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Pearcey Accepts Obama Healthcare Proposal

I, J. Richard Pearcey, agree with President Barack H. Obama.

He vows that he is "not the first president to take up" the cause of universal healthcare, but that he is "determined to be the last."

Mr. Obama, I accept your proposal: You should be the last president to try to pass nationalized healthcare.

Furthermore, I agree with free-thinkers everywhere that no present or future president who favors liberty over tyranny should ever again seek to impose such a regressive, unhealthy, and un-Constitutional program upon the American people.


Total agreement. Mr.President Barak H.Obama, please get the giant shredder machine out and put the HC Bill right in it

No surprise that Pearcey would cave like this.

Glad to see Mr. Pearcey "cave" in to reason, liberty, and the spirit of the Declaration and the Constitution.