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Chris Matthews: Pro-Life "Verbal Terrorism"

Chris Matthews of "Hardball" now attacks principled, constitutional, and humane resistance to the slaughter of pre-born human beings as "terrorism" and "verbal terrorism."

This should break your heart. For the kids it condemns. For an anchor's own blinding darkness. For the night that is much of media. For the gaping wound previously known as journalism.

Abortion is an act of fascism, drenched in blood, authorized by a secular state. Delegated is an authoritarian power to decide who lives and who dies, who is torn to shreds and who escapes the womb to safety. A city of industry carries out capital judgment in abortcentration centers across the land. 

Minds close. Minds protect themselves. Minds hide behind language.

Perhaps you recall:

N-----! Get a rope! Find a tree!

Jew! Get on the train! Go to the camp!

Nurse! Complete the procedure!

Perhaps you recall: Who directed the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution? Answer: The Committee of Public Safety. Exactly what you'd expect. They made choices too.


Excellent piece, Rick!

So, let me see if I have this straight. When the liberals on the Senate Judiciary Committee castigated Clarence Thomas over a made-up controversy, this was simply them doing their due-diligence in providing advice and consent. However, if folks on the right oppose a staunchly pro-death appointee then they are terrorists?

I think it might be time for Chris Matthews to find something he's good at and change careers. He has obviously forgotten what objective journalism and reasoned discourse are all about.

There is the danger that his use of terms comes from the administration as an outlier and the time will come when acting and speaking against abortion will earn one 'enemy combatant' status by presidential diktat and the "Patriot" Act. The desire to do this is present in the administration, and the power is there.