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The Curse of Comfortable Christians

Jane Chastain at WorldNetDaily issues a trumpet call to those who, unlike Christian President John Adams, are sleep-walking and hot-dogging it through July 4, in careless violation of their dignity as free human beings called to live in community with our Creator and our neighbors across the whole of life, including political life.

Those kind of carefree days and simple-minded celebrations may be gone for the foreseeable future. Especially if you envision a future worth foreseeing.

Remember: Politics -- not to mention little things like freedom and the survival of a nation -- is too important to be left to the vote-grubbers. 

To see how real hope and real change might begin on July 5, read Chastain's article here.


That is part of why the 4th tends to depress me: People aren't celebrating the Declaration of Independence.

When I was a very little boy, a friend of my grandfather's narrated the fireworks as if it was a battle between the Continentals and the Redcoats. There is something for people to try.

Another thing I like to do is watch Last of the Mohicans and then The Patriot in the time between Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Every Independence Day celebration in a town should have a public reading of the Declaration of Independence. And the band concerts ought to include the popular songs of that war, including our first national anthem, Chester, and all four verses of our current national anthemn. The third and fourth are quite remarkable, and a good teaching opportunity.