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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Right Hates Soccer?

By Rick Pearcey • June 19, 2010, 09:10 AM

"Scribe Dave Zinn recently published a few thoughts on why right-wingers despise soccer," writes Matthew May at American Thinker.

As a free-thinking human being who follows the evidence and therefore embraces the Declaration, the U.S. Constitution, and Judeo-Christian worldview, I am tempted to jump into this debate.

But Holland and Japan have just started the second half of their game in South Africa, and why debate love of soccer as "the beautiful game" when one can enjoy its beauty on display in HD only a click away?

I play pick-up soccer most week-days with my Latino friends, with whom I recently enjoyed going to RFK to watch A.C. Milan play D.C. United, an event I was asked about by a security officer at the U.S. Captiol while I was visiting my old neighborhood a few weeks ago with friends from Georgia (we once lived on Capitol Hill). The officer initiated the topic of the AC/DC match because I was wearing one of my favorites jerseys -- A.C. Milan's red and black.

I'm also on an indoor soccer team -- which happens to have several players from Ghana. We had a great time reveling in Ghana's victory in the World Cup last Sunday.

Time to go. Holland is now leading Japan. It's 1-0. I enjoy Holland's pedigree, but always have a soft spot for the underdog, in this case, Japan.

Time for another espresso and eyes back on "the beautiful game."

Before I go: I support Brazil to win the World Cup (even though not exactly an underdog) and am absolutely thrilled with the U.S. play in yesterday's 2nd half against Slovenia. Favorite club team: Barcelona.

The next World Cup will be held in Brazil. And we have friends in Sao Paulo. Hmm.

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