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Ultimate Oxymoron: "Christian" Obama-Voters

La Shawn Barber wonders on Facebook "how one can follow Christ and support the slaughter of the unborn."

She was responding to "Christian Obama-Voters," the Ultimate Oxymoron at Breitbart's "Big Hollywood."

I replied: "There is no logical or worldview connection between following the Lord of Life and embracing the culture of death.

"Philosophical chop suey, cognitive incoherence -- a seedbed of hypocrisy and inhumanity -- is the unconscious mental menu of many people."

Any thoughts?


This is exactly as you describe, philosophical chop suey. People in the pew are still not being taught worldview thinking . . . . that's why the borrowing from other worldviews is constant.

Quite so, as John "the apostle of love" wrote, "No murderer has eternal life in him."

These "Christians" need to consider if they really -- are -- Christians, for by being accessories to mass murder, enablers of mass murder, they are guilty of murder. Unless they were mentally incompetent to realize that murdering babies -- is -- murder. In which case they really shouldn't be voting -- or driving cars or handling their own bank accounts.

I think one thing that's operative here is that many Christians, and other good people, get blinded by pacifism and Humanistic sentiments related to world suffering, war, starvation and other evils, and hence take their eyes off the ball, failing to notice the REAL evil, the aborion holocaust. After all, the abortion holocaust -- because of its magnitude, international organisation, the power of its backers (eg. Obama) and the size of its victim-count -- is clearly the greatest evil in human history. Ironically, such people are often careful to commemorate the Nazi holocaust of the 1940s, "in case it happens again" -- while failing to notice that something far, far worse is happening right now, in their own back yards, something (unlike past holocausts) that they could do something about.

Sarah -- It would seem that the church would indeed be a good place to educate people on Christian worldview.

Jesus himself has a worldview and it would seem that followers of His would benefit from knowing what that worldview is.

In this way they could live in more authentic community with Him and each other. In this way, words, including "spiritual" words, would have meaning connected with concrete reality and be less susceptible to manipulation by politicians, pulpiteers, fundraisers, and so on.

All of us would be better equipped to live in line with verifiable and knowable truth about God, man, and the cosmos. What we are given in the data of Scripture is not "religious" in the sense of being divorced from the real world. It's quite "this-worldly" in that regard and open to consideration and discussion by those who care to think and discuss.

Presidents who claim to be Christian would be able to preside more wisely, including demonstrating a respect for human biological existence, even if its present state of development is tiny and pre-birth. Biological size is a poor indicator of ontological worth.

In addition, more pre-born American citizens created in the image of God would breathe the liberating air of God's good creation outside the womb.

These considerations, it seems to me, are integral to a humane and Biblical discipleship, whether we are talking about Presidents, pastors, painters, or our neighbors both inside and outside of the womb.