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What are your thoughts on the news, people, quotes, and events of the day?


I am flabbergasted in regard to the debacle of the British Government over the issue of Geert Wilders (see the Spectator article). Myself a Brit, living overseas, I can both see how this has come about and yet at the same time still reel in shock from the news.

The contrast is stark. Intimidation from only the second ever Muslim MP sends the Lords into a frenzy and then the Home Office jumps in saying that Wilders statements would, "threaten community harmony and therefore public security in the UK." Yet meanwhile Muslim protests run through the streets of London unchecked by the Police (see this article).

We hope in vain that somehow the country will 'wake up' and realise the horrid folly that abounds. But I'm afraid that for me history does not offer much hope. Germany did not recant after Krystallnacht. The multiple revolutions in France did not dissuade that bloody method of choice, and indeed riots are now ingrained in the makeup of that nation.

The very bastions of freedom and liberty in this world are crumbling and along with them the moral resolve to stand up against evil is fading quickly. We have lost the ability to intervene overseas (think Rwanda and now the DR Congo) and soon enough we will lose the fight at home. Indeed, if the current news trends are indicative then I would say that the fight is almost lost.

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