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Multicultural Carnage

It's not polite these days to think past slogans one imbibes on campus, in newsrooms, in science labs, or on Capitol Hill.

Therefore, everyone knows "diversity is our strength."

Therefore, everyone knows all religions are created equal.

Therefore, everyone knows that to question an agenda is to create a distraction.

But then come beheadings. And then comes the outcry of 3 wives and 19 children.

At the risk of being human, let me suggest a way of escape: Question religion, question diversity. Like the free-thinker's handbook says, "Test everything."


Diversity is an agenda, I believe, propagated to separate society into factions. If we're all focused on our differences we will never come together to become the body of Christ. We should hold fast to the Truth and resist all others

As far as I understand it, unity in diversity is a biblical concept. However, these two concepts seem to be contradictory, "Therefore, everyone knows 'diversity is our strength,'" and "Therefore, everyone knows all religions are created equal."

If all religions are created equal, then there is no diversity which then makes "unity our weakness."

This is the kind of stuff that gives me a headache...