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Inferior Black Writes White Liberal America

From "Dear White Liberal America," by Lloyd Marcus: 

Thank you, very much. You see us poor helpless inferior blacks (oh forgive me, I must be be politically correct, "African Americans"), and you want to help us using your superior intellect. After all, we could not possibly succeed in this racist, homophobic and greedy country without your assistance.

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My goodness, I must be way too shallow to see any evidence of thought in Mr. Marcus' writing.... It seems so emotional, and unscientific. But then I am really not a regular reader of American Thinker either... It does make me wonder, though, who DOES read it regularly - to what audience do they pander? Surely not the white liberal american former yuppie he targets with his self deprecating diatribe? Would THEY be caught being named as "thinkers"?. So, is his intent to really reach that audience, or simply to get something published.... I'm too shallow to recognize his desire.

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