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Friday, August 7, 2009

Who's Behind Internet Snitch Brigade?

By Rick Pearcey • August 7, 2009, 09:14 AM

"Czardom has its privileges," notes columnist Michelle Malkin. "This week, President Obama's healthcare overlord, Nancy DeParle, launched a taxpayer-funded initiative to recruit an Internet Snitch Brigade that will combat 'disinformation about health insurance reform.'

But "what will healthcare czar DeParle do with this information?" Malkin asks.

"Where will it be stored? Who has oversight of the czar's powers, budget, and personnel? Concerned citizens, alas, will have a hard time tracking down the 'Office of Health Care Reform' created by executive order in April. There is no central website for the office, no direct channel for transparency, and no congressional accountability."

One the other hand, maybe this is really no big deal. Maybe "We The People" are rightly expected to place a little patriotic faith in the White House and those Statesmen on the Hill. After all, they love us and have a wonderful plan for our lives.

And so who, really, needs details about who's running the snitch program and what it's up to -- or details inserted into those lawyerly 1,000-page-plus bills of dubious constitutional value -- what with so much love in the air these days?

There is a bit of good news, however: "At least one member of Congress has started asking questions." That one senator is John Cornyn of Texas, Malkin reports.  

Maybe other senators and members of Congress can ask a few questions as well. And maybe more Texicans, too. In fact, free people all over this land might want a few answers as to what Obama and his D.C. snitches are up to. 

It wouldn't hurt to ask. Or would it?

Read the entire Malkin column here.

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