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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Terror of Sarah Palin

By Rick Pearcey • November 18, 2009, 07:19 AM

"Palin is a threat because she symbolizes decency in a country that has been taken hostage by moral degenerates," writes Bob Weir at American Thinker. "If she isn't stopped, this country might end up reclaiming some of the values that made us the envy of the world." 

True enough, lack of decency is a huge problem in America today, but deeper still is the liberal and secularist rejection of the Founders' worldview, which gives an adequate philosophic basis to provide what thinker Francis Schaeffer calls "form and freedom" in government, even in a world full of imperfect people.

What Palin increasingly represents, and what distinguishes the American experiment in human history, is not just a commitment to certain "values," but rather a commitment to certain facts, including ethical facts (as opposed to mere subjective "values").

That is to say, when the Founders purposely built the American experiment in liberty upon the Creator and not the State, they were not being "religious" in the modern or Obamaesque sense of the word (either cut off from facts or used as political window dressing for a secularist action agenda).

The Founders were applying concepts rooted in information from our Creator as that information applies to life in this world. And by building intellectually and politically upon the base of the Creator, what is given to us in the Declaration of Independence is a wonder of the world, something not found in Greek democracy, the Roman Empire, or the French Revolution.

In contrast to the secularist Democratic Party and elements within the Republican Party, Sarah Palin moves instinctively within the American mainstream of the Founders' worldview. And the degree to which that liberating worldview comes to expression in her politics (and that of others), to that degree her presence is a dire threat to liberalism and its attempt to redefine American society upon the slavish god-substitute of the secular state.

The Founders' worldview of freedom is a constant terror to the forces of tyranny. That is why Sarah Palin, and any like her -- including the millions of Americans who reject the rise of "compassionate" and egalitarian totalitarianism in America today -- must be demonized and destroyed. If she and they live, tyranny dies.