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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some $800,000, 3 Law Firms, 1 Birth Certificate . . . and Yet

By Rick Pearcey • March 7, 2009, 05:54 PM

The Obama birth certificate issue is not going away, writes Al Ritter at Examiner.com:

The newest plaintiffs on the scene for lawsuits about Obama’s birth certificate are a group of military personnel, some active, some reservists, and some retired. They all share the same concern, they don’t think that our sitting President has the requirements set forth in the Constitution to be our President.

Many cases have already been submitted concerning the same issues, but all so far have either been dismissed without comment, or dismissed on the grounds of “no standing.” So far Barack Obama has spent close to $800,000 through 3 different law firms to deny access to his birth certificate, and not the Certificate of Live Birth, he showed on his website prior to the election. . . . 
One has to wonder what Obama has to hide, and why he’d spend almost $800,000 to avoid producing a $10 birth certificate, and why with all the present law suits the US Supreme Court has so far refused to hear even one. The biggest question is why wouldn’t the Congress institute a law to avoid this in the future, unless they already know the answer to this question. 
One also has to wonder: If a $10 birth certificate is going to cost some $800,000 and 3 law firms in the era of Obama, what can we expect regarding Obamatized healthcare, education, housing, and energy?