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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reagan & CPAC: What Would "the Gipper" Do About GOProud?

By Rick Pearcey • February 12, 2011, 08:17 AM

Sandy Rios writes at her new blog:

With the constant invocation of "what would Reagan do," the amnesia about what he actually did do and say about conservatism is amazing. In the midst of a grand celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, many Republicans rush to claim his name while ignoring his principles. Reagan worked tirelessly to coalesce social, economic and national defense conservatives and when he succeeded he won big. It wasn’t a political tactic to him. It was congruous with clear thinking and the resulting success came not by contrivance but by nature.

But some people who claim his legacy seem to have forgotten. 

Washington Insiders have successfully convinced the Tea Party movement to stick to lower taxes and smaller government. The social issues will divide us, the Wise Men of the Beltway advise. But will lower taxes and smaller government alone save the Republic? 

Hence the activism of GOProud, a pro-homosexual group that supports "open homosexuality in the military and hate crimes." This group has a "prominent place at the influential, D.C., gathering known as CPAC and other once clear-thinking conservative organizations," Rios writes. 

"To further make the point, 'Go-Proud' issued a release blasting potential Presidential contender, Tim Pawlenty, for his opposition to gays in the military. 

"Many groups and individuals have withdrawn from CPAC for this embrace, understanding that while individual homosexuals may be conservative and welcome in the party, organizations formed around gay advocacy are at odds with the moral principles that bring sanity and clarity to it all.

"Order in government . . . order in finance . . . and order in the family produce solid foundations upon which wealth and happiness are both attainable," Rios concludes. "Ronald Reagan understood that.  And if we are going to claim his legacy, so should we."

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