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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bible Student Confesses to Killing Spiritual Leader's Wife

By Rick Pearcey • November 16, 2012, 05:36 PM

Rachel Quigley reports at the UK Daily Mail:

The Bible student who confessed to killing a spiritual leader's wife told police he was acting under the orders of her huband, who told him to make it look like suicide.

The body of Bethany Deaton, 27, from Kansas City, was found in a van on October 30 with a bag over head, an empty bottle of pills and a suicide note.

Her husband Tyler Deaton is now under investigation in her death, prosecutors announced yesterday.

Micah Moore, 23, confessed to murdering Bethany on Friday and said he did it to prevent her from telling her therapist she was being raped by men in their spiritual group. He also said the assaults were recorded on his iPad. . . .

Witnesses in the case who have not been named, said the group first met at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, and had moved to Kansas City to participate in the International House of Prayer, an evangelical missions organization.

What kind of "spiritual" nonsense would lead someone to accept orders from a "spiritual leader" to murder the spiritual leader's wife?

Sadly, this kind of abuse is a possibility, not just generally in a broken world full of very imperfect people, but also specifically within ingrown, cult-like groups that operate on the basis of "revelation," "I really believe God gave me a verse in Scripture" ("and now I get to run your life") and "God is still revealing his vision for us" ("Meet my son, Moses") -- as if human beings already do not have an objective, real-world and verifiable road-map to living available in information given in the Biblical data.

What does the Creator who endowed human beings with unalienable rights also say? "Test Everything." That includes you, Mr. Moses "I just got some goosebumps in the shower." And you too, Ms. Prophet of the mind-meld.

So, you see, "worldliness" is not just something that happens out there in big, bad politics or business, let us say. Some of the most profound and damaging example of deep evil can occur right under your super "spiritual" noses.

For example, in your favorite Christian bookstore -- where the owners set up a raffle designed to make a favorite customer win.

Or consider a well-respected a pastor who succumbs to tempations to play the God-card and lord it over his flock and be treated like some kind of god. I mean, he's written 35 books! Spiritual giant!

Or consider a Christian school that asks staff and faculty to sign ethically compromised legal documents, the very signing of which is an act of lying, perjury. Or maybe the secular-spiritual divide really is what rules the roost. Forget all that worldview stuff when it comes to power and money.

Interesting, isn't it, that these people who claim special access to God via dreams, revelations, and ongoing visions somehow haven't gotten the message universally available to "we the little people"?

That message is already in Scripture for anyone to read and apply
-- all about not lying to students, not manipulating trusting parents, and not requiring staff or faculty to behave dishonorably. 

What this suggests, thinking more broadly, is that the "challenges one faces in politics are no different in principle from the challenges of living as salt and light in any calling of life today, and in any aspect of society," as I have written elsewhere. In addition:

Politics, education, the arts, recreation -- all of life is meant to be lived in community with God and man.

But, equally, in a broken world, each of these can be a distraction and a lure away from our true calling.

A pastor, church, or Christian who fails to apply -- across all of life, including political life -- the verifiable, publicly actionable wisdom given by a knowable Creator is failing to be salt and light.

When that happens, society suffers, as is evident in the news and events of life in America today.

What tragedy and heartbreak is unfolding in Kansas City. And yet how pleased the Devil must be at his success in preparing the battleground for catastrophes such as this -- in the stores, on campus, in church, and even inside the prayer closet. When it comes to resisting evil, resisting this nonsense, now is always a good time to revolt, and here are four action points to get started.