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Speaking of Appeasement

On this 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland, it occurs to me that appeasement is a defensive tactic that can be applied with inhumane results not just externally abroad but also internally here at home. 

What say we therefore stop appeasing tyranny out of Washington, D.C.?

What say we put a stop to the federal-centric invasions of our homes, businesses, churches, schools, and so many other sectors of society that operate properly and Constitutionally beyond the oversight of the power-grubers of Capitol Hill?

Let's show the home-grown totalitarians of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and big government the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. And then let's show them the door.


Oh my goodness, do I detect a hint of McCarthyism here? Maybe an effective approach can be to educate totalitarians that their freedom has limits and bears with it responsibilities! I believe THAT is a concept worth pursuing.

Agreed: Educating tyrants out of their tyranny is a sound approach.

What you detect is perhaps more than a hint of Constitutionalism and Declarationalism, both of them high and noble treasures.

The humane policy objective is to preserve a civilization of liberty, and that always requires showing tyrants to the nearest possible exit.

In their humanity, they are welcome. But their tyranny must be left at the door.

And now, with the rise of Obama helping to crystalize the precariousness of our moment in history, the wisdom of removing tyranny from power seems more urgent than usual.

The Founders were no strangers to this, the Declaration expressed it as applied philosophy, and the U.S. Constitution helps guard it.

Our calling is to act upon it. This suggests a critical distance and proper self-preservation that appears to worry some of our friends in the opposition.

Hey! May be the start of a real dialog... I agree fully with the support of (and re-education of the masses related to) the high and noble desires. I was focusing more on "show them the door" aspect.... which brought back memories of the mid-century "unAmerican Affairs" activities led by Senator Joe. It does seem to me that the foundations have been crubmling for a long time, and I wonder how much work it may require to reconstruct them (if it is possible at all...) I'm up for trying to help with the task, but at my age I lack my original bounce, so would welcome a bunch of younger energetics to lead the charge.

Who controls the vast majority of the U.S.A.'s educational institutions (and media organisations) again?

People who are just like Obama.

The educating that is being done is towards tyranny, not against it...

Alan - definitely a valid point that a majority of the educating is being done in a direction opposite of our ideal - but I believe there are ways other than institutions that education can be and is accomplished... I also see a need to "re-infiltrate" the institutions to reverse that trend, since attempting to change them wholesale would probably be considered akin to a terrorist act..(big grin). Personal evangelism can be an effective education tool if used with careful consideration, but sometimes it is not as pervasive as we would prefer, depending as it does on individuals.

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