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Monday, September 14, 2009

"Mainstream" Press & the Treason of the Journalists: The Shameful Non-Coverage of 9/12

By Rick Pearcey • September 14, 2009, 09:10 AM

It becomes increasingly clear with each passing day that the establishment press has lost its way.

The 9/12 press "coverage" is another case in point, as Joseph Farah notes at WorldNetDaily:

Why are the major news media, which are supposed to serve as a watchdog on government waste, fraud, abuse and corruption complicit in those things and betraying their mission to maintain a free and open society based on the principle of self-governance?

 As an American, I'm proud of the hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens for getting off their duffs and protesting their government's shameful power grabs. As a journalist, I am grieving at my industry's pro-government, anti-liberty bias.

If, as we should, one defines "mainstream" and "exremism" by Constitutional and Declarational standards, it seems clear that the so-called mainstream press of today is far outside -- and even against -- the liberating and humane framework of thought, government, and political life set forth by our Founding Vision.

This alienation suggests a betrayal of their role as journalists and of their identity as human beings.

Out of touch with their calling and their Creator who alone gives "unalienable rights," it is no wonder they are out of touch with an America who remembers who she is and where we came from. 

Where are the reporters who have eyes to see? 9/12 is a day of revolt founded in remembrance.

Read the entire column by Joseph Farah.

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