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Obama: "I Don't Want Folks Who Created the Mess to Do a Lot of Talking" -- Video

So says Barack Obama yesterday at a campaign rally in Virginia. Watch him talk.

So, you've heard it from the Defender of the Constitution himself: Shut up, America, unless you agree with me.


For those who were not paying attention, the new President said in his inaugural speech that he was going to "remake America." Notice he didn't say fix, repair, reform, correct, etc. He said "remake." Perhaps only he knows precisely what he meant by that.

Obama continues to function as the Crybaby-in-Chief.

Hopefully, many of those who mistakenly voted for this non patriotic individual will come out of their remorseful closets [in droves] to replace the liberal balance of power in in 2010.

Hopefully, the mid-term elections will put a halt to the Obamanation agenda and stop the Destruction-in-Chief's foolishness.

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