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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jim DeMint: "It Must Be Repealed"

By Rick Pearcey • March 22, 2010, 11:13 AM

"There’s no fixing the government health care takeover Democrats forced through on Sunday," writes GOP Senator Jim DeMint in USAToday. "It must be repealed."

Symptoms of the Disease: "After telling Americans in 2008 that they would lower spending, taxes and insurance premiums, Democrats passed a bill that breaks every promise. Using secret deals, kickbacks and carve-outs, Democratic leaders jammed through legislation to control more than one-sixth of the nation’s economy."

The problem? "The plan will explode the national debt, raise $569.2 billion in new taxes" and it will "force taxpayers to fund abortions."

But here is the heart of the matter: Obamacare imposes "impose unconstitutional mandates on every American."

Unconstitutional. Folks, you cannot enjoy the blessings of freedom if you violate the rules of freedom, which is what Obama and the Democrats have done in trying to throw the Constitution and Declaration down the rathole of history.

America, we have a choice: Either we repeal this legislation and send it back to the darkness and nothingness from which it came.  

Or we allow that darkness to remain, to fester, and to envelop our land, turning the home of the free and the brave into a wasteland of the enslaved and the timid, bowing in supine submission before the cruel pretend messiah of Obama's ugly, spiritualized secular state.

We know where the Founders stand. We know where the Creator stands. The question is: Where do we stand? What will we do?