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Spiritual Warfare: Obama "Faith" Appointee Declares Bible "Not True" on Homosexuality

CNSNews.com reports:

President Obama has named to his faith-based advisory council a self-professed Christian who holds that the New Testament's teaching that homosexual behavior is unnatural and wrong -- which is found in St. Paul's letter to the Romans -- “is not true."

The professed "Christian" appointee is Harry Knox, "one of 25 members of the advisory board of the White House Office Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Obama announced the formation of the office in early February, a continuation of a similar office started by President George W. Bush to issue federal grants to faith-based, non-profit charitable organizations," reports CNSNews.


George Bush was wrong to have started this and paved the way for Barrack Obama to grow a bad idea. It is wrong to take from one person to give to another. That is stealing. The best solution is to not take and allow us citizen judge what charities are worthy of support.

No doubt there were good intentions, but good intentions do not produce good results when they are sought by an immoral means. Over and over we see this play out, yet we never seem to learn.

More at: www.CongressIsOnOPM.com.

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