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TV Network Rejects Anti-Obamacare Ad ... Watch the Ad

"ABC is refusing to run a paid television ad that warns a government-run healthcare plan will 'hurt' seniors and 'ration coverage and care'," reports OneNewsNow.

The ad is produced by the League of American Voters.

Watch the ad rejected by ABC.


Oh my - yet another two edged sword to joust.... How long are we doomed to abide intrusion by these dreadful weapons? On the one hand, should the network not be allowed to make policy or decisions regarding what nature of ads they will accept (would they accept an abviously pornographic one, for example?)? The other edge says that organizations should be entitled to a right of constitutional free speech.... So, does it come down to an idea that there can be no such thing as "complete freedom"? Remember the story of a person walking down the street punching folks in the nose, until a larger person stops him. He retorts "I can do anything I want to - it's a free country isn;t it"? The larger person retorts "But, YOUR freedom ENDS where MY nose begins". True freedom bears with it responsibility - how many of us truly realize and live that way? So, in THIS case, where should the boundary be? Let the network run themselves, and also be willing to suffer whatever public opinion issues may arise.