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Total Truth Trekkies

We appreciate the way pastors and churches continue to find Total Truth a helpful book. Here's a recent recommendation.


Hi Rick -

It is so great to see other churches embracing the teaching of a Christian worldview in their congregations. It is even more so to see that Nancy's book is being given such positive standing.

Is it just me or does there seem to be a heightened awareness of the need for Christian worldview and apologetic teaching? I have been very surprised (pleasantly) that the congregation I attend has welcomed this type of teaching with open arms. Is this something you have been noticing on a national scale or just in localized pockets of the US?

Hi Shawn,

Total Truth begins with this quote from Francis Schaeffer:

"Christianity is not a series of truths in the plural, but rather truth spelled with a capital 'T.'

"Biblical Christianity is Truth concerning total reality -- and the intellectual holding of that total Truth and then living in light of that Truth."

I would agree there is heightened awareness of the need for teaching Christianity as a total worldview rooted in knowable and verifiable Truth about God, man, and the cosmos.

For this we are thankful and shudder at where things might be today without people stepping forward to take their place in the line of battle.

There remains, however, so very much to do in the area of articulating a Christian mind both inside and outside of the church building. Too much that is said and done reflects a kind of privatized spirituality, it seems to me.

There remains especially much to do in the area of the practical application of the truth and lordship of Christ across the whole of life and culture, including the nuts and bolts and methods of Christian ministry. This lack may be a significant hindrance in the present struggle.

This concern is at the core of Schaeffer's struggle. See chapter 13 of his True Spirituality and chapter 13 of Total Truth. Our experience has been that this aspect of Christian worldview is rather neglected.

Politically, for example, some might think Christians have matured in their political action.

My sense is that this clearly is not the case: In the engagement of the issues, in the ability to field articulate spokesmen, and in the all-important practical side of cultural-political engagement, Christians seem rather shy of an authentic and mature cultural engagement consistent with a vibrant, whole, and humane discipleship. We have a few "stars" and a "star system" that creates them, but that's about it, it seems.

I am working on a book that addresses concerns such as these. Perhaps this effort, along with work done by others, can help shift the tide toward a more humane and life-affirming society in tune with love of God and the dignity of man.

Certainly -- to take up Shawn's point -- Total Truth (and the whole world-view approach) is not nearly well known enough here in Britain (and, I guess, in other parts of the English-speaking world), and that is a great shame, as it's an excellent book -- I quote it on my Christian website, and hope others do too.

Thanks for citing BibleTrekToday.com in this post as a good example of how pastors are using Nancy's book today. We are excited about what God is doing in our congregation as we have focused on building a biblical world view this year.

I feel that this is needed and will yield great dividends in the long run. The book, TOTAL TRUTH was a wonderful help to me and others that I have recommended it to. I did a review of it on my site and linked it to Amazon for those who might want to purchase it.

God bless you in your work for the Lord!

Pastor John Morse, Good Shepherd Church, Owensboro, Kentucky