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Middle Class Families Disappearing

"America's middle class is disappearing," writes Catherine Curan at the New York Post.

"The very Americans the Obama administration is hoping will lift the economy out of recession are facing epic challenges."


One can imagine that this is intentional. The middle class historically has been the champion of freedom. The upper class/nomenklatura might see a benefit in eliminating the middle class, reducing them to serfdom, to stabilize their position at the top.

Kyoto, Cap and Trade, the new proposed 54 billion dollar per year tax increase on family farmers and small business owners - based on their gross of $200,000 or more, not their net, which can be right around the poverty line - which will have the result of a massive transfer of land from private ownership to the federal government, along with the simultaneous 'bail-out' of small business owners, which as with GM, would simply transfer ownership to the federal government, all have the effect of swiftly eliminating the middle class in this country.