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"God-Talking" Obama Plays the Clergy Card

Or "How to use meaningless but emotive religious symbols to manipulate Americans into supporting an un-Constitutional, anti-Declarational, inhumane, anti-Christian atrocity otherwise known as Obamacare."

In "The Obama Clergy Call," Jan LaRue of the American Civil Rights Union has much to say on this latest episode of "Wag the Clergy."

Speaking of "Wag the Clergy," the storyline goes something like this:

Here Clergy, Clergy, Clergy.

Fetch. Sit. Beg. Slobber. Rollover.

Good boy. Your stimulus check is in the mail.

For a humane alternative to this indignity, consider the reality-oriented Judeo-Christian worldview, rooted in information from a knowable and evidentially available Creator (the kind our Founding Fathers knew about but political manipulators despise).

It ain't about "religion" stuck inside Grandma's closet. But truth. For the whole person. Applied across the whole of life, including political life.

Free-thinkers, please see "Christmas Spirit in the Dirt." 


Yeah - right on here - when our supposed "top cop" has the gall to call another cop's actions as stupid, then turns around & tries to equate himself with a "messenger from god", we KNOW the "g" is not to be capitalized! His palaver is just that - meaningless drivel. Obviously he learned nothing about humility from the beer summit!! Can't we accomplish some damage control by keeping him tied to the links on the Vineyard for a year or so?