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Monday, September 14, 2009

9/12 a Transformative Event

By Rick Pearcey • September 14, 2009, 07:55 AM

Whether one is talking tens or hundreds of thousands or a million, the 9/12 event is Washington, D.C., is a people's broadside of liberty across the bow of the un-Constitutional, Creator-denying federal-centric tyranny headquartered and dysfunctionally defended in the National Swamp. 

"Sometimes an event occurs which is transformative in a way that everyone who sees it or participates in it instantly is aware of," writes Clarice Feldman at American Thinker. "Yesterday's demonstration was in Washington DC is one of those rare happenings in my opinion."

And, by the way, don't miss the Sarah Palin factor. As Rosslyn Smith, also writing at American Thinker, notes:

The political class often operates on the assumption that only those people who constantly tell other how smart they are actually are have brains. That if you don't relish life in the artificial confines of the District of Columbia and haven't come by to kiss their rings, you therefore must be lacking in the skills needed to govern. 

Last year a young Governor who had been more concerned with raising her family than polishing her resume with the right schools and the right career path let the political class know that she was not in the least impressed with their inside the beltway criteria for leadership.  

On Saturday a whole lot of people just like her showed up on their own time and their own dime to say it is time to end business as usual in the fetid, corrupt swamp that is Washington, DC.  

Read Clarice Feldman and Rosslyn Smith at American Thinker.