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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Big Christianity" Watch: Shocking Response From Major TV Ministries

By Rick Pearcey • December 16, 2009, 12:58 PM

"I received an interesting note from Mary Hutchinson from Inspired Direct, a direct mail and fundraising company for non-profits, churches, and ministries," writes Phil Cook at The Change Revolution. "Her note really shook me, because it indicts so many national media ministries."

Among other things, in her letter, Hutchinson writes, "But here is the truth: I think all of these preachers would be horrified to know this happened. But they are too busy to know about it. They have messages to write, funds to raise, personal and personnel issues and TV programs to produce."

In fact, it is quite possible that some of these "ministries" are set up exactly the way the frontmen preachers/celebrities want them.

As for being "too busy to know about it" because "they have messages to write," and so on, the world might be shocked to know who among various best-selling "authors" and thinkers actually write very little of what goes out under their names, even while they take credit -- and thereby help rake in big donations, sometimes in the millions -- for being great writers, great thinkers, and all the rest.

Some of these dysfunctional organizations and household "names" are very well defended, and if America as a country is really to deal with its spiritual crisis, corruption in the midst of "Big Christianity" (as opposed to true sprituality) may have to undergo the kind of challenge we're beginning to see in the Tea Party resistance to corrupt, un-Constitutional "Big Government."

Don't be surprised come judgment day if more than one or two of today's "heroes of the faith" -- described as such by carefully orchestrated marketing and publicity programs in operation for years and years -- may be revealed as anything but. Scripture is quite open and honest about self-aware phonies in our midst, and we might do well to adopt that realism regarding some of today's big-time, hard-charging "leaders" as well.

As with Big Government, there's big money and big power in "Big Christianity," and that's why you'll find scoundrels finding refuge not just in "love of country" but in "love of God" as well. "Test everything."

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