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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mark Levin: Obama Vision of "Change" Is Destructive

By Rick Pearcey • May 6, 2009, 10:39 AM

To understand how radically antithetical to the Founding Vision is the "change" program of Barack Obama is to understand that he can accomplish his goals only by destroying the Founders' Vision and the republic of liberty to which that vision gave birth.

In light of this stark, real-world, and philosophical antithesis, one can even say: To the degree that people such as Obama are self-consciously aware of their vision and program, to that degree they knowingly seek to destroy the republic bequeathed by the Founders of the American experiment to the children of liberty. View the news, events, and trends of the day from this perspecctive and much that seems chaotic or happenstance becomes all too clear.

He who would "transform" much first destroy. Crises, manufactured or otherwise, have their uses.

As Liberty and Tyranny author Mark Levin points out in a terrific interview with Terry Jeffrey of CNSNews.com, Republicans are very much part of the problem. For they had before them in Ronald Reagan an example (not perfect, but a substantial improvement) of how to win elections rooted in Declaration and constitutional principles. From there, the GOP could have built, but Republicans turned away instead.

As I told Terry Jeffrey while we were working together at Human Events, the GOP decided it would rather lose without Reagan than win with Reagan, revealing a profound and ongoing weakness in the intellectual and cultural intregity of the GOP. This particular moment of turning away -- beginning immediately with Bush the Elder, and then many moments and missed opportunities since then -- revealed that the GOP shares too many political presuppositions with the Democratic Party to be a principled, articulate, and winning voice of freedom for the people. In debilitating contrast to the Founders, the Democratic Party and elements within the GOP despise the concept and reality of applying information from the Creator across the ordinary affairs of life, including political life.

But as Levin points out, all is not lost, not by any means. As it has always been and always will be, it is up to ordinary Americans to reaquaint ourselves, our families, and our communities with the "DNA" of liberty -- that is, with those founding and humane principles expressed in the concept of a free society lived in community with our true Creator. This living, verifiable, and knowable Creator -- and not any human creation or political state -- is the giver and only adequate basis of unalienable rights and therefore is the ultimate check and balance over state tyranny, including the current runaway federal state occupying the land and headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Here is Mark Levin's interview with Terry Jeffrey.

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