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Farah Challenges Wishy-Washy Pastors

Beginning with The Rev. Rick Warren. The editor of WorldNetDaily steps all over Warren's soft shoe parade: 

America achieved its independence and freedom in the 18th century in large part because colonial pastors stood up for biblical principles, preached them, lived them and refused to back down from them -- even in the face of death.

The American War of Independence has been accurately called a "pulpit revolution" for this reason. It was inspired by great men of God who recognized evil and called it by its right name.

What a difference two centuries, combined with affluence and the corporatization of the 501(c)3 church culture has made.

A good example of this was on display on CNN's "Larry King Live" this week, as "America's Pastor" Rick Warren did a soft shoe act on his role in the same-sex marriage battle over Proposition 8 in California. . . . 

For more, go here.

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I read something by Francis Schaeffer that explained the consequence of not naming sin as sin.

Here it is: "The modern non-Christian answer [in regard to man being a moral creature] denies the legitimacy of moral absolutes, refuses to make any kind of final moral comment on man's actions and thus reduces cruel and noncruel acts to the same level."

I hadn't realized that before. Our failure to make clear our position results in blurring the issues, and ultimately making them seem as if they don't matter.

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