do is prostitute your time, sacrifice your humanity, and sell your soul. And by the way, signing away the future of your children to feed government greed here and now is also part of the deal.

In return, all power is yours. In return, all ability to transform, redeem, equalize, and heal America is yours. Finally, you can be proud. You can be as God.  

Yes. We can refuse. And face fines. And face jail time. And who knows what we shall face in the future if we anger this capricious idol and its cult of followers?

The house of Obama is a fundamentally dishonest regime that has broken faith with the American people in our national identity and in our human identity.

But what if Obama is sincere? Then he embraces the policies of a fool. If he is not sincere, he expresses the philosophy of a tryant.

Meanwhile, we live as aliens in a strange land, as partisans for liberty in occupied territory.

Surely, there is a better way than government on high. A way not at war with the freedom and dignity of man created in the image of God.

The realism of the Founders helped them understand the difference between trusting in God, a Creator who gives the blessings of liberty, and trusting in government, a creature which takes them away.

The result? A City on a Hill.

Perfection? Far from it.

And yet still: A City on a Hill. With the people of the world drawn to her gates, clamoring to get inside.

If in this generation we forget that lesson of freedom in history, we can forget seeing freedom in the the history of the next.

Surely, there is a better way.