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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama Records Pro-Homosexual Video Message for Youth

By Rick Pearcey • October 26, 2010, 09:09 AM

"In a video message posted at the White House Web site  for the 'It Gets Better Project,' President Barack Obama decries the bullying of gay youth and says that homosexual youth should know there are 'caring adults who can help' and that, in time, 'things will get better,'" reports CNSNews.com.

Speaking of bullies, how about the Washington-centric federal government, the "pro-choicers" who have no problem destroying preborn American citizens, and the radical homosexual establishment that for years has been using tactics of intimidation and coercion to impose its private, extremist, immoral, and out-of-the-defining American mainstream (read: U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence) agenda upon the United States?

Under Obama & Co. things have not gotten better, they have gotten worse, and they will continue to get worse -- for these people continue to flout not just the Constitution and the Declaration but also "nature and nature's God."

Next Tuesday, on November 2, a people of freedom and diginity in community with the "Creator" -- whom Obama likes to fail to mention when quoting the Declaration of Independence -- will make official their first installment in the rebirth of freedom in America.

This is just the beginning of the struggle to reclaim liberty in America, but it signals the end of that utterly failed experiment of 60s-style extremism so precious to Obama & Co. and their assorted cadres of bully boys and bully girls.

So, yes, things will get better -- because there are caring adults in America who remember the rules for freedom, paid for in blood across battlefields from Yorktown to Omaha Beach to modern day Afghanistan.

Obama's propaganda machine can spin out however many messages it wants from the White House. None of that will overcome the message that the American people is sending, will send next Tuesday, and will continue to send until this anti-freedom rabble of radicals passes away into the oblivion it so richly deserves.