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Live Vote: Obama Flunking MSNBC Performance Poll

Thus far, 47% out of 22,983 responses award the prez an "F".

58% award him a "D" or an "F".


I had this sent to me and was not able to vote. But He gets an F from me.

What's with the Republican Congresspersons who tell us that the answer to the mess we're in is to go on worshiping the Great God Free Market? No change will cure the ills, they say -- while at the same time they tell us they hope the president will fail. That means the recession will sink into depression . . . Do REAL Americans really want that?

But with all the ravings against the president and the party attempting to bring sanity to this chaos, the enemies of change may win -- bringing disastrous change to us all.

Obama gets an A+ from me!
-- Corinne Broskette, St. Petersburg, FL