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Christian Author Kicked Off Facebook?

What happened to the Facebook page of Christian author and apologist Dr. R.C. Metcalf?

His page no longer exists today, but it was in good working order earlier this week, according to one of his page's visitors.

"Facebook should be dubbed a Social 'Notworking' site since they kicked author and Christian Apologist R.C. Metcalf off the site!," quips Shawn White. White says he got the term "notworking" from Metcalf.

Moments ago, I clicked on a link for Metcalf's Facebook page and saw this message: "The page you requested was not found."

No page. No explanation. Person deleted.


One would like to think that some explanation ought to be given to why he was removed. Or, at the very minimum, some sort of place to voice an opinion or defense for the action, but there does not seem to be any place on Facebook to do this.

Whether it was justified or not does not negate the fact that some fairness should come into play here, but with no explanation and no way to rebut, that does not appear to be a main concern for Facebook.

I just hope his account is reinstated soon.


Maybe Dr. Metcalf removed himself from FaceBook, because of their draconian policy change.

Will he come back now that FaceBook has rethought its position?



My understanding is that Dr. Metcalf was surprised by the disappearance of his Facebook page.



It was a surprise to me. No reason was given and I didn't violate their Terms of Use as written. My only consolation is that many people find they are reinstated after about a week. Hopefully that will be my fate as well!