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Friday, June 10, 2016

Explosive Video: "Trusted" Google Is Rigging Search Results to Favor Election of Hillary Clinton

By Rick Pearcey • June 10, 2016, 12:56 PM

Allum Bokhari writes at Breitbart:

Earlier this week, we reported on accusations that Google is in cahoots with the Clinton campaign.

Now, an explosive video from SourceFed claims that the company -- which holds a virtual monopoly on search -- is actively altering search recommendations in favour of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In this video, Matt Lieberman of SourceFed presents evidence (and answers objections) supporting the finding that "Google is burying potential searches for terms that could have hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary elections over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site."

The video notes a "stunning number of links" between Google and the Clinton campaign and states that these links "all stem" from "one particular person."

That person, Lieberman explains, is  "Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, Inc."

Schmidt is "also the former head of Google" and a "major funder of The Groundwork . . . ," which is an "investment by Schmidt to ensure that Hillary Clinton has the technological and engineering prowess to win the election," Lieberman states.

In addition, the Clinton campaign's "chief technology officer" is Stephanie Hannon, who is a "former Google executive."

These connections, Lieberman continues, "showcase a man who has a clear and invested interest in how our country is run and is actively funding one candidate to run it while the company he advises is warping search results in her favor.

Does this warping, this manipulation make any real difference in election outcomes?

"In fact, it really, really does," states Lieberman, citing the research of Dr. Robert Epstein of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (based in Vista, California).

With reference to what is termed "voter manipulation power," Epstein is quoted as saying that "Google could determine the outcome of upwards of 25 percent of all national elections."

"What we have discovered about Google's potential actions is shocking and deeply disturbing," Lieberman concludes. "I no longer have the trust that I once did in the company at large and what they are meant to represent."

Go here to watch Matt Lieberman of SourceFed make the case that Google has been "actively altering search recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton's campaign."