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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Ugly" Politics: Just Who Embraces Violence?

By Rick Pearcey • March 29, 2010, 10:43 AM

Obama and the Democrats have already shown they are willing to kill others as part of their agenda -- that is a real-world lesson of abortion in America. In many respects, what hinders them is not morality, but fear of a political and moral backlash.

If these Jacobin ideologues of inhumanity are willing to kill "the least of these" (which itself has been justified by a decades-long propaganda campaign), it is wise to consider that even more propaganda, and as much violence as they think they can get away with in the present social climate, is a real possibility.

Just because these folks are in government, wear suits and ties, and are surrounded by the pomp of office, it does not necessarily follow that they are good people, sincere people.

But note, even sincere people can be co-opted by evil. And if you are going to co-opt freedom, it's very important to appear sincere.

As a matter of principle, freedom-minded people should question authority and question those in authority, no matter who they are.

Neither trust in God nor trust in government is meant to be a blind leap into the dark. That's for cults, whether political, religious, or scientific.

"Test everything," one the other hand, is utterly Biblical, humane, and central to who we are as Americans and as human beings. It is one of the blessings and responsibilities of liberty called for by the Creator.

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