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Fed-Up Marine Has Guns Blazing to Oust Democrats

Interested in sending a "warrior to Congress"? Then U.S. Marine Jesse Kelly wants you.


I really admire Jesse for taking a stand, but it appears that he does need at least a crash course in politics, because his message is way too thin and emotional. Indeed we recoginze that the events of recent months have really stirred up significant emotions, but I daresay it would be better to deal with the emotions by making good strong intellectual and honest points with mountains of data to substantiate them, rather than thin emotional counterpoints. THAT is more likely what would loosen up pocketbooks of fiscally tightwad conservatives and send him on his way.

Jesse's right on the money with his message. He accurately perceives the real threat to this country posed by the Democrats who now have unchecked power. If that doesn't stir your passions, something's wrong with you. Jesse is exactly what we need, not some policy wonk.

My original point was that the "message" has little to no substance, and leaves it largely subjective. Subjectivity is NOT what he needs unless he wants to be perceived as riding the coattails of the most recent success story on subjectivity - our newly elected president.