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Ann Coulter Out, Nancy Pearcey In

From Randy Thomas:

I quit reading the latest book by Ann Coulter.  By the time I got to the second instance of her calling a group of people a name that rhymes with "wussies" I closed the book and never went back to it again.

I didn't get angry.  I didn't even really think about it beyond the roll of my eyes and exasperated sigh.  The world is too coarse and has been for a long time. I closed the book, put it down and literally didn't think about it again ... for weeks.  It's like a subconscious switch said, "alright that's enough ... move on."

So I have.  When Ann gets to the point and makes a true argument I will listen or read her column.  I doubt I will buy another book.

All that said, I would still go to lunch with her if given the opportunity.

A friend gave me a book by Nancy Pearcey called Total Truth.  She is an authentic Christian intellectual.  Of course I don't think I even rate as a pseudo intellectual so ... take my estimation with a grain of salt.  All I know is I have loved her work with Charles Colson and I was mesmerized by her intellect at a presentation I attended where she was speaking about this very book.

A couple of observations. First, full disclosure. Ann Coulter came onboard at Human Events while I was managing editor. I enjoyed working with her. I agree she is sometimes over the top, but I'd much rather have her in play than others who lack conviction, courage, or both.

Secondly, Nancy and I appreciate that many people have found How Now? to be of help. Please let the record show, however, that the book is actually tri-authored (not simply coauthored) by Nancy Pearcey, novelist Harold Fickett (the long story chapters), and Charles W. Colson. 

By the way, both Nancy and I have book projects in the works. Hers is under consideration by a publisher. Mine is being written.


Ann Coulter is in great need of discipling. She's a major talent, but she needs spiritual formation.

Your wife already has all of that.

Don't forget the book she wrote with Thaxton -- an excellent tome.

Hi! Thank you for the link. I added your thoughts to the bottom of my original post and also responded to them there.

Basically I said I agree with you about Ann. She is only "out" with me with regard to her books and employing over the line degrading humor.

I also worked with Harold before. He interviewed me for my testimony being included in Colson's book The Good Life.

Thank you for the mention and thank you for a great blog and books :).


Yes, let's remember "The Soul of Science," which to be accurate, was 100% authored by the wonderful and talented Nancy. She invited Charles Thaxton into the project to provide "scientific expertise and review" (as noted in fn 15, page 398, Total Truth, soft cover).

Thaxton is noted, by the way, as a coauthor of a great book titled "The Mystery of Life's Origin."

As for spiritual formation, I appreciate what you say regarding Nancy. I also think you would agree that we're all a kind of "work in progress," not only in our individual "private" lives but also in how we properly apply truth across the whole of life, including work, publishing, politics, and so on.

Central to a worldviewish "reformation of manners" is a willingness to fix what needs mending when we become aware of what needs to be done. King Josiah of 2 Kings 22 seems a good example of this.

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