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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloodsucking Leeches in High Places

By Rick Pearcey • October 15, 2009, 09:38 AM

Craige McMillan writes at WorldNetDaily:

We seem to be moving backwards at a breathtaking pace.

Instead of doctors caring for patients, and their family gathering around them when the time finally comes to say "goodbye," we've regressed to when barbers were "state of the art" medical providers.

Their remedy of choice (regardless of ailment) was bloodletting. The surgical tool they used to accomplish this was the bloodsucking leech.

Our federal government today consists of 535 bloodsucking leeches in Congress, legions of overpaid and ignorant staffers, innumerable czars in the executive and the lifetime federal judiciary they appoint. Who better to accomplish the "reform" of healthcare?

In addition to "reforming" health care, they are busy sucking the life blood out of America's Constitution.

They've created "administrative law," where the bureaucracy that "regulates" a person's livelihood also adjudicates disputes. So the enforcer is the judge. And the jury? Well, there is none.

How very convenient -- for a government of bloodsucking leeches.

"Does anyone imagine this can all end well?," McMillan asks.

Not a bad question. This sort of tyranny didn't sit well with our Founders. One wonders how well it sits with their posterity.

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