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Healthcare Constitutional? 1 Big Lie, 3 Basic Questions

W. James Antle III writes at American Spectator:

There is plenty of nonsense in this Newsweek dissection of the "top 5 lies" in the health care debate, but this one takes the cake: "But when fear and loathing hijack the brain, anything becomes believable-even that health-care reform is unconstitutional. To disprove that, check the commerce clause: Article I, Section 8."

Umm, what in Article I, Section 8 gives the federal government anything like the powers contained in Obamacare?

On the crucial issue of the Constitutionality of government-controlled healthcare, here are three questions I raised recently at Sarah Palin's page on Facebook:

1) Where in the Constitution, as written, is healthcare enumerated as a legitimate exercise of the federal government?

2) Are the American people better off with healthcare under the control of the Washington establishment, or are they better off with the federal government under the Constitution (as written)?

3) Insofar as federal control of healthcare violates the U.S. Constitution, let us ask: Are the American people better off with -- or without -- the U.S. Constitution?

Read the rest of James Antle's post at American Spectator.


Ooof - question 3 just may be an anticipation of some future lib. agenda - some already seem to have a notion that our nation's foundation, as written, is not sufficient to deal with the issues of today.
BUT, we understand that the issues have been somewhat crafted (well, OK, maybe heavily crafted) by those to highlight the subjective aspects, and they completely miss that there IS a way to integrate the personal and public sectors of information on a realistic common basis. (BUT, that basis also seems to cause them significant discomfort, and is rejected because they also interpret that basis will cause them to "give up" things in their lifestyle that are too comfortable.)
I suggest this aspect needs careful watching and preparation for the time when it will surface.

On the "fear and loathing hijack the brain" issue, did you ever wonder why it is that liberals are so quick to use that attack, or the other common one of "hate"?
I submit that they are quilty of judging others motives by their own psyche, and are not able to handle the fact that many others are motivated by much more positive principles. THEY are more likely the ones with fear, loathing and hate in their hearts - WE try to work to a higher principle.

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