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Thursday, April 27, 2017

North Korea Video Puts White House, Capitol Hill in Crosshairs

By Rick Pearcey • April 27, 2017, 11:37 AM

Myles Burke reports at the U.K. Telegraph:

Pyongyang's latest propaganda video puts the White House and U.S. troops in the crosshairs and stimulates a crescendo of missile strikes if the U.S. "kicks off aggression."

The video which was [posted] on the North Korean website Meari (Echo) today and portrays the White House, U.S. aircraft carriers and troops through the crosshairs of a targeting device. ‚Äč

The video "culminates in a series of missile strikes and simulated footage of Washington exploding into flames. It also carries a stark warning: 'The moment when (the enemy) kicks off aggression and provocations'," the Telegraph reports.

The production values of this propaganda are amateurish and bespeak an insular, crazed, and closed-down mentality. You feel a bit sorry for people who have lived under this kind of fanatical governing mentality.

Nevetheless, the message should be taken seriously. In this broken world, wisdom instructs us that individuals and nations should be prepared to counter -- with great force, if necessary -- any threat, crazed or otherwise -- that might might burst through your front door or second-story window.