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Prof. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard Lied

In "Gates Lied," Andrew Cline writes at American Spectator:

Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of Harvard's W.E.B. Dubois Institute for African and African-American Research, said he hoped his arrest for disorderly conduct on July 16 would be a teachable moment for America. Boy, has it ever been. 

Monday, the City of Cambridge released the 911 and arrest tapes from the incident in which Gates was arrested by white police officer James Crowley.

It is no wonder that Gates has begun to back down from his allegations of racism.

The tapes show no such motivation, and they confirm that Gates was being disorderly, which he had denied.

What's the lesson? Cline writes:

The lesson America ought to learn from this incident is that Gates' image of the world as a place in which individuals are little more than pawns in the greater historical conflict between the races is fatally misconceived. It is a projection of a hopelessly erroneous political theory that, from time to time, reality disproves in a grand way. 

Here is audio from the neighbor's 911 call.

Here is audio from the Cambridge officer/dispatch tapes.

Read the entire article by Andrew Cline at American Spectator.

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As long as race baiters and political opportunists engage in racist behavior, the events which transpired post-Cambridge will continue to occure.

It's time that these poverty pimps lay aside their animosity towards those of a different race and move forward. Those that understand this message know of whom the guilty parties are.

If anything has changed since the civil rights period, it's that reverse racism has reared it's ugly head and the media has only exasperated that contempt.

This beer summit is nothing but a joke. If I were Officer Crowley, (a member in good standing and integrity I might add) I would forego this staged setup and demand an apology from those who wronged him.

This President has apologized profusely for the "suppossed wrongs of America, yet cannot find it within himself to do the same for his own mispoken words.

University's of "higher learning" are responsible for this indoctrination of our youth which maintains, whenever there is a disagreement within two members of different races then it's automatically the fault of the evil white man.

Many have become rich by playing the race card and I maintain many have also become elected in the same manner.

It's time that America comes together as Americans and it's high time to quit dividing Americans by race, gender and class envy.

Any institution that pays the salaries of these so called professors and allows the divisions to be perpetuated, they should not be entitled to tax payer funds.

As an American Professor, Gates is a fellow citizen of these great states, It's beyond debate that he begins to act like one!

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