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Bobby Jindal Takes a Stand

Mark Noonan sees hooks in Washington smiles:

Among the many nefarious purposes of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Spendulus bill is to make State government dependent upon the Federal government . . .

[H]ad Jindal taken these funds, then in three years he would have been forced to either raise taxes in Louisiana or go, hat in hand, to Obama for continued funding . . . and Obama would have named his price, which would have come down to Jindal enforcing Obama’s ideas on employment in Louisiana.

Jindal shows why our Federal system is a precious gift from our Founders -- it allows the people, if they have wise leaders at the State level, to cushion themselves against a Federal government gone out of control.

Apparently, some offers can be refused.

Hat tip: Blogs for Victory.



If I'm not mistaken, the problem is that the legislature can override the governor's wishes and take the money anyway.

Why can people never seem to remember the adage that whoever takes the king's money is the king's man?

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