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Beauty and the Beast: Resisting the Reactionary Extremism of Perez Hilton

Openly homosexual blogger and Miss USA judge Perez Hilton has called pageant contestant Carrie Prejean the "C-word," defaced a photo of the young lady, and admits to giving her a score of zero, reports WND.

And this from an individual giving public face to those who wrap themselves as victims in banners of "love" and "tolerance." But it is nothing of the sort, of course, as is clearly seen in the emotional outburst of this "judge" who took upon himself also the roles of jury and executioner. Such hubris.  

Mr. Hilton apparently hates the reply Prejean gave to his question concerning homosexual "marriage." As Prejean told Sean Hannity last night on TV, she chooses being "Biblically correct" over being politically correct and concludes therefore that marriage ought to be between a man and a woman.

Her view has the advantage of expressing a life lived in community with our true Creator, which is a better foundation for growth and humanness than is reducing ourselves -- as a consistent naturalistic secularism requires -- to bundles of particles organized by chance inside bodies that have no meaning in an impersonal universe.  The resulting breakdown of the distinction between male and female is an expression not of progress into love but of regress into meaninglessness.

Her courageous stance places Prejean at the center of political and ethical discourse as framed by the Declaration of Independence, which articulates the Founding vision and mission statement of the United States.

She is occupying the same ontic and philosophical universe set forth by our Founding Fathers. The real extremists are those who reject that Founding vision and indeed reject the world as it objectively exists in its externality as a creation of our Maker who endows humanity with unalienable rights.  

The reactionary behavior of Hilton and his association with the Miss USA pageant indicate just how radically extreme and ugly certain intolerant elites have become after rejecting that humane and liberating worldview which gave rise to the American experiment in the first place. They war against nature and nature's God, against human nature and human nature's God.

This war is real. Instead of human rights rooted in a knowable, verifiable, and loving Creator who has a moral character, we have instead aggressive power groups imposing a false, subjective, and hurtful agenda upon a patient and forbearing nation. 

Love of God and man, of neighbor and community, calls for a humane resistance for freedom, the individual, and wholeness. Fortunately, we are beginning to see signs of free-thinking individuals rising up to throw off the chains of pretended absolutes masked and marketed as progress, toleration, and positive change.

A 21-year-old held her ground the other night and holds it still. She lost a pageant. But she won a crown. 

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I am so proud of Carrie. In this world where we are are in a battle for the soul of America, she will become a spokesperson.

She will not be Miss USA, but she will have a bigger role for young people in our country as a role model. That evening was a defining moment in her life.

She will never be forgotten, and her crown in heaven will be hers for eternity!

John 15:18 -- "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."

Real beauty come from a clean heart, and a clean heart comes from the washing of the water by the word. The external beauty is pleasing to the eye but that internal beauty is pleasing to the soul.

Perez Hilton, not to be confused with Paris Hilton. (Are you kidding me? Of course that's what he wants us to do.)

These militant "gays" are mean, untolerant, vicious leftists who are hell bent on destroying this country, while they build their gaytopia.

Miss Prejean did her duty in standing tall for what has come before, a much better world than the militant gays deserve.

She is occupying the same ontic and philosophical universe set forth by our Founding Fathers. The real extremists are those who reject that Founding vision and indeed reject the world as it objectivley exists in its externality as a creation of our Maker who endows humanity with unalienable rights.

Not really. She's occupying the traditional Christian worldview based on verses and chapters of scripture or perhaps, if a Roman Catholic, something based on the Church's official natural law teachings that trace back to Aquinas.

I don't know why you keep citing the Declaration of Independence as a proxy for your biblical views; the two actually say something quite different.

I won't claim the DOI or the American Founding FOR the pro-gay marriage side because that just wasn't an issue during the Founding.

But the idea of God and "rights" in the DOI are expressed broadly enough that they arguably could encompass both worldviews.

On another note -- the topic of a much longer conversation perhaps to be had elsewhere -- we could discuss how the DOI is in TENSION with traditional biblical Christianity.

I've heard gay liberal Christians argue that as a child of God they are as God made them.

Their POV resonates with the DOI as much as yours does.

I must agree with Steve Martin here.

The whole issue is bogged down by emotion, in place of logic and fact.

Ultimately, this is a States Rights issue, and it is at the State level where the decisions regarding marriage should ultimately be made by the voters. This is Freedom.

Although the Country was founded on principles rooted in Judeo-Christian history, the Founders intended for people to have the freedom to choose their own direction, with minimal interference from government.

Marriage itself should be a States rights issue, not a Federal or national issue.

Likewise, I do not want my kids being taught 'tolerance' of a lifestyle I happen to find abhorrent, in public school, nor do I want Federal laws passed that limit free expression in favor of some special interest group's rights.

The genius of our nation's founding, is that people from all walks, beliefs and 'lifestyles' can get along -- provided they are willing to accept the responsibility for their own actions, without resorting to government as their 'proxy' to further their agenda -- whatever and who's ever agenda that might be.

My rights stop at your nose, and vice > versa.

Abortion should be a states rights issue, but I don't see how gay marriage can be. Marriage is portable. If a gay "couple" moves from Iowa to Illinois are they still married? Sure. Just not in Illinois. Does Illlinois have to acknowledge the marriage? No.

I suggest people read the books "Liberal Fascism" and "The Tyranny of Tolerance" to truly understand the fascism rampant among the liberal left and the dangers of tolerance from an ideology that is destructive to mankind.

Perez Hilton and his ilk are truly pathetic and intellectually challenged. More disconcerting is the absolute arrogance of their worldview. They have the temerity to demand tolerance and yet deny the same right to those who hold higher values. In truth they demand compliance, which they disguise as "tolerance" and "love."

Fortunately their failing is in their limited intellectual capacity and the fact that the common people, who have been very patient, are starting to awaken to the curse of homosexual activism.

The debate about marriage and the rights of the states negates the issue of mobility of citizens. Further, the issue of federal taxes is also a component of this debate. Since the federal gov't denies certain tax benefits, and rightly so, to gay couples married legally, you can rest assured that this will become a federal battle. The homosexual community will not let this rest. Therefore we cannot take a defensive posture on this issue, we must go on the offensive. He who frames the argument usually wins. This is a battle that Christians nor society can afford to lose.

Well said, Rick. This is what I wanted to say in reaction to Hilton, but did not have the clarity to write.

Thanks for taking a stand for Truth.