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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What About Obama, Mussolini, and the Unmentionable Herr Hitler?

By Rick Pearcey • April 30, 2009, 09:53 AM

Writing in American Spectator, Quin Hillyer defends the proposition that "Barack Obama's economic policies (and others) . . . are straight out of the Mussolini playbook." Hillyer had compared the economics of Musso and Obama in an April 2 column.

Hillyer sees a difference between fascism and Nazism. This may be a distinction lost on preborn citizens in a land ruled by a relativistic Washington-centric elite led by a Socialist president. Mr. Obama accepts class warfare hatreds but rejects the concept and practice of unalienable rights rooted in a knowable Creator who expects human beings to apply truth across the whole of life, including public life, including political life, including government life.

The PR in support of aborcentration centers suggests they are more cool than concentration camps, but the mentality seems quite similar. The secular state has delegated to pregnant women (instead of SS camp guards) the authority to decide who lives and who dies among a certain class of humanity (preborn American citizens). Millions of human beings have been slaughtered on the basis of this ugly expression of "progressive" and inhumane class warfare.

The real-world result of "choice" is a land awash in blood ("Abortion Macht Frei!"). Blood money fills the coffers and war chests of the secularists. Who needs the SS and railroad tracks when you have Planned Parenthood, single-minded Democrats, and double-minded Republicans?

What's crucial is not the diversity but the unity that describes Obama, Mussolini, and Hitler. All three reject the foundational, liberating, protective, and humane concept of unalienable rights endowed by an existing, knowable Creator in whose image every single human being is created and therefore has value and signficance. 

All three accept instead the notion of a relativistic, arbitrary, secular but "spiritual" state as the center of gravity and salvation for government and society.

There may be differences in personality, historic circumstances, skin color, and how one shines one's shoes. But the crucial point is the in-principle triumph of tyranny over liberty. It is the difference between the tyranny of "civil liberties" controlled and dispensed by an idolatrous federal establishment -- and the authentic liberty afforded by human rights endowed by our true Creator upon all people.

In the playbook of tyranny are well-deserved chapters on Hitler and Mussolini. Should you ever find a U.S. president in there, be sure of this: He's not an American, even if he was born in Hawaii. As sunlight is to vampires, so is adherence to the Declaration of Independence to all tryants, statists, and political messiahs with wonderful plans for our lives. 

The Founding Vision is the philosophic center of the American experiment. That's what gathers together the children of liberty and excludes the extremist offspring of tyranny. Go ask George, John, and Tom. They pledged their sacred honor, which according to the ACLU, is no longer constitutional. 

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